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Durarara ending 1 by kaztial

featuring (in order):
Thomas Jefferson
Ben Franklin
John Adams
George Washington
Marquis de La Fayette
Nathanael Green
Henry “Light-Horse Harry” Lee
John Eager Howard
William Washington
Banastre Tarleton
Benedict Arnold
Peggy Shippen
Charles Cornwallis
Louis XIV
George III

Every other fandom did one. I wanted there to be a historical one

now this is just plain rude

the only time marriage seems appealing is when people say “its like spending the rest of your life with your best friend” but the chance of marrying someone youre in love with who is also your best friend seems so slim

technicallymagicalmoon asked:

You're the Best!!!!.I fell in love with your drawings since the first time I saw them. ;_; <3 .I'm your fan 7u7 xD

Awww thank you for your nice message<333 !!! but omg im not the best, makoharu are !!! They’re the cutest, people should be fan of them, not me *blushes //////// 

so back in the days of 2012 when One Direction was actually regularly doing interviews, a lovely young lad answered this when asked what word he would use to describe himself:

now let’s take a glance at late 2013/ 2014 shall we?

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man oh man you're my best friend

this post is about harry and louis making stupid faces at each other!!!!!!!!!

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You’re the cutest thing on earth

“I’m not afraid of hurting anymore” from Last Hope in Paramore’s handwriting, I got them to write it for me in my M&G on Friday for when I get it tattooed.

Hayley’s is the top one, Taylor’s is the middle and Jeremy’s is the bottom one.