Kotaku held a Q&A with Bioware General Manager Aaryn Flynn, creative director Mike Laidlaw, and executive producer Mark Darrah. 

Excerpts from the Q&A:

Aaryn Flynn

…In the end, everyone is entitled to their opinions. That’s how it should work. We’re in a lot better place nowadays because for everyone who is exceedingly negative, we’ve got many more who are positive, supportive, and appreciative. Doesn’t mean we aren’t still trying to improve, and it doesn’t mean negativity no longer hurts. But I feel better about the situation, and want to keep the momentum going.

Mike Laidlaw

One thing Jaws of Hakkon experiments with is integrating larger stories into the more open world space. The one environment, for instance, has roughly three times more “story” (as in, word count) than the Hinterlands, because we wanted to see what expanding beyond smaller sideplots while still keeping the player moving around an open space would look like…

Mark Darrah

The DAO levels were built twice. Once for Tac Cam and once for over the shoulder. This isn’t a practical system. In DAI its [done] procedurally. We are looking to improve it more in future titles.

Read a lot more on Kotaku [here].

Bretty_boy: How much will the environment affect Lara? Will Lara’s clothes rip and get dirty like in the previous game? Will snow stick to her hair and clothes, and melt in warmer environments?

Noah Hughes (Franchise Creative Director): Yes, we have a lot of that stuff. We have story specific progression, as we did last time. Referencing Game Informer as an example, Lara manages to survive her encounter with the bear but not without taking a shredded jacket and a wound to show for it.
We also have system-based reflection of damage on Lara. So if you are hurt, that will show on her character in certain ways. Then, we have the wet and dry states, so when you get in the water, Lara will get wet and then progressively dry off. We also have a dirty state, so she’ll go through situations that leave mud or other dirt on her character and that will clean off. And we have areas where snow might stick to her hair and then melt away indoors.

In addition to that, we try to go even one step farther to have it affect Lara’s animations, so when she steps near a source of heat, she might warm her hands on it. When she steps back out into the cold, she might shiver for a moment as she adjusts to the temperature. We try to go past the visual layer and add a behavioral layer.

We’ve tried to do as much as we can to connect Lara with the world, so a lot of this is the team enjoying adding details to the character because it supports her, grounding her in the moment. In the context of the story, they almost become reminders of everything you’ve been through, and how far you’ve come since the beginning of the game. They reinforce the systems on the moment-to-moment basis, and reinforce the journey on a game basis.

Read the full Q&A here


A few pictures from the Dofus movie Facebook page.

Last week, Ankama had a viewing of the Dofus movie for a selected audience in Paris. In honor of the viewing, they gave parts of the cinema a little Dofus touch. That Kerubim and Pupuce cut-out <3

In addition, Tot (Anthony Roux, Creative Director and President of Ankama) held a masterclass yesterday in Tourcoing, France in which he shared a few things about the Dofus movie and especially his trade. 

(Tell me again why I don’t live in France?)

Chris Colfer in the Noel movie:

It is going to be simply wonderful to follow Chris in a project where the creative task master, the director, Joe A Stephenson  wants to highlight and focus on the special gifts and talents of the young Mr.Colfer.

No second guessing whether Chris will be utilized.  No hand wringing if the writing will include him in a scene, much less in the narrative flow of the storyline.  No speculation if the creative minds actually  appreciate the acting and singing skills of one Chris Colfer.

The film is a look at the young Noel Coward.

Chris Colfer IS Noel Coward.

After the drought, let the deluge commence.

anonymous asked:

what is the likelihood of making a living as a jounalism major?

Here’s the great thing about being a journalism major: you are taught skills that are extremely desirable in multiple fields. 

Many of the members of CollegeSmarts have a degree in journalism/communication.

Here’s a little brief about what I have done with my journalism degree thus far:

My work history includes:

  • Camera woman
  • News Editor
  • Video Editor
  • News producer for an ABC-affiliated newscast
  • Magazine Reporter
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Freelance Writer
  • CollegeSmarts Member

Now to the good stuff! Here is a list of positions that are possibilities for you with a journalism degree (keep in mind that some require a masters, but most do not):

  • Personal Recruiter
  • Admissions Counselor
  • Sales Representative
  • Public Information Officer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Mediator
  • Human Resources
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Media Planner
  • Creative Director
  • Public Researcher
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Media Buyer
  • Teacher
  • Broadcast Station Manager
  • News Producer
  • News and Relations Manager
  • Reporter
  • Newscaster
  • News Editor
  • Script Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Media Interviewer
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Campaign Director
  • Legislative Assistant

Hope this helps!


[NEWS + FACEBOOK] 150326 Kim Jaejoong’s Rehearsal Photos for Upcoming Concerts in Seoul


[PHOTOS] 토요일에 만나요!
[TRANS] See you on Saturday!

Credit: JYJ Official FB
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong reveals rehearsal photos for concert before enlistment

With his recent fanmeet wrapped up successfully, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is seen to be steadily preparing for his final concert for fans, as is evident from his recent set of rehearsal photos!

A total of four photos have been uploaded via JYJ’s official Facebook, in which Jaejoong is seen working hard with his band mates, while donning a “Born Free One Kiss” crewneck from Moldir, of which he is the creative art director. Jaejoong appears determined while practicing, as March 28th and 29th draw near.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Jaejoong will be performing in the Tiger Dome of Korea University on those two dates, singing in front of dedicated fans for one last time just two days before his official enlistment. Requesting a quiet enlistment, he had decided to spend the last of his days with those who have thoroughly supported his career without press.

