My No-Shave November progress.

The goal of No-shave November is to grow cancer awareness, by embracing our hair, since many cancer patients lose their own. Donating money that one would usually spend shaving for a month to inform people about saving lives, cancer prevention, and aid for those who are fighting cancer.

Horoscopes: a summary

Aries: asshole

Taurus: very much a virgin


Cancer: total pissbaby

Leo: very extroverted

Virgo: shy af

Libra: surprisingly good with computers

Scorpio: angry. Very angry

Sagittarius: superiority complex

Capricorn: thou art a dick

Aquarius: the only actually nice one

Pisces: will throw a chair at you if you insult them

The Signs- Hairstyles

(This is mainly for female signs but this works for males too!)

Aries: Wavy or bold curls. Possibly dyed a crazy color.


Taurus: Simple, traditional cut.


Gemini: Edgy, changes to whatever is popular.


Cancer: Easy to maintain, long, straight, often in a ponytail.


Leo: Long, thick hair. They usually have just one signature look.


Virgo: Sophisticated and neat. Bobs are common among these signs.


Libra: Simple hairstyle. Usually in a braid or with a clip to match their outfit.


Scorpio: Either super feminine and long, or edgy and short.


Sagittarius: Simple and easy hairstyles, but still cute.


Capricorn: Clean and modern look, styled to perfection.


Aquarius: Different hairstyle every day, might even be dyed really colorful and cool looking.


Pisces: Super long hair, usually influenced by other people (celebrities, friends, etc.)



((It’s a bit late and submitting things non-anonymously embarrass me but-))


Capricorn: Or so I’ve heard.

Scorpio: First of all, shut up Sagittarius. Second, move to Mars.

Sagittarius: Ey, don’t be so upset, neigh8our. There’s always next year for everyone ;] Imma let you finish /your/ season, see?? But we’re on a roll——

Scorpio: I’ll buy your ticket.

Aries: Ayyyy, happy Sagittarius season to my best brooo! >;) THAT’S MONICA ((See Urban Dictionary)).

Pisces: Um, congratulations, I guess. 

Virgo: Yay for surviving another year?

Taurus: Yay.

Taurus: Can we move on to the cake now please.

Leo: Ignore Taurus, are you taking us anywhere for some celebration?!? :DD

Sagittarius: Heck yes, we should totally go together to Mar-

Aquarius: MY BABY, PLEASE SMILE THIS WAY. *holds up camera*

Sagittarius: Aquarius no.

Libra: I see you got a fan.

Leo: Man I’m jealous. 

Cancer: By the way, have you guys even seen the Sagittarius tag? It’s like exploding… I’m not even joking.

Sagittarius: Aaaaaand a stalker ;] *wink* *wonk*

Cancer: Let me explain, it’s the season!

Gemini: No offense Sagi, your season kinda sucks. No cool holidays and it’s half-a-year away from mine, thanks a lot.

Virgo: There’s Thanksgiving even though it’s not celebrated everywhere. Not half-bad.

Scorpio: Yea man don’t go diss the season. Thanksgiving rules.

Scorpio: I said Thanksgiving, not *glances at Sagittarius and puts on a disgusted face* somebody I know.

Pisces: *Whispers to Libra* A Tsundere I see.

Libra: *glances at Capricorn*

Capricorn: *Notices* Aren’t you suppose to be at the clinic consulting about your teen pregnancy.

Libra: *whispers to Pisces* This one as well.

Gemini: Well, for those who likes feast and food and turkey and more food, it’s okay I guess.

Gemini: I expected Taurus to praise Sagittarius or something by now.

Sagittarius: Taurus, you are cleared for approach. *opens arm wide for a hug*

Taurus: *Hugs tightly* *dramatically whisper* Thank you. *Tears roll down cheek*

Cancer: *Watches the hug* *tears up* Too emotional man. So. Much. BrOTP feels. *Buries face in hands*

Leo: *Glances at Cancer* *raise an eyebrow* *scoots away* *throws handkerchief from afar*

Aries: *catches handkerchief in the air and dunk it into the trash can with style before high-fiving Gemini*

Leo: *Collapse because he likes that handkerchief*

Cancer: *Still tearing up*

Capricorn: *Watches everything* Wtf is wrong with everyone.

Virgo: What was the point of us coming here again?

Capricorn: Please don’t remind Sagittarius. I just feel like going home.

Aquarius: What about hugs for me, Sagi—-…

Sagittarius: *avoids Aquarius and hugs Gemini*

Gemini: Aayyyyyy 

Aquarius: </3

Sagittarius: Haha, I’m joking Aquarius. EVERYBODY GROUP HUUUUGG!!

Everybody got into group hug. Awkward to some, pleasant to others. Somebody at the outer layer must’ve pushed because they all collapsed into a pile. Sagittarius was at the most bottom. And dead.

Happy Sagittarius season!

The Signs and Sex

♈️ Aries: passionate

♉️ Taurus: sensual

♊️ Gemini: erotic talk

♋️ Cancer: emotional

♌️ Leo: full sexual attention

♍️ Virgo: details and techniques

♎️ Libra: fair and equal

♏️ Scorpio: kinky

♐️ Sagittarius: sexy, rough, impulsive

♑️ Capricorn: safe

♒️ Aquarius: variety

♓️ Pisces: affectionate

By: @arieschicks

As November comes to a close, we present to you:

The men of Movember.

These gentlemen braved ridicule, razor burn and strong pats on the back as they raised funds and awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and depression with their epic staches. Let’s give them a round of applause!

The Signs: A (Nice) Summary
  • Aries:fearless warrior
  • Taurus:ur hot and the best friend anyone could ever have
  • Gemini:funny af
  • Cancer:u can complain all the time and they’ll still like u
  • Leo:if they were rich they’d pay for ur college tuition
  • Virgo:will help u with ANYTHING
  • Libra:v chill & will bake u cookies just bc
  • Scorpio:will kill those who harm the ones they love <3
  • Sagittarius:they will probably get u a cool bday present
  • Capricorn:knows the all coolest shit out rn
  • Aquarius:80 y/o wise man who knows a lot of stuff
  • Pisces:will love u even when ur shit