{Kentin} If MCL Was a Cliché Teenage movie

If MCL  Was a Cliché teenage movie starring Candy and Kentin.

{I will be doing all the boys to “If MCL Was a Cliché Teenage movie ” , but I wish to start with Kentin.}

So basically it would start out with Candy and Kentin being best friends. Showing how strong their bond is and how they have probably known each other since preschool or something. {Queue Montage of many summers of them growing up to a popular well known song, them getting older until it gets to where they are now} Candy would have a crush on the “Hottest” guy on school, {Queue Candy’s speech about how she has liked him for ages but doesn’t have a chance}  and Kentin, knowing how badly she liked him, would spend half the movie trying to help her get noticed by him. {Queue a montage of them doing multiple things to get Candy’s crush to notice her, but none of them working, here}

But then at around halfway through the Movie, it would be revealed that Kentin has had feelings for Candy for a long time now, and that he just doesn’t say anything because he would hate to ruin their best friendship they have had for such a long time. So he keeps quiet and silently suffering, even though he actually loves her. {Probably revealed in the movie by one of Kentin’s best Dude friends joking. "YO YOU GONNA GO SEE YOUR GIRLFRIEND? Haha You should tell her man, you have had a crush on her since like, first grade" and Kentin longingly  looking at a picture of them when they were five and siging. "She’s…My best friend. Nothing more." As it zooms into his face which makes you question what he just said completely.}

Somehow Candy lands a date with the guy, {Probably because he ”so totally” wants to make his ex girlfriend jealous} and he is a terrible person or whatever, makes her cry on prom night or something. Which would Anger Kentin- (Who is never usually angered) So he goes to speak with the guy who made her cry- And would give him some speech like, "You are the LUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD TO HAVE HER. Anyone would be lucky to have someone with a heart as big as hers." Or something, but in the process confesses to liking her- while…


Kentin would go and clear his head outside and Candy would follow. Saying some cheesy line about how she has “Finished Kissing Frogs” and was “Ready to finally have her prince.”

Then they would kiss. It would fade to the star and sky. While some sappy love song about soulmates played while the credit rolled out :D 


I would still watch it. Watch it and SHIP IT. Even with all it’s Clichéness o3o