Okay I love it when I see massive AU idea posts.  I love it a lot.  But they’re always like here have a bland coffee shop AU.  And it’s not that I don’t love Coffee Shop AUs, because I do, but come on peeps, get creative, blend your AUs.  So I made a set, and mind you they’re not particularly great but I figure somebody’ll get inspired and post a better set.

Werewolf Coffee Shop AU - Being A is a barista and Being B loves their coffee.  Being A notices that Being B isn’t looking as perky as normal and puts some chocolate in their coffee because everybody loves chocolate, right?  Unfortunately Being B is a werewolf and because of that chocolate has some odd effects on them (the odd effects being anything from a [hopefully mild] allergic reaction to whatever mystic mojo you’re feeling like [truth serum anyone?]). After a profuse and thoroughly sincere apology from Being A, they go out to get coffee together and Being B orders the coffee this time.  (Bonus: Being B puts something (that is not harmful) in Being A’s coffee as a mild revenge joke, i.e. jalapeños.)

Secret Mind Reader Coffee Shop AU - Being A is a Barista, Being B comes in to get coffee that’s only second to the view.  They accidentally project this thought very loudly in Being A’s direction.  Being A has a moral dilemma being a secret mind reader and all.  OTP fluff happens.  OR OTP is already in a relationship / Being B knows Being A is a secret mind reader.  Being B Projects these thoughts on purpose because watching Being A fight to not react is too funny.  ACE OPTION - Instead of projecting thoughts about doing the hanky-panky, they could pose inane questions (i.e. do penguins have knees? Are bees ticklish?) Or project out a desire to cuddle and watch a favorite movie together.

Vampire Bookstore AU - Being A is a vampire that owns a bookstore full of very carefully handled first editions (they were alive when the book first came out); Being B is a major night owl with a craving for books.  Being B is shocked and then delighted to find that no matter what time of night they wander out on the hunt for books, Being A’s bookstore is open. Awkward ritual of book nerdage commences.  Fluff.

Merperson Life Guard AU - Being A ritually pretends to drown because they have no chill and anytime Being B shows up they trip over their own tongue and / or say really stupid / obvious stuff.  Being B is a Merperson who has a job as a life guard.  How fishy and what kind of fishy they are and how much the rest of their world knows about merpeople and their fishy rituals is up to you.  Bonus:  Being A accidentally does all the right courting gestures for merperson society and they don’t even realize it because they’re too busy losing their chill over Being B.  Can easily be turned Polyamourus because Mermaids don’t have to follow conventional human dating “rules.”

Park Ranger Dryad / Nymph AU - Being A is a Dryad / Nymph / Whatever-you-want-to-call-a-tree-person who works in a very large Park or Forest.  Being B has no sense of direction and is lost.  Being A finds them and guides them to the exit.  They talk and OTP stuff happens.

Fortune teller TV host AU - Being A is the Host of the Reality TV Show “Perfect Vibes” (Or whatever name you want) where they use their fortune telling to match make the people who come on the show.  Possibly it’s a multi-part show where their co-host communes with the dead or whatever.  Point is Being A does Fortune Telling Stuffs to help people find True Love.  Being B is either peer pressured onto the show, or comes onto the show as a joke.  Cue Being A being all “oh no, this is my True Love?”  When their (hopefully over dramatic and thoroughly ridiculous) existential crisis is over OTP stuff happens.

Ace / Succubus Cat-Sitting AU - Being A is ace and going on vacation.  They find a book somewhere somehow that is actually an accurate summoning tome for various demons of all kinds.  For whatever reason they decide it’s a good idea to summon a succubus / demon (could go generic demon and pick a succubus by accident) to cat-sit for them (who knows maybe they’re drunk, maybe they’re sleep deprived, maybe the part of their brain that goes "this is a bad idea” is just not on atm, whatever).  They’re super worried about their adorable fluff-ball, yo.  The summoning actually works to Being A’s surprise.  Cue Being B trying to seduce Being A while Being A is not affected and is trying to figure out how to get Being B to cat-sit without sacrificing their soul.  They hit it off for whatever reason, and Being A becomes Being B’s Person (much like there is no cat owner only a cat’s chosen person).  Substitute animal of your preference if cats don’t work for you / your OTP.

Dragon Hording AU - Being A is a dragon with an unusual horde; Being B studies Dragon Hordes for whatever reason.  Cue interesting world building and fluff as your OTP asks about the weird things each other collect (maybe being B has a mini-horde of their own that they steadfastly deny because, “It’s not a horde, it is a collection.  There’s a difference.”).  OTP Fluff.

Harpy delivery AU - Being A likes to order things online because Being B has a job delivering packages. Because Being B is a Harpy they can get any package anywhere at speeds that are much faster than typical shipping methods.  After they’ve gotten to know each other, Being A orders either a package of air or something that they know Being B likes and has it delivered to a little surprise picnic (made up of easily portable food in case Being B needs to get up and go) that they set up for the express purpose of asking Being B out. Can easily be made polyamorous for the same reason as mermaids above.

