While reporting on the verdict and sentencing of the two Steubenville rapists, the CNN news personalities told us repeatedly how difficult it was to watch these boy’s lives being destroyed. How their crime will haunt them.

These criminals destroyed their own lives, when they decided to repeatedly rape an incapacitated girl. When they decided to film and share their horrific crime.

Not once did CNN mention the person whose life was most destroyed by their crime, who will also be haunted for life by their crime… their victim. The young girl who they violated and raped.

Not once while they discussed the pain and humiliation these vicious and cruel criminals now face, did they acknowledge that her life was also destroyed, by them. That she would have to carry around the pain, humiliation, self doubt and self loathing, the stigma of rape, for the rest of her life. Not once did the CNN pundits mention the pain and humiliation these criminals repeatedly inflicted on their victim.

Not once.

The media, and it’s personalities have a huge rule to play in shaping public opinion and public perception. With that role comes an equall responsibility to ensure they use that role for the good of society.

CNN’s coverage of that story failed to meet that responsibility. Failed miserably. The on air personalities did nothing more than promulgate rape culture in America. A culture that leads to someone being raped or sexually assaulted every two minutes.

Every Two Minutes.

CNN, We are sure the 97% of rapists who will never spend a day in jail appreciated your sympathetic coverage of these two criminals.

The rest of us did not. We demand an on air apology for your disgustingly biased coverage. Further, we demand that you use your position as a premier news network to focus on changing rape culture in America. Devote an hour long, prime time segment to rape, it’s victims, what can be done to prevent it, and how to change the culture that gives rise to this violent crime.


In case you weren’t up all night checking out funny Presidential debate stuff, here’s what you missed:

CNN broke the news on Sunday of a guilty verdict in a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio by lamenting that the “promising” lives of the rapists had been ruined, but spent very little time focusing on how the 16-year-old victim would have to live with what was done to her.

Judge Thomas Lipps announced on Sunday that Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, would be given a maximum sentence after being found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl while she was unconscious. Richmond could be released from a juvenile rehabilitation facility by the age of 21 and Mays could be incarcerated until the age of 24.

CNN’s Candy Crowley began her breaking news report by showing Lipps handing down the sentence and telling CNN reporter Poppy Harlow that she “cannot imagine” how emotional the sentencing must have been.

Harlow explained that it had been “incredibly difficult” to watch “as these two young men — who had such promising futures, star football players, very good students — literally watched as they believed their life fell apart.”

“One of the young men, Ma’lik Richmond, as that sentence came down, he collapsed,” the CNN reporter recalled, adding that the convicted rapist told his attorney that “my life is over, no one is going to want me now.”

At that point, CNN played video of Richmond crying and hugging his lawyer in the courtroom.

“I was sitting about three feet from Ma’lik when he gave that statement,” Harlow said. “It was very difficult to watch.”

Candy then asked CNN legal contributor Paul Callan what the verdict meant for “a 16 year old, sobbing in court, regardless of what big football players they are, they still sound like 16 year olds.”

“What’s the lasting effect though on two young men being found guilty juvenile court of rape essentially?” Crowley wondered.

“There’s always that moment of just — lives are destroyed,” Callan remarked. “But in terms of what happens now, the most severe thing with these young men is being labeled as registered sex offenders. That label is now placed on them by Ohio law.”

“That will haunt them for the rest of their lives.”

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast March 17, 2013.

[click link to watch video]

VIDEO: Rand Paul reminds Candy Crowley that the US armed ISIS in Syria before their war in Iraq


Rand Paul gave a spot on reminder to CNN’s Candy Crowley on State of the Union yesterday.  The United States has been arming ISIS and their allies in Syria, and this is the same group now causing havoc in Iraq. 

Here’s the video:

This is really the core of Obama’s problem in Iraq.  His foreign policy in the Middle East has been completely nonsensical.  Once simply does not fight on both sides of a war, and that’s exactly what the United States has been doing.  Obama has armed ISIS and al Qaeda allies in Syria and Libya, and now is living with the consequences of those actions in Iraq.

"Gentlemen, welcome… to Thunderdome.

My house; my rules.  Please don’t fuck with them.

After our little soiree here tonight, you’re going to hear from some folks that don’t like me very much.  Well, fuck ‘em.

Also, Mr. Romney, please don’t try none of your shit with me, ‘cause I will fact-check your tax-haven’d ass.

Now I want a clean fight.  No biting; nothing below the belt.  I’ve got my eye on you, Mitt.  Um, you too, Mr. President.


(Photo of debate moderator Candy Crowley prior to Tuesday’s presidential debate by Jim Young / Reuters via the New York Daily News)

"They kept saying they wanted an Oprah-style town hall format, so that probably had something to do with them choosing a black woman. I was told in my earpiece by a producer, ‘Go interview the lady in the green dress on the left, and now the man in the red sweater.’ I had no control over the questions that were asked, or who asked, or in what order. I was like a traffic cop." - Former ABC News Anchor Carole Simpson, on moderating the 1992 presidential debate. [via HuffPo’s Laura Bassett]

Tonight’s debate moderator, Candy Crowley, is only the second woman to moderate a presidential debate. And there’s a critical, oft ignored foot note here: both woman will have hosted “town hall” style debates, meaning neither woman has written her own questions for the debate.

Luckily, Candy Crowley’s role is more prominent than Simpson’s role was in 1992: Crowley has received questions in advance from audience members and she will choose which audience members to call on. This is an improvement from 10 years ago, but four years from now, we deserve to see what we’ve seen from Gwen Ifill and Martha Raddatz during the vice presidential debates - a fair and decisive female moderator whose experience qualifies her to write her own questions for a presidential debate.

[photo via blackamericaweb.com]

Update: Via Politico, Crowley says she may ask follow-up questions, despite the Memorandum of Understanding’s rules against doing so.

Candy Crowley admits: Romney was right about Obama's response to the Benghazi attacks


Tonight, Candy Crowley cemented herself as the worst debate moderator in history.  Time and time again, she came to President Obama’s rescue, giving him the last word on questions and not letting Romney respond to Obama’s jabs.  She allowed Obama to continuously interrupt Romney and talk over him.  In the end, Crowley gave the President almost an extra 4 minutes of speaking time.  At one point, she even told Romney to “sit down” to prevent him from answering a question. 

But the single worst moment in the entire debate was when Candy Crowley interjected herself into the discussion on Libya and did an impromptu fact check of Mitt Romney, telling him that he was wrong.  

After the debate, however, Crowley appeared on CNN and admitted that Romney was right about the Obama administration’s response on Benghazi: “He was right in the main. I just think he picked the wrong word.”

here’s the video of Crowley’s admission from CNN:

In the first place, what kind of “unbiased” debate moderator takes sides in a debate?  How then does she justify throwing the flag for Obama when she later admits Romney was right? Perhaps it wasn’t that she didn’t try to remain unbiased.  It’s just that she is at heart a liberal defender of President and has no business moderating a debate. 

The big loser in tonight’s debate?  Candy Crowley.