Inspired by this Coffee Shop AU.

It’s not quite the same, Anna isn’t on a stage or anything, she just comes almost every day to see her friend Kristoff who works here ; and spend her time playing guitar. And one day, a blonde stranger stop by during a break from her work… and is instantaneously mesmerized by Anna. She spend her only free hour of the day listening to Anna’s voice and guitar..

star trek au: coffee shop

↳ jim kirk owns a local coffee shop. there’s a group of regular customers, and he knows each of their orders off by heart: a socially inexperienced genius who never understands jim’s jokes but smiles at them anyway; a grumpy and always tired doctor with the kindest heart he’s ever seen; some of the best and brightest university students, studying physics and linguistics and engineering. they’re a group of misfits, and they’ve found a sort of home in the cafe. they know that there’ll always be someone there to talk to when they drop in, and jim will write their name on the side of their cup (he’s got them colour-coded in bright primary colours according to some unknown rule in his head) and draw patterns of stars on the latte foam. he’s got a huge map of the world covering one entire wall, because he wants to remind them all that there’s nothing more important than chasing adventure into the unknown; and the rest of the room is filled with the smiles and laughter of people he’s come to see as his family.

Tumblr really likes that soulmate’s first word tattoo thing but tumblr also really likes coffee shop AUs like imagine being one of thousands of people running around with “welcome to Starbucks may I take your order” tattooed from birth going into a Starbucks like “is it you????” “nah bro I’m waiting for someone to order a grande skinny latte extra cream”

Coffee Shop AU Tips

* when you open a coffee shop, you’re definitely not getting there when there’s light, especially if you have baked goods that you’re making in the kitchen; I was head baker at one place and I’d regularly get in at 3 am to proof the croissants that had been started the day before; bakelovenotwar was a barista at another place and he used to get in around 4 am, I think

* successful coffee shops—especially successful coffee shops in busy metropolitan areas—open at 6 am at the LATEST; they’ve gotta be open, up, and running for the people who get coffee before work and sometimes that means before dawn

* grinding beans is fucking loud, okay; like, I’ve frequented shops that would grind new for anyone who asked for it or for people who wanted to buy it ground to make at home but it’s really, really loud; that’s just an ambiance tip

* if it’s a little independent shop, I guarantee you’re not going to have four or five people working at once when there’s not enough customers to keep them busy; employees cost money and a lot of independent coffee shops are running that thin line between red and black; basically, if they’re not busy, employees are going home, not hanging out at the counter chatting

* idk if ya’ll have actually used coffee shops as places where you work (not for money; but I tend to use them as my office when I have tons of homework, stuff like that), but you don’t generally get your OWN table if they’re busy; you share with, like, strangers; that’s the culture; people come up and say, “Hey, can I have this side?” And you say, “Sure.” And then you ignore each other for the next few hours


coffee shop AU:  where nanaba  goes every two days to starbucks, only to find the nice worker Mike there who keeps calling her Banana whenever he can. then  there is hanji who’s keep posting her cups on instagram and levi silently judging her and thinking how cute she is whenever shes making silly faces

i think everyone has to do at least a coffee shop au once„„

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