So if you want to do something a little different with your OTP maybe you’ll like this?

secret-triangles asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me a list of Wolfstar fics where either one of them (or both) work in a coffee shop or they meet in one? Because I've read a few like that and then I lost them and I can't for the life of me find them, so I was hoping you could maybe find me some new ones or stumble across the old ones :)

Yes, absolutely! Can I take a moment to thank you for sending me a request that I can answer off the top of my head? Because that is brilliant. Not that I don’t love all of the requests I get, some are just harder.

For starters, as I go I’ll be adding fics like this to my coffee shop AU tag– not very many there yet, and I’ll put the ones I have here for convenience, but you can always check there too in the future!

* = Some of my personal favorites. Many summaries shortened for space.

  • Evenings, Mornings, Afternoons by illittorate– 5.6k, T. “Sirius is a librarian who doesn’t read, Remus is a barista who prefers hot chocolate. At least they like each other. Eventually. Probably?” Barista!Remus.
  • *Finest in Fairford by bluepeony– 5k, G. “Remus Lupin’s job in a Fairford coffee shop is always uneventful, until an exotic new customer begins leaving messages with his tips.” Barista!Remus.
  • Remus Lupin’s Coffee Order by remusyoulittleshit– 1.5k, G. Sirius purposely gets Remus’s coffee order wrong to get him to talk to him. Cute not-quite-get-together fic. Barista!Sirius.
  • Sundays in E Minor by rosivan– 1.2k, PG. “It’s always unexpected, the way things actually are.” Sirius is a violinist and Remus makes puns and tea.  (More tea than coffee but Remus does work in a cafe.)
  • Coffee by funGhoulery– 1.2k, G. “Sirius takes notice of the cute boy who sits several tables down from him every day. He also takes notice of his coffee orders.” Meet in coffee shop.
  • If Life Was A Fairy Tale by kayyas– 1.9k, T. “Remus gets stood up and Sirius is his Prince Charming.” Asexual!Remus, barista!Sirius.
  • False Advertising by combustiblelemon– WIP, 4.1k, G. “Remus Lupin sees an unusual advertisement on the specials board in front of his favorite coffee shop (for something that isn’t actually on the menu).” Barista!Sirius.
  • *A Change in the Weather by paddypads– WIP, 7.6k, T. “Sometimes, you’ve got be grateful for the little things in life….So what if you’ve had to put university on hold for a year and everybody thinks you’ve dropped out? Or you haven’t actually told anybody you’re gay yet? If you’re Sirius Black, you can pretty much do what you want.” Barista!Sirius.
  • *Latte Art by imparfait– 8.1k, T. “Sirius buries himself under dreams and words on paper. Until Remus, at least.” Barista!Sirius.
  • Hella F*cking Gay by ElisabethStar– 1.5k, G. “Sirius goes to a coffee shop and Remus works there as a barista. Outside stands the infamous ‘Today your barista is…’ sign.” Barista!Remus.
  • (the beverage you’re about to enjoy is) extremely hot by fallovermelikestars– 1.3k, T. “The name on his badge, pinned at a jaunty angle to his apron, reads Sirius. Like the star Remus thinks, wonders what the name would taste like on his lips and shoves his hands deep into the pocket of his trousers, offering Sirius a tentative smile in return.” Barista!Sirius.
  • The Worst Thing by spiritspell– 1.1k, G. “Remus wishes the new boy would take his job a bit more seriously.” Barista!Remus & barista!Sirius, both working in the same coffee shop.
  • Handwriting by spocksandsandals– WIP, 2.1k, not rated. “Remus has worked at the coffee shop under his apartment since he can remember. The strong, distinct scent off the coffee downstairs is barely enough to get him up and awake for his daily 5am shift, but the cute guy who comes by every morning at ten to six definitely is.” Barista!Remus.
  • Matching Wavelengths by allofthatblood– WIP, 6.8k, E. “Sirius, James, and Lily, friends since childhood, manage and own a coffee shop together. Remus is just the high school kid who wanders in every afternoon, catching Sirius’ eye….” Barista!Sirius.
  • Like Glass by Junkyard_Rose– WIP, 2.2k, not rated. “Seventeen is the age for falling in love, and twenty is when you figure out there’s no such thing.” Barista!Sirius.
  • Hipster WolfStar by facelessoldwoman– WIP, 16k, G. “Remus Lupin doesn’t know how to like things unironically, and piercing-obsessed barista Sirius Black has absolutely no patience for that.” Barista!Sirius. (Remus is not as annoying as the summary may sound.)
  • *I’ll paint a mural of your smile by david8– 33k, T. “…it doesn’t take Sirius long to sense something different about Remus…And soon, even Remus understands that not everything is as it should be with the seemingly happy, extroverted and flirtatious rich guy…” Bipolar!Sirius, non-binary!Sirius, trans!Remus, barista!Remus.
  • This is Love by NeonDomino– WIP, 78k, M. “As their eyes met across the coffee shop, James knew he was in love. Lily didn’t seem to agree and walked out, dragging her best friend Sirius Black with her. On the way, Sirius managed to get a glimpse of the man sitting with James and knows he has to meet him again….” James and Remus meet Lily and Sirius in a coffee shop.

