the signs you either love 100% or hate to death
  • Aries:Libra, Scorpio
  • Taurus:Scorpio, Libra
  • Gemini:Sagittarius, Virgo
  • Cancer:Capricorn, Leo
  • Leo:Aquarius, Cancer
  • Virgo:Pisces, Gemini
  • Libra:Aries, Taurus
  • Scorpio:Taurus, Aries
  • Sagittarius:Gemini, Pisces
  • Capricorn:Cancer, Aquarius
  • Aquarius:Leo, Capricorn
  • Pisces:Virgo, Sagittarius
the signs as generated aesthetics
  • aries:sad furry
  • taurus:celestial dad
  • gemini:emo memecore
  • cancer:trash core
  • leo:glitter jock
  • virgo:political rave
  • libra:black hole vintage
  • scorpio:gordon ramsay scene
  • sagittarius:grandpa grunge
  • capricorn:meme punk
  • aquarius:skeleton skeleton
  • pisces:flower hippie
The signs and the opposites that they're attracted to...
  • Aries:Virgo, Scorpio.
Taurus:Libra, Sagittarius.
Gemini:Scorpio, Capricorn.
Cancer:Sagittarius, Aquarius.
Leo:Capricorn, Pisces.
Virgo:Aries, Aquarius.
Libra:Taurus, Pisces.
Scorpio:Aries, Gemini.
Sagittarius:Taurus, Cancer.
Aquarius:Cancer, Virgo.
Pisces:Leo, Libra.
Signs as greatest musical icons

Aries: Nicki Minaj
Taurus: Drake
Gemini: Nicki Minaj
Cancer: Beyonce
Leo: Beyonce
Virgo: Zayn Malik
Libra: Drake
Scorpio: Drake
Sagittarius: Zayn Malik
Capricorn: Beyonce
Aquarius: Nicki Minaj
Pisces: Zayn Malik

The signs aesthetic

Aries: red bull & black adidas hoodies

Taurus: red lace corsets & heels

Gemini: knee high socks & worn trainers

Cancer: freckles & fresh summer air

Leo: diamond jewellery & thick voices

Virgo: wide smiles & sew-on-badges

Libra: dimples & ankle bracelets

Scorpio: winged eyeliner & black boots

Sagittarius: sour candy & nike socks

Capricorn: silver hair & smokey eyes

Aquarius: windy beaches & denim jackets

Pisces: break up mixes & dr martens

What the Signs Would Leave on Someone's Voicemail


Aries: Why the fuck did you not answer your phone *million word rant about how they never answer their phone*

Taurus: Didn’t even know voicemail was on. Probably 5 minutes of them saying funny words to themself.


Cancer: Are you ignoring me? Did I do anything wrong? Gee golly I hope you aren’t mad at me. *thinks they hung up but didn’t and you hear distant sobs*

Leo: Are you f-ing kidding me right now. Ohmygosh my day is ruined!

Virgo: It is 6:23 p.m. You get off of work at 5:30 p.m. You have no reason not to answer your phone. I’m going to take a shower so don’t bother calling back until it is *looks at watch* 6:52 p.m.

Libra: I was unsure whether or not to call you but I guess I shouldn’t have because it seems like a bad time. I’m not sure whether I should hang up or keep talking. What was I going to ask you? Okay just call me back soon. Wait no never mind, I’ll be doing something. Actually I might have cancelled that. Did I cancel that? No I didn’t. I should probably cancel it. I mean it’s not important. Actually no I won’t cancel it. WAIT I REMEMBER WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY! I’ll cancel so you can call me back and I’ll tell you. But is canceling really a good idea? *takes 20 minutes to decide whether or not they should cancel*

Scorpio: *mumbles something into the phone that you can’t quite understand but it doesn’t sound nice*

Sagittarius: yeah dude sorry to bother you. I’m in the middle of skydiving right now and I just got really bored. Call me back later.

Capricorn: *doesnt even leave a voicemail. Just hangs up*

Aquarius: *talks about how 9/11 was a conspiracy at 3 a.m.*

Pisces: *Talks about how dragons could have possibly existed*

signs angry with you
  • Aries:"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't set you on fire."
  • Taurus:won't talk to you and gossips behind your back
  • Gemini:confronts you with what you did wrong and tells you what you have to change
  • Cancer:silent treatment
  • Leo:sends nasty text messages to you and tells everyone they know
  • Virgo:writes a rant about you on tumblr
  • Libra:hits on your crush
  • Scorpio:gives you the coldest, deadliest stare you could imagine
  • Sagittarius:cruel to your face
  • Capricorn:adds you to their hit list
  • Aquarius:writes a poem about you then screams at you for 19 and a half years
  • Pisces:makes plans to murder you
Bad Habits

Aries: leaving your trash everywhere

Taurus: eating out of boredom

Gemini: interrupting people

Cancer: saying “umm” and “like” like every other word

Leo: speeding/ reckless driving

Virgo: biting nails

Libra: watching two (or three) seasons of a TV show in one sitting

Scorpio: excessive swearing

Sagittarius: not hanging the towel back up after drying your hands/ taking a shower

