Prince Zuko, done in Photoshop CS6

GUYS. I have 2,000+ followers with only a few hundred posts, which is insane. You guys are cray and I love you muchly. Here, have a half-naked guy holding a fireball, I made it just for you. :D

forcing me to strive to be endlessly cold within, and dreaming I’m alive - 'cause I want it now, I want it now, give me your heart and your soul

I played with my pen settings and now I can actually draw decently, hurrah!


3/ 「random gifs of my favorite GOT7 members a.k.a my ot3 markjinson♡ 」

mark tuan edition: winking machine + that smile :)

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Your tumblr used to be about your poetry, now it's just a bunch of quotes, did you stop writing?

My left clavicle was fractured, ripped from my chest, & then aggressively drove into my soft, pink, fat & fleshy heart.

My cat hid all my pens.

I have been locked away in a castle for ten years & the prince just finally had the decency to let me go. Or, I killed the prince & thus saved myself from his castle’s spiny tower of repression & patriarchy. Your pick.

No, I never stopped writing. I did begin to care more about the quality of what I was producing & what I was putting a name on & what I was putting out to the world, yes, even on a blog. So, I can’t just write some crap in ten minutes, call it a day, & post it to the masses, because it makes me feel like I have zero integrity & am just an overall sell-out jerk without respect for the craft of writing. I am also in Uni & trying to shift my focus back to getting publications in lit journals. Throw in the facts that I have a busy social calender, a job, & many duties/responsibilities involving taking care of others who are close to me & then you have a girl with very little time on her hands. I’ve just only recently began even thinking seriously about posting original work more often on here again. 

Also. I kind of resent my most common subject matters at the moment, so that makes it rough. I want to hide all of my lives & truths & emotions & put them into a box so no one can take advantage of them & then I want to eat truffles & buy nothing but Kate Spade purses to the point where I’m just wearing pajamas with a face smeared with chocolate but carrying some cute-ass motherfuckin’ purses. 

Also, the quotes I post are GOLDEN. GOLDEN. 

I might write here again like I did write here just days ago or I may soar off & away into a softer world.

I do it when I need to. I do it when I feel it. Sometimes I’m more secretive about what is coming out and some months are drier than others but I never actually stop, not ever. xx


A few aspects of DEATH - in Half-blood Prince, by myself

‘I might have – er – moved on to bigger and better things.(…)Maybe the job he wants me to do isn’t something that you need to be qualified for.’ said quitely…

Draco Malfoy was standing with his back to the door, his hands clutching either side of the sink, his white-blond head bowed. His whole body was shaking. ‘I can’t do it … I can’t … it won’t work … and unless I do it soon … he says he’ll kill me …’

‘I’m not afraid!’ snarled Malfoy, though he still made no move to hurt Dumbledore. ‘It’s you who should be scared!’
‘But why? I don’t think you will kill me, Draco.

‘Someone’s dead,’ said Malfoy and his voice seemed to go up an octave as he said it.

‘I’ve got to do it! He’ll kill meHe’ll kill my whole family!’

‘Avada Kedavra!’
A jet of green light shot from the end of Snape’s wand and hit Dumbledore squarely in the chest. Dumbledore’s dead,’

Thanx for the tumbling :)

Submit:  Ben's sudden change

i’m getting extremely angry now with these stupid stunts that are insulting my intelligence. PR, stop lying to us!!! But i have to take a step back and remind myself that this is probably killing ben on the inside. when he’s by himself and can be honest, he’s probably full of self-loathing. this is not necessarily an act of shameless publicity, but an act of pure DESPERATION. 

i’m not excusing his behaviour, nor do i see him as a unicorn prince. but i have to go by what i see, and that is his pattern of behaviour. this is a guy who has previously managed to avoid the paps, and has had an adverse reaction to them. sure he may have been complicit with being papped in the past, but it was of the harmless variety, not the manipulation variety (i know some will disagree with this, but that’s how i see it). he was never a ‘consort with the tabloids’ kind of celebrity until now.

so this abrupt change (and note it was sudden, not gradual), means there has to be a reason for him to whore out like this. it has to be something that has the potential to scandalize. we’ve all been speculating on the reasons and i won’t rehash them here, but i’s obvious the Sun has him by the balls and he’s scared.  even his parents had to come out and show support to save their son (again this is an abrupt change from previously being MIA on all things sophie/baby related). 

how much do you want to bet that when the ‘out’ comes, a certain tabloid will have the exclusives.

