Okay, so today a friend of mine and I were having a discussion about the future of Marvel movies, specifically Civil War. Because said friend is a douche they said that Bucky is irrelevant to the plot for CW and that he should have a much smaller role to let the other characters have their part as they are more important and that the creators of the movie probably feel the same. As someone who loves Bucky you can’t imagine how angry this makes me.

They wouldn’t listen to my argument when I tried to convince them that Bucky is actually a pretty important character and I have the need to show them that they are so wrong.

So if you could, please reblog or like this if you agree that Bucky is actually seriously important, that he should have a big role in this movie and that the people working on CW should feel the same.

I just seriously need to know there’s people out there that feel that way after listening to Bucky hate.

Draw ! # 30 - Chris Samnee cover

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We start with an interview with Eisner and Harvey Award-winning artist CHRIS SAMNEE (Agents of Atlas, Batman, Avengers, Captain America), the creator who’s on everyone’s radar with his current Daredevil work.

Then we kick the can over to comics veteran JACKSON GUICE (Captain America, Superman, Ruse, Thor) to talk about his creative process and his new series Winter World.

PLUS: “The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the ORDWAY!” with columnist JERRY ORDWAY, JAMAR NICHOLAS with reviews of art supplies, and “Comic Art Bootcamp” by Draw editor Mike Manley and Bret Blevins.

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Captain America / Supernatural AU

I’ve had the BIGGEST urge to work on a Stucky AU set in Supernatural as of late. Steve and Bucky’s story kinda plays out like Sam and Dean’s in the first few seasons (not exactly, but one dies for the other kinda deal) and Bucky ends up going to hell and rises sometime later as the Winter Soldier, Hell’s weapon specifically trained to kill Hunters, basically. He’s not like his comic/MCU counterpart where he doesn’t remember - he remembers everything. He knows who he is, who he was. He doesn’t care. He’s literally just a completely warped, effed up version of Bucky. (Kinda how I wish Dean would’ve popped up at some point but eeeh.)

Also his arm, rather than some mechanical prosthetic or something like that, I just keep picturing as completely black. No shadow. No light. Just literally a dark, black mass that looks like it’s spidering across his chest and back, as if it’s trying to consume him (maybe it is? WHO KNOWS).