Restoring the normal full stop (period) in the tumblr logo

This is inspired by a post by syntheticbaeddel, but it’s for anyone who doesn’t want the animated full stops/periods to show up.

First, install an extension to add custom user styles to websites, such as Stylish for Firefox or Chrome.

Second, you need to add this style:

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
  .logo.has_dot .logo_anchor {
    background-image: url("");
  .logo_dot {
    visibility: hidden;

I put a copy on here so you can install it with one click.

With this style, whenever Tumblr decides to change the dot to some animated thing, you won’t see it. I don’t think this disables the mouseover text though.

Please let me know if this doesn’t work for any of you!


  • This is one of my older themes that I (finally) got around to simplifying and posting. Keep credit on the theme

This theme comes with:

  • 2 columns
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Sidebar Image
  • Hover links
  • Hover description
  • Permalinks (Notes & Reblog)
  • Customizeable options


  • Keep the description short (1-2 lines) because it looks better
  • Keep credit on the theme or move it to your faq
  • You may edit this theme to your liking
  • To publicly post an edited version of this theme, message me for permission first (or I will report you)
  • Do not use this theme as a basecode

{ Static Preview - Code

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CSS Link Slider For Your Theme

Woo! I fixed my link slider over on I didn’t think of using flexbox to fix the fluctuating width problem I had before. Now it works beautifully! And it’s 100% responsive up to mobile view (at which point it’s still fluid, but too small to be practical). However since tumblr themes have a mobile layout, I’m not worried. 


I posted the example on my website, with the HTML and CSS up for grabs. 

Want to implement the link slider on your tumblr theme?

1) Follow the link to my site and copy the code. To paste the HTML, go to Edit Theme > Edit HTML and find an appropriate place to put it. Usually tumblr themes are well commented, so they’ll indicate what part is what. (To understand this better, you can read about the markup here.)

2) To paste the CSS, go back to Edit Theme and scroll down until you see Advanced Options. Click that sucker and scroll down the pane until you see “Custom CSS”. Slap the CSS code from my site at the bottom of whatever code you may or may not have in there (so that it overrides anything else).

3) To upload your images for the link cards, replace the URL in the HTML bit with your own URL. You can upload tumblr theme assets here or use imgur, photobucket, what have you.

4) Lastly, remove the dummy text with your own content. 

Feel free to message me for whatever or whatever. 

New Post has been published on adobewordpress ~ güncel tasarım okulu

New Post has been published on

CSS ile Loading Animasyonu (Spinner)

Dijital olan ve elektronik bir cihaz üzerinden çalışan her türden proje kısa da olsa

“Yükleniyor…” animasyonuna ihtiyaç duyar. İşin web tarafında da CSS3‘ün gelişiyle GIF ve SWF animasyonlar rafa kaldırılarak yerlerini sadece CSS ile işleyen tasarımlar aldı. Ancak bu CSS kodları da bazen o kadar detaylı ve uzun oluyor ki sıradan bir GIF’den daha ağır çalışıyor.

Bu dersimizde sadece bir div ve birkaç satır CSS kodu ile dönen bir topaç (loading animasyonu) oluşturacağız.


Nasıl yapılır?

Günümüz CSS ve HTML teknolojisi ile tasarlayabileceğiniz en basit yükleniyor animasyonunu yapmaya hazır mısınız? HTML kodlarımız ile başlayalım.

HTML Kodları

Sadece bir division ekliyoruz.

<div class="spinner"></div>

Bir şeyleri atlamadınız. HTML kodlarımız sadece bu kadar.

CSS Kodları

İlk olarak spinner öğesinin neye benzeyeceğini, ne büyüklükte olacağını ve dönüş hızını ayarlayalım.

  width: 25px;
  height: 25px;
  border-radius: 100%;
  animation-name: spinner .7s linear infinite;
  -webkit-animation: spinner .7s linear  infinite;
  -moz-animation: spinner .7s linear  infinite; 

Bir kenarı 25 piksel olan bir kare hazırladık. Border-radius 100% tanımı ile de her kenarını yuvarladık. Sonrasında 7 saniyede çizgisel ve sonsuz olarak sürdüreceği spinner isimli bir animasyon ile eşleştirdik. Sırada stil detaylarımız ve pozisyonlamamız var.

  position: absolute;
  width: 25px;
  height: 25px;
  border-radius: 100%;
  border-top:3px solid tomato;
  border-bottom:3px solid tomato;
  border-left:3px solid tomato;
  border-right:3px solid transparent;
  top: -3px;
  left: -3px;

Ve son olarak spinner isimli animasyonu ekleyelim.

@keyframes spinner
  from transform: rotate(0deg);
  to transform: rotate(360deg);

@-webkit-keyframes spinner
  from transform: rotate(0deg);
  to transform: rotate(360deg);

@-moz-keyframes spinner
  from transform: rotate(0deg);
  to transform: rotate(360deg);

Bu kadar!

How to Overlay Images: Default Album Art


You can consider this a continuation to lmthemes’ audio player tutorial. The tutorial is perfect, unless you have an audio post with no album art. This is how I put an image of my choice in place of the album art if there is none. You don’t have to use said tutorial if you don’t want to, though. This is just basic coding for how to overlay images.


<div id=”au”>
<img src=”BACKUP IMAGE URL” class=”cover” alt=”“/>

<img src=”{AlbumArtURL}” class=”cover” alt=”“/>

You may need to retype quotations.


I made a container for the album art and set the position to relative:

#au { position: relative; }

Next, I made a class for my album art images and set the position to absolute:

.cover { position: absolute; z-index: 1; }

Now, the album art image will overlap the backup image. If there is no album art, the backup image appears. Make sure your backup image has the same width and height. Also, if you’re using lmthemes’ tutorial, you may have to adjust the placement of the play button once you wrap your album art in a div. That’s all there is to it!


Today I went on my favorite social platform, LinkedIn (yes, favorite), and sought out advice from my newly established peers. It’s easy to be confident in my own skills, but how do I show prospective clients that I’m their gal, as a freelancer? Maybe I’ll try screaming from the rooftops: “Hey! I’ll help your bottom line AND positively impact your business!”, or maybe, “Hey! I’ve got skills AND like ice cream! Hire me!”.

Whatever happens, please note that no rooftops were hurt in the making of this post.

Now, enjoy some great WordPress advice! (and if your weather is anything like Richmond, VA, enjoy that too).

How does typography work in Responsive web design

How does typography work in Responsive web design. See what Robin has to say about it.

Typography is very important part of the user experience.  On the most superficial level, it makes the page look stunning, or not.  It breaks text apart into more useable segments, making it easier to read the text, Depending on size and placement, it is informational, informing users how to use the page, whether it is navigation or supplemental information and many other usability and…

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