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1. Love Pretender - The Madden Brothers || 2. Count On Me - Bruno Mars || 3. I Wanna Hold Your Hand - The Beatles || 4. Alone Together - Fall Out Boy || 5. We Found Love - Rihanna || 6. Anywhere But Here - Safety Suit || 7. Things I’ll Never Say - Avril Lavigne || 8. Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts || 9. Fix You - Coldplay || 10. Lucky - Jason Mraz ft Colie Colbat

Meet Numbuh 27Co/ Colbat

welp i guess i was going to do something like this for one of the shows i like lol XD but i know it may never be my last.

any who meet MY own Gemsona/ G:KND operative 27co/Colbat

( ah fudge i forgot the other info about him XP )

Genral info:

Name: Colbat

species: Gem (currently some kind of alien fur)

gender: none but likes to be confirmed as male.

Gem: Colbat (blue)

Weapon: electrical and fire claws (basied off of bayonetta’s durga weapon)

age: unknown (this is due to the fact he needs to stay in the G:KND as long he could)

job: spy and scout for both gem and G:KND (he actualy in both areas dont help ones who plans to destroy any kind of life for selfish gain or insane plans.)

Background story: Colbat is a gem who does a little special field work different from other gems n stuff, he also haves some kind of things with other creatures and alien races and turned him self into some kind of hybrid furred creature as what he likes to call his default form (but he actually haves a normal gem form too) thanks to his love for being a spy. colbat had end up finding out something he shouldn’t have in gem home world and end up leaving. soon after he left he meet and joined the Galactic KND, who greatly accepted his registration but like all non KND operatives he had to go threw many difficult training and tasks just to prove his self and get in. once he finished all his missions he spend a good amount of years with in the G:KND and helped them out, that is when he started to let his little problem of continuously search for secret info even with in his own team yet again he ended up finding the G:KND’s psychotic plan to kill off all adults from earth and as well other planets to keep the galaxy kid friendly. with smart thinking and actually getting trust and help from the other G:KND ops they plan to stop the G:KND from carrying out their plans and save the galaxy.

however it doesn’t end there.

while getting ready to save the galaxy from the G:KND he had got info from and old friend that the gem’s from home world also had plans to try to go to earth and kill the humans as well, colbat questions why does it matter if hes going there to stop the G:KND from doing this anyways, he is told that there’s a possibility that they could team up if they wanted to, to carry out this plan for both sides as a temporarily trues just to make sure the plan is fully carried out.

With so much on his plate, colbat hopes that he can find some way to save both the earth and the galaxy from the Gems from home world and The G:KND.

hope that’s an interesting story to both the future of G:KND and Steven universe hope you guys like Colbat i may do more with him now since hes is 2 ocs in one lol XD.

special fun fact: he is kind of basied off of my main oc scaler XD lol.

Balmin s/s ‘15. Stylish and so in love with the colbat blue. Beautiful clean lines to create a tailored body con fit with a twist.