Some cool stuff I got me at the con these last Nov. 16th, like some tentacle ear-rings and an irken necklace. I actually got me few more stuff but this was like my special treasure I wasn´t expecting to find.

And these last weekend I had to go downtown for some busyness, and good for me, there was a small festival, got a lot of free samples of traditional liquor and maguey cream , damn it, got dizzy so fast but I couldn´t say no to that guy giving me sample after sample, and the guilt made me buy a bottle, it taste so good, so if you ever feel like taking some shots with me you are welcome

Getting sick of butt hurt fans being asked by other butt hurt fans or feel the NEED to rant about kishi, not just shippings but the hole manga coz they “hate it now”.

ive acted nice and gone out of my way to ignore it, kishi makes mistakes but the canon ships weren’t one of them, your mistake is bothering other fans in other tags

Youve said what you wanted, nobody cares FUCK OFF


Better Late than never, some pics of the 45CJMC the last Nov16th, with my bf and lil sis (wearing my DibxDipper shirt next to the Illuminati dorito), couldn´t met mr. Stan Lee, but anyway it was pretty fun. Got my second piercing on the right ear and funny thing the guy kissed me after done….at first I was like “wow didn´t expected to kiss a cute guy today” cause yeah he was kinda cute, but then as the noon came over I slowly started to get angry like “who dah fuck gave him permission to kiss me the swine motherfucker?!!”