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misttaken asked:

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( &. don’t let me go. * )

I would kill for you. • I would make love to you. • I would fuck you. • I would protect you. • I would hurt you for a selfish cause. • I wish we had more in common. • I want nothing to do with you. • I want to see you cry. • I want a future with you. • I want to destroy your future. • I do not care what you do. • I am indifferent towards you. • I want children with you. • I love you ( platonically ) • I love you ( romantically )I love you like family.You are my family. • I could fall in love with you. • I would lie for you. I would fight by your side.I will never let you go.I would hold you while you cried.I would hug you. I want to kiss you.I would stay by your bedside if you were ill.I want to fall asleep with you in my arms. • I want to forget you. • I will never forget you.I only want to make you proud. • I wish I could make you happy. • You deserve nothing. • I will never forgive you. • You confuse me.

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