Theme 6: SPRING

By doctorstwelfth / themesdoctorstwelfth

Preview / code

  • Grid theme with infinite scroll
  • 250px posts on indexpage 
  • 500px posts on permalinkpage
  • all colors customizable 
  • add background image and chose for it to repeat or cover
  • 5 custom links
  • chose inverted tumblr controls if you want


  • like / reblog if using
  • feel freeto edit but don’t claim as your own
  • don’t remove credit!

Summit1G best plays on stream

Making A Theme 101
I’ve had a lot of people ask me to teach them to make themes lately. When I started learning I had to google everything, I had to make my own base code etc, it was all very time consuming and annoying, so I thought i’d save you the trouble! This will be for complete beginners, even those of you who have never looked at a code. Hope you find it helpful.

Base code and getting to know your code.

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• dramatical murder
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• art!!!

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· Custom sidebar image, header and favicon
· Customisation on every single colour
· Optional pop up ask box and post borders
· Optional  searchbar and tag box
· Sidebar sticks after scroll
· 6 different social buttons
· White or black follow button
· Pagination
· Up to 10 links



moving labels @ https://www.gosquared.com/login (Thx @matthiasvogt)


You guys have to check this out if you haven’t already!

Work of the week: Species in Pieces
- Bryan James

This digital delight is done entirely with CSS, and is stunningly executed. The polygon illustrations are a dream alone, but it does not do justice to the sites animation itself. A fantastic digital experiment that showcases the campaign to raise awareness of endangered species. Seriously - go see for your self! 

You can even download the animals as backgrounds, or purchase a poster of them all which helps support EDGE - Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered.

For more design follow Creativemunchies.com

anonymous asked:

hi! i love your current theme, but how did you do the page with your title to scroll up and reveal the content while also adjusting to the screen height? i can't find any tutorials on this :(

Hello! I don’t know any tutorials on this, but it’s not complicated at all, just some simple CSS lines.

For adjusting to screen height, I’m simply using height:100%; on the header container (google for “css height 100%”). 

Really, there’s nothing special about the title scrolling up. I think you are just a bit fooled by the fact that the header image is fixed. You can google for “css background attatchment fixed”.