I’m one of those people who believe that words are some of the last forms of magic that exist,” “If you can alter people’s feelings through rhymes, couplets and melodies, it’s really a fun job to have. I find myself sometimes going back and forth between writing autobiographically and living vicariously through my own lyrics.
—  Lana Del Rey

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when will the next chapter for prince and the youtuber go up? sorry If I'm coming out as annoying or pushy I was just wondering if you had a specific date so I know when it comes. I really love the story so far :)

i’m really sorry but i’m not going to update it anymore.

i m kidding hehe

but im really trying to write it as fast as i can. but i really dont have motivation to write lately and trust me when i say that i rly try my best to get myself hyped up enough to write it, but i just cant make myself do it and it makes me sad because i really want to post the chapter :-((


And that is why I can’t love myself. I can’t transform like a Changeling; I can only change my colors. I can’t change my size, so I always stand poll and withers above anypony short of my mother or Grandmother Celestia. I can’t fill these horrible holes in my body. I cannot hide my abominable heritage. I have a hoof in one world, and a hoof in another. I can’t truly belong in either the world of ponies, or the world of Changelings.
((The question this post was posed by Prince Quasimodo Quartz’s underlying creator StarryOak. Thank you again for your permission, StarryOak! And double the thanks for being our colourist!))


So I’m in a good mood for some reason and I want to share some of the bullshit bout me that you either do or do not know yet

(do I want to do this)


(maybe i’ll delete it laters)

(you can stop here if you like and continue your scrolling)

(if you keep going, beware of somewhat gory looking photos at the beginning -it kinda looks like blood idk-)

(also creepy photos)

(you been warned)

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Medieval au? Keep talking.

ahhh anon, you know me too well. So far it’s mostly been an exchange between myself and Alex as we have a habit of hoarding AUs  (especially Parvill ones).

Basically, you have spoilt brat prince!Parv. He’s never got out of the castle, he’s only ever talked to the staff and the only person he was close to was Xeph the sous chef. He’s used to being ignored, the only way he found he got attention was by playing up and misbehaving horrifically, so that’s all he does.

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The more I read your posts, the more I have no idea what is happening on Reign anymore. I stopped 15 minutes into the first episode of Season 2 because Kenna had this line of dialogue that made me NOPE harder than ever, but

Hah. Dying to know what line of hers did you in. Every time she opens her mouth I either roll my eyes or cheer. And then roll my eyes again. This show can’t decide where it is or what it’s doing and I’m pretty lost myself.

I missed the episode on January 22nd (because SUNDANCE) and just never caught up, but apparently Mary got raped*, Catherine killed Diane de Poitiers with a chair**, Bash found out Kenna ratted Diane’s legitimization plan out to Catherine***, Francis and Mary scuffled and made up and scuffled again and Mary is now running around with Louis Conde the Bourbon prince who in Real History was a decade older and had a family and would have killed her rather than bedding her.

Oh, and you know that Francis and Lola had a baby, right? Francis? The little boy king who was 14 and basically impotent in real life had a baby with Lola?

And that apparently Marie de Guise has come back to visit and is dying of something and being rude to people— she inadvertently drugged Lola who basically had an epic acid trip and went Mama Bear on the Hapsburgs for their monobrows and something about her baby son being engaged to their daughter. 

And Peppercorn lost his daughter in the first episode of the season to PLAAAAGUE and he and Greer are married but he’s disappeared and she’s now, apparently a madam in a brothel because Mary kicked her out of the castle because it turns out that Peppercorn (Castleroy) accidentally funded the rebels who broke into the castle looking for Francis and didn’t find him and rapedl Mary instead.

Which is kind of based on history because rebels tried to kidnap Francis and failed but in general it’s a big ol’ mess and now, NOW, they’re casting Elizabeth I. And since we’re going between the lines I want Elizabeth to ride up all “BITCH GET MY COAT OF ARMS OFF YOUR DRESS.” and then a scuffle to ensue. Mary lived with nuns but Elizabeth was Henry VIII’s daughter and would know how to fight dirty and therefore kick her arse. Trust.

And Narcisse and Antoine poisoned Henry. Or maybe it was just Antoine and Narcisse tried to… I’m so lost. Oh! And Antoine is trying to woo Kenna away from Bash.

I’m sure I missed something, but if right about now you’re staring at your screen like ‘LOL, WHUT?’ then at least you’re as caught up as I am and that’s good enough.

TL;DR: Between the lines, you say? WHAT LINES. WHAT. LINES.

*According to showrunner Laurie McCarthy it was going to happen at some point. Like from the beginning Mary being raped was The Plan, and Francis Dealing With It, etc. 

