ARIES: someone driven who adores you

TAURUS: someone grounded, hard-working, sensual, & laid-back

GEMINI: smarts, banter, good looks, patience

CANCER: hard-to-get, cool, those who meet halfway

LEO: confidence, positivity, a “can-do” attitude

VIRGO: witty, driven people with a strong set of morals

LIBRA: loyal …& sexy! looking good in a tux is a serious bonus.

SCORPIO: subtle sexiness, quiet ones who you can draw out of their shell

SAGITTARIUS: smarties with a tendency towards the crazy, grounded but ambitious people

CAPRICORN: high-achievers, someone who will worship you

AQUARIUS: political/economic smarts, fast talkers, big dreamers

PISCES: gentle sweeties, artsy types with a spiritual side

the signs as high school musical characters
  • aries:sharpay
  • taurus:ryan
  • gemini:the skater guy who plays the cello
  • cancer:gabriella
  • leo:sharpay's dog
  • virgo:ryan and chad's bromance
  • libra:troy's treehouse
  • scorpio:that one girl's umbrella
  • sagittarius:the drama teacher
  • capricorn:troy
  • aquarius:troy's angst tears
  • pisces:a basketball
Which 5sos Song Are You
  • Capricorn:The Only Reason
  • Aquarius:End Up Here
  • Pisces:Social Casualty
  • Aeries:Just Saying
  • Taurus:Heartache On The Big Screen
  • Gemini:Long Way Home
  • Cancer:Mrs. All American
  • Leo:Voodoo Doll
  • Virgo:Greenlight
  • Libra:Kiss Me Kiss Me
  • Scorpio:Wrapped Around Your Finger
  • Sagittarius:Disconnected
how to seduce the signs
  • aries:aries love the chase; make them come to you
  • taurus:food, good food and be interesting
  • gemini:be good looking; be chatty and flirtatious
  • cancer:understand them and be able to communicate well
  • leo:worship them!!! compliment over and over
  • virgo:be patient and be strong and often talk about how well u r doing
  • libra:they like classy looks; don't put them down!!!
  • scorpio:keep it real! show how much fun u can be
  • sagittarius:don't be clingy and don't mention commitment too early!
  • capricorn:they like maturity and powerful ppl!!
  • aquarius:be spontaneous !! and also look differ n cool
  • pisces:romance! be dominant but not forceful!!!
The signs as school stereotypes.

Aries; The jerk jock that always gets into fights.

Taurus: Chubby kid.

Gemini: Two faced gossip fashionable popular bitch that most likely has ADHD.

Cancer: Invisible shy kid.

Leo: Queen bee/Drama Queen/Attention whore.

Virgo: The Nerd with OCD

Libra: The Popular Sweetheart.

Scorpio: The Sexy Mean Bitch.

Sagittarius:Class Clown

Capricorn: The cooler nerd.

Aquarius:Unique one always coming up with new trends.

Pisces: Emotionally unstable artist.


stop breaking your lances
against their walls, achilles.


even kings need help
sooner or later, agamennon.


your kindness has won more
battles than their leaders,


there’s more woe in your
fair lips, cassandra,
than in their every spear.


can you hear it, hector?
this battlecry is calling
for you.


there hasn’t to be an
answer to everything, odysseus.


they say you wanted this.
from the first moment, yes,
helen, you did.


in the end you were as
deadly as achilles himself,


run until your bones ache, paris,
and don’t look back.


you would sooner watch
troy burn than yield
your throne, priam.


you can never seize
the sun, patroclus.


weeping won’t bring
them back from the grave, hecuba.

—  if the signs were at ilium that day // e.m.

Aries: I like working with you.

Taurus: I like you and I might be secretly in love with you too… oops.

Gemini: I want to stay home with you and eat ice-cream but you never want to do that.

Cancer: I mean I don’t want to brag but, that’s my sign and it’s pretty darn cool.

Leo: Yes I like you but you’re not better than me sorry.

Virgo: Nice!

Libra: Shh, keep it to yourself.

Scorpio: WTF why do I like you so much you’re mean!

Sagittarius: -_-

Capricorn: You’re cool with me bro.

Aquarius: idk about this…

Pisces: Soulmates!

The Signs as HTGAWM Characters
  • aries:lila
  • taurus:nate
  • gemini:michaela
  • cancer:wes
  • leo:asher
  • virgo:laurel
  • libra:bonnie
  • scorpio:rebecca
  • sagittarius:connor
  • capricorn:annalise
  • aquarius:frank
  • pisces:oliver
Zodiac signs as sweet treats

Aries: Pop rocks
Taurus: Pecan pie
Gemini: Skittles
Cancer: Red velvet cupcakes
Leo: Cheesecake
Virgo: Candy corn
Libra: Ring pop
Scorpio: Fudge
Sagittarius: Bubble tape
Capricorn: Peanut M&Ms
Aquarius: Sour brite crawlers
Pisces: Swedish fish

every tumblr astrology post ever
  • Aries- aaarrg so!! angry!!
  • Taururs- food
  • Gemini- talking alot shut uppp
  • Cancer- complaining crying shutt upp
  • Leo- mirrors and hair
  • Virgo- cleaning
  • Libra- doormats!!! needyy!!
  • Scorpio- murder and graveyards and blood
  • Sagittarius- carefree party dance woop woop
  • Capricorn- work
  • Aquarius- woah so different woah so unique also aliens
  • Pisces- crying
signs during a thunderstorm
  • Aries:stands outside challenging the gods to strike them
  • Taurus:napping to the sound of rain and thunder
  • Gemini:talking on the phone about how wicked the sky looks
  • Cancer:worried that it might get bad
  • Leo:mad about the rain messing their hair up
  • Virgo:counts the seconds between thunder and lightning to calculate how far away the storm is
  • Libra:too busy flirting with people on facebook or tumblr
  • Scorpio:happy that the sky matches their mood
  • Sagittarius:wants to chase the storm
  • Capricorn:worried that their house might be damaged
  • Aquarius:outside dancing in the wind
  • Pisces:wants to play in the rain yet scared of lightning so they end up napping
the signs as nightvale affiliations
  • Aries:sheriff's secret police
  • Taurus:world goverment
  • Gemini:radio interns
  • Cancer:strexcorp
  • Leo:vague yet menacing goverment agency
  • Virgo:carlos' scientists
  • Libra:city council
  • Scorpio:hooded figures
  • Sagittarius:station management
  • Capricorn:eternal scouts
  • Aquarius:news bloggers
  • Pisces:old woman josie's angels