7 Colorado towns just gave big cable the finger 

Residents of seven communities in Colorado sent a resounding message to cable companies Tuesday: We’re tired of your Internet service, so we’re going to get our own.

Voters in seven cities and counties have agreed to let their local governments provide Internet service, thereby giving big broadband companies some much-needed competition. It’s a solution that has made service cheaper, faster and more reliable.

And it’s popular, too.

2003: Sarah sees Miles/Leech for the first time since the Morlock Massacre

2004: Nathan and Moira decide it’s time to publicly announce her pregnancy

2005: After Tommy’s first post to the journals, stating outright that he was FOH and refusing to apologise for it, some of his peers - ie Forge, Kyle, Marius and Jay - have mixed reactions.

2006: Nathan invites Rahne to Muir for Christmas. 

2007: V=IR: In Vienna, Forge and Doug uncover another code from Tesla, leading them to Siberia.

2008: Manuel goes to Morgan, concerned about what his powers have done to Callie.

2009: Warren comes to the Winter Ball at Jay’s request and they have a quiet dance together out of sight.

2010: Amanda takes Nico out to a local county park so she can recharge and lays down some ground rules for Nico’s new mutation.

2011: X-Men Mission: X-Mas in Milwaukee: Creative thinking leads the FBI team to the home of Craig Hollis, who ends up being shot by Abigail Brand.

2012: Scott announces Vance has moved to the West Coast Annex to focus on powers training. 

2013: Deal With The Devil/Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart - Amanda posts explaining the reasons behind the mansion attack and asking for donors for a healing spell for Callisto; Amanda emails Billy and Topaz thanking them for their separate roles in the rescue.