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Could you have tsukki, ukai, kenma, and kageyama reacting to their s/o showing up to a date or to school with fake fangs in? (like they cosplay and they have to get used to them or something) (bonus cookies if nsfw happens ;) )

Tsukishima wouldn’t be too fazed by it in general. With or without the bang, you’d look good in his eyes. He wouldn’t point them out unless you asked him his opinion. “They look nice, frames your face quite well.”

Ukai would reach out to stroke it gently before smiling. “Nice!” He’d say, and give you a thumbs up. He’d ask you about where you had first gotten into them and would show interest into them.

Kenma would blush and compliment you quietly. He’d like to see your cosplay pictures if you had anything and would like to see you in different clothing with the bangs. He would really like it.

Kageyama would slap his cheeks after staring at you a little bit too long to wake himself up. “Y-You look quite nice, ______! I encourage you to wear it more!” He would turn around with a red face or run away out of embarrassment.