One of the warriors, whose name is Alisha, and who is not a woman or a man, and who is Doug’s partner, and who has a dog…

The question has been posed: what if Alisha’s dog is also a giant, and Carlos rides it? This had better be true. I liked the idea a lot, so I had to scribble it.

This dog is based on a canaan dog, a breed of Middle-Eastern origin that can survive well in a desert climate.

The Man in the Tan Jacket was a scientist who was working with Carlos on a portal to another dimension. Unbeknownst to Carlos, he was using notes and copies of Carlos’ design to try and build his own portal and steal the credit. He had planned to test the prototype by throwing a suitcase full of flies into it, but somehow, since he rushed it so that he could have it running before Carlos’, it ended up sucking him in as well, erasing him from time.

Let’s talk about Cecilos for a second.

I don’t blame either of them right now. This is what happens in a relationship and it’s just so well done and so very clever. I have no complaints. Here’s why:

1. This is basically a long-distance relationship. Based on what Carlos is saying right now, we’re really not sure when he’s going to come back. My bets are on the Year Three Anniversary show simply because of WtNV’s usual pacing and world-building. But alternate dimensions and typical Night Vale weirdness aside, at the crux of everything is a long-distance relationship that may or may not work.

The wonderful, talented writers are filling us with doubt that will either make the reunion so much more meaningful and worthwhile and altogether satisfying, or make the break-up that much more painful because of Cecil and Carlos’s history. And if the descriptions of their character and relationship continue like this, then I will be satisfied either way.

2. This is an evolving relationship. The honey moon phase is over. We’re stepping into the serious ground, the time where we’ll find out if this romance will last. All we’ve had prior to this was Cecil gushing about Carlos and how in love they are and all of the wonderful things coming out of the relationship. Granted, we only have Cecil’s point of view on this but for the most part, these two never fought or got extremely angry at one another.

That doesn’t exactly make for a healthy relationship.

Cecil obviously got a bit frustrated at Carlos over things (like not calling to cancel dates when there was science to be done), but he never sounded angry or bitter about it. We’re starting to get that now. The veil Cecil had is starting to lift and, if I do say so myself, him playing that voicemail was a pretty passive aggressive “my boyfriend is being a big jerk” jab at Carlos. I bet whatever tiny, little frustrations Cecil had with Carlos are building up right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got an explosion of emotion from him soon.

3. Characterization. Oh god, Carlos is as bad as Cecil when it comes to being a bit self-centered. Sorry Cecil, I love you to death, but you are being somewhat needy. I mean, ok, it’s been a few months and Carlos hasn’t said much on locating a door. That’s ok, be frustrated and keep telling him to do so. But Rumbling…he heard Carlos’s excitement about the other desert dimension and he knows how important science is to Carlos. Wouldn’t he want Carlos to be happy? He was doing this in Capitol Campaign too. Two weeks Cecil, he’d been gone for two weeks and you know there are no old oak doors in Night Vale. Chill.

And then there’s Carlos. Carlos, your boyfriend loves you to death and just wants to see you home, safe and sound. And what does Carlos do? Science. He’s excited, he wants to do what he loves because it’s so new and fascinating and it’s really not that bad in the other dimension. But…but you’re being self-centered too, or a bit insensitive. Carlos and I are probably of similar personality types (INTP). We can be insensitive because it just doesn’t occur to us that we are. Calling nearly every day and being on Tumblr and Snapchatting Cecil probably feels like it’s enough to sustain a relationship. He’s keeping in contact, so what’s he doing wrong?

He’s not seeing the big picture. I don’t think he completely realizes how sad it makes Cecil to know that he’s away from him and still having tons of fun. Cecil’s lonely and I don’t think Carlos has picked up on how bad. Cecil probably lies to him and says everything’s fine, but come home soon because he misses him. And Carlos probably takes that as he’s doing ok, so I’ll science and we’ll talk tomorrow and maybe there will be a door, but I want to do this first before the opportunity escapes me. Basically, he’s YOLO-ing the heck up right now and probably sees Cecil as his constant, so Cecil will stay the same and be the same when he gets back.

In summary, they’re both massive dorks and we’re gonna find out if this relationship will last. It is human, it is imperfect, and it is flawed. But like all things with love, it is beautiful and joy and tragedy. Let’s see where they take us, shall we?