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I hate to come off as ignorant of tumblr-bandwagons, but I must admit that I have no understanding as to what "gemsonas" are. Do you mind explaining, not just for me, but for anyone else who might be confused? We all want very much to be able to understand your amazing artwork. Thanks.

Np, noone is obliged to know everything, I’ll gladly explain.(I hope this is clear, because English is not my first language so I don’t always know how to put things into words). There’s that show called “Steven Universe” where the plot revolves around alien beings that are kind of like humanoid forms of various gems. The four main characters are called “Crystal Gems” and basically protect the Earth from evil. So gemsonas are Gem characters made up by fans, and the reason why I kind of randomly started drawing band members as Crystal Gems is an article on Uncyclopedia about the band Yes, where it was suggested that two original members-guitarist Peter Banks and keyboardist Tony Kaye-sort of merged together to become Tony Banks and joined the band Genesis. So then someone asked if that means they were Crystal Gems, because the Gems from the show can fuse together, for example Ruby and Sapphire together become Garnet. So it sort of started as a joke but I had quite a lot of fun coming up with different designs. So that’s it, basically, I hope this helps! And thanks for the compliment ;>