**I literally just giggled as I typed that. WHAT IS THIS SHOW.

***And his eyes were murder-y. Pretty sure that’s not supposed to be as sexy as it was in the GIFs I saw.

ETA: Why can’t I stop laughing? Or stay on hiatus? THIS SHOW.

As much as I miss Tanzania, I have to admit that it feels good to be back in a place where “social media” is everything and I can indulge myself in pointless celebrity gossip. Is Emma Watson really dating Prince Harry? Is Bruce Jenner actually a woman? Suddenly these things seem important to me. Good thing I’ll have plenty of time to read Lifestyle and People on the beach…I have a good four years to catch up with. I do have one question though…who the hell is Iggy?

Random thoughts...

I don’t get it. Yes, I’m super insecure and I’m complicated. I need to be reassured 40 times a day and sometimes 50. I need to be spoiled and loved. I want to be someone’s sun and moon and stars… I want someone to look at me as if I was the only thing that existed in their world. Yet, I have so much to give. I blindly trust and I’m always on my best behavior. I will make sure that you’re happy and well taken care of. I always joke around that I’m a Queen, but no one gets that I still need my King. No prince charming bullshit. No. I want someone to whom I can completely devote myself, be a wife. It sucks because I’m only 21 and guys my age think about sex and one night stands. And here I am ready to give my heart and soul to one of them. I’m fed up of meaningless shit. I don’t even want to have sex anymore unless its with someone who matters. I just have so fucking much to give, until of course, they fuck me over or lie to me. Then I turn into a little hurricane of chocked up feelings and emotions. Then I get nasty and frightened. I stop eating and living. I become a bag of bones filled with anxiety and pain. No one gets it, the way I act in a relationship completely correlates with how I’m being treated. If you make sure I can trust you and you treat me right, holly christ am I going to do every little tiny thing for you. It just takes time because I don’t fall in love easy. I need someone patient and open minded. Someone who can handle me at my worst, who will be able to see past the bad in order to enjoy all the good that comes with. I just need someone who’s willing to get to know every tiny scar on my body and the story behind it. And love me regardless or love me even more due to them. I need someone who’s going to take me as I am, help me become who I want to be. I don’t need to be fixed, Jesus Christ. I love myself, I simply need someone who will love me too.

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its people lkie prince-kel who make me feel ugly for being a poc and the people who're always idolizing white features and so bscically now i always try to use filters in my selfies to make myself look as light skinned as possible because things like that have gotten me to hate the colour of my skin (you can answer this publicly if you want)

hhonestly like nice job making ppl who dont have white features feel better #sarcasm

I swear I need to leave the dollmakers alone. I have a serious problem when it comes to addictive cuteness. Like, I get on a fandom and just can’t stop myself. Do you see what all this cuteness is doing to me?!


So, here we have Wranduin (in cutesy matching armor, no less!)

For anyone interested, I used Rinmaru’s Fantasy Couple Creator over at DollDivine. Artwork by FeliceMelancholie.

✕ - Journal entry for angry rant


I am absolutely livid.  I have fallen hopelessly in love with a dwarf—one that I do not stand a sliver of a chance with!  He is royalty, the Prince of Erebor.  While I am a Princess, others outshine me.  

His golden hair resembles a lion, and his blue eyes are filled with such enthusiasm.  Why did I let myself get attached?  His grandness flourishes, and I know that whenever I see him, I blush furiously.  A fool, that’s what I am; to let myself fall for such a royal dwarf.  Please, Mahal, help my heart.  Let my heart accept that he is too perfect for me.  

My birthday

So, today I turn 36. I don’t feel any different. ..but I can honestly say that in the last 3 yrs I am at place in life that makes me happy. I can say I love me. And my beautiful children…..oh My babies!! They have made me want to be only the best. My 15 pushes me to be the best I can even when she makes me looney. She is an amazing girl. And my princes of all princes, my fabulous 3 yr old miracle (not supposed to be alive) makes me smile everyday!!
So to myself…

also i read a lot of fiction set in the regency for someone who has no historical knowledge of that era (by which i mean, i don’t read that much, but some), to the point that very recently i was like “oh it’s called the regency after the prince regent… right…”

also i don’t really know what the napoleonic wars were. i mean. wars against napoleon. but that is literally all i know. 

this isn’t me asking for an explanation, btw: there are multiple other historical things that i don’t know and should know that i am currently trying to teach myself about and i only have time/space in my brain for so much. also this way i can read JS&MN and come up with some very warped ideas about it all that will amuse people i talk to about it for years to come.