“…Now when I’m dealing with a particularly difficult stretch of training or racing, I make an effort to avoid shit-talking myself from the get-go.  Instead of saying, “Ugh, this sucks” or “This is sooo hard” or “I can’t do this,” instead I say, “You’ve got this” and “You can do this” and “You’ve done harder shit before.”  When I take on the mindset that puts strength and capability as my default setting, it becomes a lot easier to manage adversity because I’m operating off the assumption that I can and will do it…”

This is a FANTASTIC blog by Caitlin Constantine, an ultra marathon runner and feminist extraordinaire.  I’ve found that I too have been through a couple of these realizations and they have definitely improved my relationship with fitness and myself. I look forward to employing the others too! -Chelsea

Billboard director of product development slams gamers, GOP in one tweet

Billboard director of product development slams gamers, GOP in one tweet!/carynrose/status/506477373886582784

Billboard director of product development and author Caryn Rose managed to slam both gamers and the GOP today by calling them “furious dudes” because they do not have access to all the sex they believe they deserve. We have no idea who’s covered under et cetera.

Is this about those nude celebrity photos that leaked?!/c…

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