“Kamala Khan has already conquered comics in a short time – and now she’s moving to animation. CBR News has confirmed with Marvel Television that Marvel Comics’ current “Ms. Marvel” will be featured in the upcoming third season of “Avengers Assemble,” which has been retitled “Avengers: Ultron Revolution.”

In the official announcement released on Monday, “Ultron Revolution” was stated to feature “the help of heroes like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Ms. Marvel.” When a commenter on the CBR Community speculated the animated series could potentially draw from a prior interpretation of Ms. Marvel, Marvel’s VP, Current Animation Stephen Wacker clarified that it was indeed Kamala. Additionally, CBR has confirmed that the Captain Marvel of “Ultron Revolution” is indeed Carol Danvers, as depicted currently in Marvel’s publishing line and as will be seen on the big screen in 2018’s “Captain Marvel” film from Marvel Studios.

Created by writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Adrian Alphona, Wacker (then a Marvel editor) and editor Sana Amanat, Kamala Khan first debuted in 2013’s “Captain Marvel” #14, before starring in her own critically acclaimed solo series early the following the year. A rare example of both a Muslim and Pakistani American superhero in North American comic books, the character quickly gained mainstream attention for being a positive example of increasing diversity in the comics industry, along with a loyal fanbase enthusiastic for its compelling, all-ages stories.”

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Despite his comic having been unreadable for months, Tony Stark is shaping up to be the best thing about Secret Wars. 

At this point the two worlds are crossing, so that’s Ults Iron Man trying to weasel a date out of 616 Captain Marvel whilst battling her midair during the end of the multiverse. 

You can’t say he doesn’t seize the day. 

[Secret Wars 1, 2015]

Captain Marvel.

An remix (well not a real remix) of sorts. This is one of my most “liked” pieces ever on here. Reblogged by Wil Wheaton and Kelly Sue DeConnick no less. Last weekend a lot of people asked if I had this print available, which I said, ‘no’ which led me to revisit this beauty and add the ‘official’ title with date and even add a cast list credit detail, cuz sure why not make a faux movie poster? This print will be debuting, er…re-debuting next week at Texas Comic Fest with the fancy paper stock and look as my exclusive Cass and Thor prints.

I found this on a forum and I knew I wasn’t the only one to notice that Peter Quill’s scan was identical to Genis.

My theory is that instead of Quill’s dad being a Spartoi (uninteresting) he is a Titan, aka literal demigods aka Thanos’ race. Then Quill could be a composite of Starlord (obviously) and Genis/Marv, and neatly tie in Thanos’ early appearances where he mostly just terrorized the other Titans and fought Mar-Vell. 

Basically it would make sense, simplify the cosmic side of Marvel, be badass, and be fan service to cosmic Marvel fans while not alienating the majority.

Rumors that Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie “want to work together” on Captain Marvel. I haven’t seen any of the films Jolie has directed but would be very happy with any female director.

Rough pencils from tonight’s sketch practice. I love the Kree helmet, but it’s a pain to draw… guess that’s what I get for begging my art bunnies to give me a break from medieval plate and mail armor. Will tidy up (and add the missing details on her collar) and then probably ink and color tomorrow, then add it to the queue pile for my art blog. Still, I’m generally happy with how this turned out and I wanted to show it off.

To all those Black kids who never thought that they could be heroes

You are special.

You are mystical.

You are fierce.

You are brilliant.

You are powerful.

You have the blood of kings and queens running through your veins.

Marvel Courting Ava DuVernay to Direct Diverse Superhero Movie 

Marvel is courting “Selma” filmmaker Ava DuVernay to direct one of its diverse superhero movies, which include “Black Panther” and “Captain Marvel,” multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation have told TheWrap. Insiders suggest that “Black Panther,” due first in July 2018, is the most likely possibility. 

Marvel has had discussions with DuVernay about taking the reins of one of its marquee comic book properties and while the studio is considering other directors, there is mutual interest in having her join the MCU.