Comics underway

The collab comic with fergk has been mostly done for a while now.We agreed on a loose outline of dialogue, and it is being written by Fergk now.We even have the cover for it. It’s quite lovely.

BEHOLD! Title in all it’s lowres glory because I can’t do proper PS. Font by FergK

The main guy. For some reason, I got this to be hires…Don’t ask.

I’m really happy about how the illustrations turned out, really looking forward to getting it printed.

The other one

The dummy book for the second one is long since done and I’m working on the finished pages.

Top two img: pictures from the dummy book. BL: Rough script BR: Style test, Coffee Shop panel.

It’s a conversation between to people in a coffee shop, largely inspired by the storytelling style of “Coffee & sigarettes” by Jim Jarmuch.

I’m doing this in a “cleaner” pen style, and have been testing this out a lot. I have to try and loosen up a bit, though it seems to go a bit easier now.

More on this in the next one.