Bonus: Wolfstar coffee shop AU aesthetic post, and a whole set of Marauder modern AU aesthetic posts with a flower shop and a coffee shop. 

And wolfstarwarehouse has a coffee shop AU post here.

Tumblr really likes that soulmate’s first word tattoo thing but tumblr also really likes coffee shop AUs like imagine being one of thousands of people running around with “welcome to Starbucks may I take your order” tattooed from birth going into a Starbucks like “is it you????” “nah bro I’m waiting for someone to order a grande skinny latte extra cream”


Inspired by this Coffee Shop AU.

It’s not quite the same, Anna isn’t on a stage or anything, she just comes almost every day to see her friend Kristoff who works here ; and spend her time playing guitar. And one day, a blonde stranger stop by during a break from her work… and is instantaneously mesmerized by Anna. She spend her only free hour of the day listening to Anna’s voice and guitar..

Coffee Shop AU Tips

* when you open a coffee shop, you’re definitely not getting there when there’s light, especially if you have baked goods that you’re making in the kitchen; I was head baker at one place and I’d regularly get in at 3 am to proof the croissants that had been started the day before; bakelovenotwar was a barista at another place and he used to get in around 4 am, I think

* successful coffee shops–especially successful coffee shops in busy metropolitan areas–open at 6 am at the LATEST; they’ve gotta be open, up, and running for the people who get coffee before work and sometimes that means before dawn

* grinding beans is fucking loud, okay; like, I’ve frequented shops that would grind new for anyone who asked for it or for people who wanted to buy it ground to make at home but it’s really, really loud; that’s just an ambiance tip

* if it’s a little independent shop, I guarantee you’re not going to have four or five people working at once when there’s not enough customers to keep them busy; employees cost money and a lot of independent coffee shops are running that thin line between red and black; basically, if they’re not busy, employees are going home, not hanging out at the counter chatting

* idk if ya’ll have actually used coffee shops as places where you work (not for money; but I tend to use them as my office when I have tons of homework, stuff like that), but you don’t generally get your OWN table if they’re busy; you share with, like, strangers; that’s the culture; people come up and say, “Hey, can I have this side?” And you say, “Sure.” And then you ignore each other for the next few hours

anonymous asked:

AU for "I work at starbucks and you come here in a hurry every morning so you can't talk to me and I have this huge crush on you so I always leave cute messages written in your cup but you never notice them until one day" headcanon? Please??...

  • Usually Percy didn’t like people with such complicated drink orders but there was just something about this girl 
  • mostly it’s because he’s sure she’s not stuck up, just that she knows exactly what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it 

  • and that’s something he admires in people 

  • there are 3 drinks she rotates through depending on the day 

  • from what he gathers her schedule is split up between days she has class, for which she usually wears jeans and a t-shirt maybe with a cozy sweater

  • there are days he thinks she has an internship or a job because she wears these pencil skirts and blouses that Percy thinks are just great 

  • and study/work out days complete with piles of books and yoga pants which he also thinks are great 

  • though no matter what outfit she has one she is always wearing a silver owl medallion necklace 

  • at first he just leaves messages like “Have a great day” and “See you tomorrow” but she never acknowledges them

  • then he starts leaving random facts about oceanography 

  • “Did you know a whale has a heart the size of a car?” 

  • just to see if she’s paying attention 

  • she’s not

  • or if she is, she’s sparing him the embarrassment of flat out rejection (though she doesn’t seem the type)

  • one morning Percy just isn’t having a good day and when he tries to have a nice conversation with Annabeth (that’s the aloof girl’s name) she shuts him down 

  • frustrated, he writes “Girl I have a crush on who doesn’t notice me” instead of her name 

  • the next morning, the coffee shop is surprisingly empty

  • as Percy cleans the counter he hears someone clear their throat 

  • it’s her 

  • “iced green tea with an extra shot of sweetener, right?” 

  • she looks confused, something he can tell she’s not used to being, and then nods slowly, “how did you know that?” 

  • “Well you’re dressed casually for class and you always get the large iced green teas on days you have class” 

  • she just looks at him open mouthed and then what he said out loud washes over him and he gets very red very quickly 

  • “I mean I’m assuming it’s class.. It could not be… but you dress differently for your job.. do you have a job? I don’t know I.. I just meant.. I mean not that I know your schedule or.. I mean I kinda do but just cause.. oh my god, I think I’m having a panic attack” 

  • her laugh immediately brings him back from the brink of his freak out 

  • “You’re cute when you’re flustered… I mean, you’re always cute, but..” she bites her lip “especially when you’re flustered” 

  • Percy just stood there speechless 

  • “And also I wanted to thank you for the random oceanography facts. I won a trivia challenge at a party last weekend because of you.” 

  • he only spends half a second embarrassed about her reading his notes when he blurts out “Well I’ve got plenty more oceanography facts where that came from. Maybe I could share them with you.. over dinner sometime?” 

  • kisses over the counter instead of tips become a staple in Percy’s life and even long after he’s stopped working at the cafe he never stops writing notes for the cute blonde with the owl medallion 
I was inspired to do the oceanography facts by this spoken word poem which is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard/ seen in my life so definitely check it out