Welcome and About Me

Hi, I’m Cristina Deptula, a science and general interest journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I started out writing for the science and tech page of the California Aggie back at UC Davis, where I finished my undergraduate degree in international literature and biology.

Afterwards, I moved back home to the Bay Area, began serving as a docent at Oakland’s Chabot Space and Science Center, showing off meteorite specimens and mini-telescopes to children and adults. I took courses in medical writing (Dr. Laird Harrison - UCB) and cancer biology (online.) Later, I helped start the cultural magazine Synchronized Chaos ( which publishes some science and nature related pieces.

Currently I’m a live-in fulltime caregiver for my grandmother, who’s 88 and needs someone to live with her. Good learning experience ;)

I still do some freelance science and other writing, and am currently taking a science writing class through the UC Berkeley Extension with Jennifer Huber. From the class, I’d like to learn how to better focus my ideas as I can get wordy and sidetracked sometimes, and also more of the practicalities of how to turn this into a fulltime career, freelance or within a museum, company or university.

Favorite scientific interests of mine include neurology/brain science, astronomy (star-hopping, space travel, cosmology) and anything that involves quirky personalities or interesting stories!

Please feel free to contact me and leave comments on this blog!

The Quad this morning. Look at all the tents!

UC Davis, I love you. I have never been prouder to be an Aggie.

And now I have just one request for you:

Don’t let this go away.

The movement, that is. The tents are more or less symbolic.

Fall Quarter is almost over. We’ll have a whole month off from school. I don’t want to come back to a campus that is just going to forget everything that’s happened over that last week. 

This is Our University. Don’t let them take it back when we’re not looking.

(Photo Credit: The California Aggie)

I think Stories on Stage emphasizes writing as a living art. […] There’s something very intimate and human about sitting in a room with other people taking in a story. I mean, short stories are always about the human condition: love, loss, learning and delight, things we can all relate to.
—  — February emerging writer Alexa Mergen. Thanks to The California Aggie for their coverage of Stories on Stage Davis! Read the full article.

A rally was held today against hate crimes on the UC Davis Quad. The rally was held in response to a recent hate crime.

Davis resident Mikey Partida was assaulted in the early morning on March 10. The attacker yelled out homophobic slurs as he assaulted Partida. Partida suffered major injuries (warning: graphic image) during the attack. Partida was listed in good condition Monday afternoon and is currently undergoing therapy.

On March 14, Davis resident Clayton Garzon was arrested in connection to the assault. Garzon was charged with committing a hate crime, assault with a deadly weapon, stalking, committing a felony while on release from custody and inflicting bodily injury during the commission of a felony. At the time, he was released from Solano County Jail pending other felony charges.

photos by Lucas Bolster.

photo courtesy of Mikey’s Justice Fund Facebook page


The FBI has identified two persons of interest regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing. Several photos and a video has been released to the public. The FBI is asking for tips, additional images or videos to help the investigation.

The suspects are to be considered armed and dangerous. 

Tips can be submitted to or 1 (800) CALL FBI

Live updates about the bombing here.