Nothing like coming into the office and finding a fresh batch of goblin doughnuts for consuming. Don’t these look good? Save a fish sprinkle for me. 

Goblin No. 107. Pen and ink on Bristol-Board.

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I don’t care if people claim I can’t ship ImmortalFox anymore because Eddie moved! People still ship Pewdiecry and Felix lives in England while Cry lives in Florida! Immortalfox will always be my OTP.

This two will be the death of me… I wish they would do another collab soon… Or at all.. I miss it.

I miss it a lot.

“Friends for forever and forever”

A little witch who got turned into a polliwog frog by another witch’s curse. They brewed up a little potion to turn themselves back, but now they actually like being a frog much more instead! :>