Capricorn: procrastinating until the last second

Aquarius: biting/ picking the skin off your lip

Pisces: sleeping in until noon

poetic adjectives
  • Aries:Incandescent
  • Taurus:Enticing
  • Gemini:Loquacious
  • Cancer:Tenacious
  • Leo:Gregarious
  • Virgo:Cagey
  • Libra:Debonair
  • Scorpio:Kafkaesque
  • Sagittarius:Magnanimous
  • Capricorn:Lucid
  • Aquarius:Contumacious
  • Pisces:Mellifluous
the signs as good things

aries: winning long game of monopoly
taurus: the first present on Christmas morning
gemini: getting two sodas from the machine when you only pay for one
cancer: when ur fav drops a new album
leo: cookies fresh out of the oven
virgo: making an a on a test you didn’t study for
libra: the perfect fall weather
scorpio: the butterflies you get after a really great first date
sagittarius: a song you never get tired of
capricorn: when you were right and the teacher was wrong
aquarius: the smell of sunscreen at the beach
pisces: the first smile on a newborn’s face

The Signs from my impression:

uh don’t take this personally if i say anything remotely mean

Aries: ur drive is so inspiring like wtf i want it i worry for ur temper sometimes tho 

Taurus: I love the fact that ur so understanding and real bruh like come here and give me a hug bby

Gemini: u seem to love annoying people for fun but thats ok because i still love u and ur motives and ur intelligent af<3

Cancer: SWEETIES. S-W-E-E-T-I-EEEE-S. But forreal i can’t tell if you want to punch me or not because you’re kind about everything

Leo: i can’t ever tell when ur sad because u always seem really upbeat in ur stance/voice. ur kinda arrogant/rude sometimes tbh but its ok because ur benedicts sign and i love u all ur all kind ass lovelies

Virgo: ohoho i don’t know many virgos but the ones i do know are as real as real gets and i can talk to u about anything and ur advice is bomb

Libra: i only know like one libra, u seem really cute and sweet tho and ur eyes are absolutely beautiful

Scorpio: u could literally turn ur eyes into lazers and write “passion” with them. u seem kinda passive aggressive at first but ur actually cute dorks that have amazing kisses i would bang u probs 

Sagittarius: absolutely lovely. so sociable and easy to get along with. makes good tea

Capricorn: i know so many of these and about 4 of my crushes have been cappies?? i can never work out ur true feelings but my god ur advice is amazing and u always make rad friends

Aquarius: ur bloody unforgettable like i love u and the way u do things bro. you annoy me sometimes but thats bc our views differ and im rude

Pisces: i am a pisces. a bunch of my friends are pisces. we are rad and a bit deep and wishy washy and passive aggressive maybe but we’re probs not as openly sensitive as everyone says we are yay go pisces

fall out boy lyrics for the signs

aries: “a rivalry goes so deep between me and this loss of sleep over you.”

taurus: “baby, seasons change but people don’t.”

gemini: “you are i were, you and i were fire.”

cancer: “i got troubled thoughts, and the self esteem to match.”

leo: “but i must confess, i’m in love with my own sins.”

virgo: “they say i only think in the form of crunching numbers.”

libra: “it’s just past 8 and i’m feeling young and reckless.”

scorpio: “i set my clocks early cause i know i’m always late.”

sagittarius: “i’m a leading man, and the lies i weave are oh so intricate.”

capricorn: “this is the way they’d love if they know how misery loved me.”

aquarius: “we are wild, we are like young volcanoes.”

pisces: “hey youngblood, doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?”

The Zodiac Signs as Parents!

Aries: Enjoys dressing up, painting and playing with their children. Can be quite impatient though!

Taurus: Soccer mom/ dad who’s always encouraging their kids to do better! You’ll teach your kids to never give up easily!

Gemini: Sets a few rules and then observes to see if the child will abide by them. If not, you’ll either make the rules worse or let them go depending on your mood.

Cancer: With you huge family, you enjoy spending time together. You’re always making sure everyone is okay and not feeling left out. Kinda that “typical” mom (or dad) who’s always cooking and GIVING HUGS!

Leo: Let your kids run around naked and do as they will, but handing out consequences for their bad actions is what makes you the leader.

Virgo: The parent who still somehow manages to look really good even after a sleepless night.

Libra: You prefer spending your time with your many animals, but end up having a baby and it’s be the greatest addition to your life. You struggle for a while at first, but with help from your partner, you succeed. 

Scorpio: You’re not exactly the biggest fan of children, except your own! You praise your child non-stop and think he/ she is the best child IN THE WORLD

Sagittarius: The hippie parent who raises their flower child in only a positive environment. No technology, no negativity. 

Capricorn: You let your kid learn at their own pace and have free will. You want them to be 100% their own person, with a few steers here and there. 

Aquarius: You’re a little lazy and end up not fulfilling your duties. Your partner thankfully is a freaking magician and knows every freaking trick their is to know about raising children! Thank goodness!

Pisces: You plan on having no children. You want to travel the world, but these travels are most likely to change your mind, and you’ll obviously be the most educationally fun parent omg