Canadian Pride

So in Canada, in our charter of rights and freedoms, it’s written as a fundamental right for women and men to have equal rights under the eyes of the law, notwithstanding anything. 

My teacher mentioned that in America, under their constitution, that hasn’t been written in yet, despite women advocating many times for it to happen. 

What I’m getting from this is, guns have more rights than women under the law in America. 

This is what makes the Olympics so special to me. 

The 2010 picture is mogul skier Alexandre Bilodeau winning the first gold metal to be won on Canadian soil. The first thing he does?- celebrate with his biggest fan- his brother Frederic.  

Flash forward to 2014 and Bilodeau has made history by be the first moguls skier to successfully defend their Olympic title.  Once again Frederic is there- cheering his brother on.

(Interesting Fact: When they were kids Alexandre quit hockey and picked up sking because it was something that he and Frederic could do)

I am proud to be Canadian


In Canada, when lesbians get engaged they do it in a packed arena at an NHL game, wearing hockey jerseys because … Canada, that’s why.

This will never not be one of my favourite things.

“As a country we’ve embraced that approach, coming right out and declaring our goals,” Virtue continues. “As athletes, we have to believe that we’re going to win. Part of saying that is holding yourself accountable. If you say it out loud, you have to back it up. But there’s a fear that you can sound arrogant and as proud Canadians, that’s the last thing we’d want to be.” -Tessa Virtue


On This Is The End: “When you guys came up with this exaggerated version of yourselves, did you have things that you did not want to do because it would make you look like you really were jerks?” (x)