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Every P&G Brand Now Defined By a Purpose

Great post over @IEG on brand sponsorships and cause marketing: Procter & Gamble Understands The Value of Cause Marketing Better Than Anyone.

From Tide’s Loads of Hope to Pampers partnering with UNICEF, the CPG behemoth is doing more than greenwashing and slapping a cause on pack. 

As brand managers and their retail partners see financial gains from connecting with consumers along truthful, human, issue-based causes, these campaigns are being funneled back into the brand’s identity, becoming part of a consistent narrative that articulates itself at-shelf, on-air, and throughout the organization. 

The Zodiac Signs' High School Year Book Awards

Best Laugh: TAURUS

Most Likely to Invent Something: AQUARIUS

Biggest Sweetheart: CANCER

Most Dramatic: LEO

Best Motivator: VIRGO

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire: CAPRICORN

Best Excuses: GEMINI

Most Creative: PISCES

Biggest Gossip: ARIES

Most Likely to Keep a Secret: SCORPIO

Biggest Flirt: LIBRA

Most Likely to Make you Laugh: SAGITTARIUS


Alex and Liam Do Walmart – two Brits do a critique of American consumerism, surprisingly refreshing.