WV according to the fandom. 

Yeah, just ignore all this stuff that happened to him. He’s DaveKat’s baby now.

I had more images, but tumblr wouldn’t let me post anymore.

Just skate right over the fact he used to run a farm by himself, lead a rebellion, stood up to the Black King AND Jackspers Noirlecrow, has a crush on a grown woman, and has other grown women who have a crush on him. He is literally that other guy’s hero. That guy completely believes that WV could save them from the Sovereign Slayer.

And as for the images I had but wouldn’t fit, there’s:

  1. Interactions between him, PM, and AR that indicate him noticing PM’s womanly appeal, and having bro-times, man hang outs with AR, specifically conspiratorially looking at each other saying, “women.
  2. His post traumatic stress night terror where he becomes the protoyped carapace that killed everyone on the battlefield.
  3. How he literally blacked out and destroyed a can bearing the visage of the Black King, then honestly didn’t remember what happened. 
  4. And finally, the part where his nightmares came true and a giant, winged doggish former enemy drove their hand through his middle, ripped his guts out and left gaping holes in his carapace where he started to slowly bleed to death with exposed organs and possibly a damaged spine.

Yeah, so we can stop discrediting his intelligence, maturity, and size any time now. He isn’t stupid, innocent, childish, or simple. He IS a sweet, kind, friendly individual that likely has an extremely high boiling point (if one at all) and would probably be tolerant of a lot, but everyone has a point where they can’t handle any more. And, honestly, an honored war hero shouldn’t have to come to that point to be recognized.

And on the point of his size, here is WV next to PM: 

Here is PM next to CD:

and here is CD next to Jade (age 13): 

Or, more simply, right here (Dave age 16): 

He hasn’t suddenly grown over the recent updates. Everyone just got used to seeing other artists’ renditions of him as really small, and gotten attached to the idea for some reason.

Another thing of note is that these are also sprites, which are a “representative” form like how 

is supposed to mean 

to your mind.

So to keep with the previous example and in a less representative form, here he is with Jade (now age 16).

See, he’s still short, but not this short 

Simply, he’s no one’s baby and he’s no one’s pet. Just because people do not understand the differences between carapace culture and mindset, doesn’t actually make us smarter or more mature or any more qualified to look down on really in depth, emotional characters. Please stop. Please.

Here are my sources if you’d like to re-read this stuff: (because we really need reminded of this one.)

ascend by BabaKinkin

i’m p sure this was the point at which i knew i liked HS and there was no turning back

also, WV is the best character, shut up~

everything apart from the sky loooks bad here ohgod and no, i willl never stop using that one brush ever i love it ahhhhhh
and holy crap, don’t fulll view this, just don'ttt

Homestuck belongs to Husssieeeeeeee~

Carapacians are not the filler characters. The players are.

Personally, I think Carapaces are the “Master Race." 

They live forever so long as they aren’t like actually fucking killed. Even being mortally injured like WV; he didn’t die. Spades Slick is 1200 sweeps old when the universe dies. That is 2,600 years, people. Plus however long he lived on Derse. That is a LONG time.

They have perfect spacial memory and depth perception, are extremely efficient as far as building goes, and need little to no food or water for long periods of time.

And let’s think about this. Every universe that ever had a Sburb session had their world taken by Carapaces, and there are apparently countless worlds where that’s happened. Carpaces are taking over the fucking multiverse. Who’s really the filler here? The beings that start a planet for the Carpaces, that’s who. They’re a candle in the wind compared to the lifespan and impact Carapaces have.

But this brings up another point I’ve been meaning to get to. Who are really the bad guys here? The Dersites are against creation and the success of the players. Why? They would get another world to make their own, and the cycle begins again. The Horrorterrors (who are closely affiliated with the Dersites) do not really want this either. Why? As I said, the cycle would just keep going on and on and on, making more and more and more and more Carapacians and gradually exterminating all of the other beings in the universe (as most sessions aren’t successful.) It is very probable that the Horrorterrors and the Dersites innately want the cycle to end, which is why they all have an instinctual aversion to life iconography. I’m not saying that the Prospitians actually know what they’re doing, but they are on Skaia’s side, and Skaia wants to propagate itself.

Dersites are like Meenah (a Derse Dreamer), who can appreciate the finality of death. Rather than going on endlessly and pointlessly (from their perspective), things just end, and there is a peace to that. There would not be as many people suffering if so many people weren’t born. Dying, to Dersites, isn’t the big to do it is to Prospitians, where it marks the end of Life. It marks the end of usefulness and of suffering.

But as I said before, I don’t think every Dersite consciously believes this. I think it was the idea the original "programmers” of the game had for them as a driving force when they were created. I think most Carapacians as a whole just want to live and let live. And build. Build forts. Build Can Towns. Build Cities.

They (and Caliborn) are my favorites. They are every bit as important as the kids, if not more so. I’m so done hearing that they aren’t as important. You’re undermining both my, and the entire Carapace/Intermission Fandom’s feelings. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!

msparp petition to get The Felt and the Exiles/Agents added to the character list

hey everyone, if any fans of the intermission/carapacians could do me a wonderful favour and go to this post in the suggestions section for msparp and vote for it so that The Felt and the Exiles/Agents get added into the canon character list (instead of always being lopped into the ‘Other Canon’ section), that would be wonderful and really appreciated! signal boost if you can, it would make rp life so much easier for many people.

thank you!!