Check out the photos below, and make sure to tune into his official two-day concert!

Source: Koreaboo
Shared by: JYJ3

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And pink and green why not~

Pink: 4 facts about my parents

1. My mom is a psychiatrist and my dad was a creative director for car-based advertising
2. They are both Filipino
3. My mom came here from the Philippines and was once crowned a pageant queen
4. My mom is the youngest out of ten children

Green: 8 facts about appearance

1. I am VERY short and chubby
2. The longest my hair has ever been is past my boobs but that was in like 6th grade and has never been that long since
3. My dimples came from when I used to have my cheeks pierced
4. I have lot of scars on my torso that I’m still trying to get positive about 
5. I am most self conscious about the discoloration on the corners of my lips (talking face wise)
6. I don’t get breakouts? It’s mostly just one bad pimple somewhere 
7. I had a phase in high school where I shaved my eyebrows off and just drew designs and stuff instead of actual brows
8. My best feature is probably my eyes, I like how big they can look without circle lenses

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eidos napoli has some fire flames with their s/s '15 line. your thoughts on this brand and/or experiences with it? i know that antonio was CD with MB and that eidos is owned by isaia so that's a pretty solid bloodline.

I’ll go on record saying that, for my taste, Antonio has been the most consistently intriguing designer/creative director over the past two years. He has churned out a number of pieces that I genuinely love and his commitment to creativity and detail is unparalleled amongst traditional #menswear brands.

While labels like The Gigi try way too hard to stand out, Eidos has been able crank out relatively classic garments with just the right amount of flare. Couple that with the fact that he’s producing silhouettes and cuts inspired by fanboy favorite bespoke tailors (a la the “Lorenzo” cut, a nod to the Solito silhouette) and you have a pretty compelling brand that’s doing some great stuff.

The biggest draw-back to Eidos (for me) is that I can’t try half of the most interesting pieces on in person. While great shops like No Man Walks Alone or Carson Street have a lot of cool stuff, I don’t want to be the guy constantly buying and returning. I’m looking forward to Eidos blowing up (which it is in the process of doing) so that I can consistently get my hands on the stuff.

But all that aside the coolest thing about Eidos is Antonio. I respect the hell out of the guy for going out on a limb and pursuing his passion. From his early days at Vineyard Vines, to Bastian, to today, he’s always kept a clear vision and produced stuff you can tell he genuinely likes. And the fact that he’s thrown the rest of us a bone via StyleForum sales threads and transparent industry insight only makes him that much more likeable.

If you ever make it down to Atlanta, Antonio, first beer’s on me.

Kimora Lee Simmons Last night, Kimora Lee Simmons and her investment banker husband Tim Leissner proudly showed off their growing baby bump before a couple’s night out. The mom-to-be (expecting her fourth child) and dad-to-be attended the Goldman Sachs’ Partner Ball hosted by Tim’s employer. The former model’s hubby was recently named Goldman Sachs chairman of Southeast Asia. We first spotted the JustFab creative director’s baby bump back in December when she was about six months along. So, we’re likely just weeks away (if not sooner) before the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Congrats to them.



Influenced by the cultural richness of his Caribbean heritage and African studies, Dexter R. Jones (top image) unwaveringly removes the veil of self-conscious inhibition by eliminating the preconceived sense of beauty and reveals its true splendor in that vulnerable state. Jones relentlessly pushes the characterization of beauty not often seen. Encompassing a mixture of texture, hues, and prints in his editorial photography, his expertise in justly capturing women of vast shades is indicative from his strong matriarchal upbringing as a child. The Brooklyn, NY born photographer utilizes enticing colors and endearing gradients to surpass what is superficial and create a mood that highlights what is his reality. Jones is driven by an infectious passion that is distinctly exposed in the strong subjects he portrays. That desire is translated in the regality of his images.

IG: @sirdexrjones


Tour the Hip L.A. Home of Fall Out Boy’s Guitarist |

03.25.15 by Julia Millay Walsh

Combining furniture from their former homes in New York and Chicago, Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman and his wife Marie Goble “had a big list of furniture and accessories to play with from the get-go,” says interior designer Mat Sanders ofConsort Design (who also happens to be Domaine’s creative director). “The process was definitely a lesson in editing down,” he adds. “Our previous homes had completely different styles, and some of the furniture was so specific to those spaces,” Goble tells us. Trohman was headstrong about reusing as much as possible: “I was adamant about trying to make as much of it work as possible.” 


DDB   |

" The 91st Art Directors Club Annual This book is an extension of the “keep fighting the good fight” campaign, which pokes fun at the industry while celebrating the best of the year’s creative achievements. Designed at DDB New York, Creative Direction: Matt Eastwood & Menno Kluin, Art Direction: Carlos Wigle, Copywriter: Aron Fried, Book Design: Juan Carlos Pagan & Brian Gartside, Illustrations: Rami Niemi."

At DDB we are guided by playbooks, not rule books. Rigid methodologies minimize creativity. Paint-by-numbers gets you the same painting every time. That is not to say we do not have tried and true approaches to building and growing world class brands – we do. But rather than share our methodologies, we rather you spend time on the rest of this site and take a look at examples of our work, peruse some of our thinking, participate in our debates and discussions – basically get to know who we are.

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