Black girls are the cutest people on this planet and I can’t handle it. I mean have you considered:

  1. Black girls with freckles
  2. Black girls with gradient red lips
  3. Black girls with dark lipstick
  4. Black girls with natural hair
  5. Black girls with braids
  6. Black girls who are fat
  7. Black girls in crop tops
  8. Black girls with vibrant tattoos
  9. Black girls with locs down to their knees
  10. Black girls with lip piercings

Holiday Compliments pt.1

I know that Christmas is over, but I still consider it the holidays and so therefore, I will give out blog compliments! 

adepttt: Melanie is bae and she will always be bae. This is the longest friendship I’ve ever had and I hope it stays that way. She can be a little shit sometimes, but that’s my little shit. If you like videogames/dragon age/mass effect go follow her blog! 

bakerstreetbricolageAdam Adam Adam, what can I say about him that hasn’t already been said? He’s the sweetest, nicest, and one of the most cutest people I have ever met. I’m so glad to have made friends with him and I hope we can stay friend! Here’s to Adam! 

fortheloveofjawnShe’s a cutie and very nice. She has a great blog and makes sure that her posts are top quality! She’s down to earth and I’m glad to call her friend!

snowlockeryI haven’t known Bella for long, but she is a treasure! She’s so nice, and kind, and pretty that everyone needs to follow her if they haven’t already! Love you Bella! 

harrywatsonsJulia is a redheaded beauty and I’m so glad to be acquainted with her and I hope that we can become friends in the future. You are beautiful, and sweet! 

charlesmagnussenYou are so pretty and you always compliment me and you are just so cute that I can’t! 

bbcatemysoulI would like for you all to know that Heather is amazing and has dragged me into Smaugbo hell. Don’t trust her pretty face because she will drag you down too.Love ya lots Heather!

thekneegropeJen is so pretty and charming and funny and I’m glad to be following her blog! 

I’ll post the next part tomorrow! 


Ahh okay so today I got a Christmas package from one of the cutest people ever, Lauren (sweeterthanyourface) and wowie. First of all thank you so much. I’ll send an actual personal thank you when I get to a computer but I couldn’t wait to tell you how much I love all of this.

First of all, how does one even find wrapping this cute? Look at the little strawberry shortcake name tag what the hell! I have no words adequate enough to describe my love for it to be honest.

The beanie is super thick and warm and the color is gorgeous. I love beanies I can never get enough so like, this is super primo. I lightened the picture a bit since it’s getting dark and you couldn’t see it well otherwise, but it’s a deep wine red color that’s super rich. I have a feeling my boyfriend and I are going to have to fight each other for it. He will love it too haha!

And then ahh the cute little stuff at the bottom *tears from the cute*. I’ve wanted a macaron lip balm since I first saw a picture on Tumblr a year or maybe more ago and now I have some *tears turn to sobbing* the yellow one is vanilla and the purple is marshmallow. And of course the containers are frickin just ughhh! I wish I was exaggerating my excitement, but nope this is how excited I get over beanies and macaron lip balm.

Thank you so, so much. I’m seriously in awe and I am so touched that you put all this together for me. I never expected I would get all this and I’m honestly shocked at how well you know my taste because these are all literally perfect gifts. My holiday was so much better than anticipated and this is getting me through the final stretch like a champ. I can’t even describe how much this means to me.

ur fav is problematic: jeanna fakebiche
  • one of the most powerful and cutest people on tumblr dot com, does not save any of these traits for anyone else
  • a fantastic rper and writer. once again keeps all of this talent for shemself and does not share. its ok. shey deserves it
  • watches more anime than i can keep up w/ but is simultaneously an enabler for me to watch more anime than i can keep up w/
  • cutest name ever :\
  • the coolest palemate evs…..keep me worm…….<>
man oh man you're my best friend


this post is about harry and louis making stupid faces at each other!!!!!!!!!

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You’re the cutest thing on earth

so back in the days of 2012 when One Direction was actually regularly doing interviews, a lovely young lad answered this when asked what word he would use to describe himself:


now let’s take a glance at late 2013/ 2014 shall we?

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“I’m not afraid of hurting anymore” from Last Hope in Paramore’s handwriting, I got them to write it for me in my M&G on Friday for when I get it tattooed.

Hayley’s is the top one, Taylor’s is the middle and Jeremy’s is the bottom one.