Merlin AU// Video Diary 1/?

It’s the year 2005 and since Merlin finally adjusted to modern technology, he decides to start a video diary. Day 536179 seems a normal day, but then Merlin remembers today would have been Arthur’s birthday. He tries to smile, but that’s just one of the hardest things to do nowadays. Even after more than thousand years, he still can’t speak about his lost king without choking up. Because the only thing he can think about is that he wants to just, -just hold Arthur.


can we please talk about the difference between Hans’s and Kristoff’s physicality with Anna

how when they first meet, Hans’s body language all but screams openness, while Kristoff couldn’t be more closed off

how Hans’s every touch is slow, calculated, while Kristoff’s every move is quick, instinctual

how gentle Hans is with Anna even as he treats her heart with the utmost brutality

how Kristoff’s less delicate treatment of Anna is always born of a desire to keep her safe and close

how Hans plays at love in his physicality, while Kristoff simply lives it

can we please talk about this


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naruto meme → ten characters (2/10)

hyuuga neji 日向ネジ

The curse represents a mark of the bird in a cage… It is… the symbol of being tied down to an inescapable destiny.


Kyu winning one for his Mafia team. [x]

During the Mass Effect 4 “presentation”, they said that you’d be exploring totally uncharted space because players wanted to go somewhere new.. And, while not 100% completely explored, the Milky Way galaxy was pretty much tapped out. The galaxy was neatly carved up into different zones of influence based on species or political affiliation (or lack thereof).

If they’re talking about 100% new space, I have an oddball theory. Months ago it was said (confirmed?) that the next ME is a sequel. naturally this made me laugh because that would mean they’d have to canonize an ending.

With that in mind, what if they canonized control, or, god forbid, synthesis? Because with the technology of the Reapers at the disposal, that would make travel to new galaxies entirely feasible. Look:

This is how far away the Reapers were from Earth Alliance Space at the end of ME2. I use Alliance space as a reference since it would appear their territory was attacked first, with the batarian homeworld (which is actually in Alliance Space according to the wiki) being practically wiped out in ME3.


Using the above as a reference, I tried to recreate the distance in a “game” called SpaceEngine, basing the distance mainly on the size of the galactic core. The crosshairs below are centered on Earth.


Plus or minus some parsecs, I guess. Apologies for the images, tumblr resizes them weirdly.

Anyway, that was their distance to Earth at the end of ME2. Six months later, in ME3, they arrive. They went almost 4000 parsecs in 6 months. 4000 parsecs is 7.66940463 × 1016 miles. That is 76,694,046,300,000,000 miles. In six months.

That is 12,782,341,000,000,000 miles per month.
That is 426,078,030,000,000 miles per day.
That is 17,753,251,000,000 miles per hour.

The closest galaxy to the Milky Way is the Canis Major dwarf galaxy, some 25,000 light years, or 146,742,840,000,000,000 miles from Earth. It would take just about 11.5 months to reach Canis Major.

Beyond that, the closest spiral galaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy, and it is a hefty 1.469625 × 1019 miles away, give or take a bit according to google calculator (I hope you didn’t think I was doing this on my own). To reach the Andromeda Galaxy using Reaper Speed®, it would take just 95 years, roughly. More than doable for an Asari or Krogan, and easily done in just two generations by humans, since the first generation on a colony ship would be well past their prime but not yet dead.

What if Mass Effect 4 takes place during the exploratory boom in a brand new galaxy after the Reaper War ends in anything other than Destroy?



  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1 mug of milk
  • 1/4 teaspoons of almond extract
  • 1/8 teaspoons of vanilla extract (i found the flavor to be too overwhelming, but you can always add more)
  • a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • pinch of nutmeg
  • splash of dr. brown’s cream soda (if you don’t have any, increase the amount of vanilla and leave this out.)


  1. pour milk, almond extract, and vanilla extract into a mug.
  2. add cinnamon and nutmeg.
  3. in a medium sized saucepan, melt the butter and cinnamon to make caramel.
  4. once the caramel is bubbling, pour everything in the mug into the saucepan.
  5. keep on the stove and stir until the caramel is mixed into the milk.
  6. enjoy!

you can either drink it hot or put it in the fridge to have iced later on. either way, it’s absolutely delicious.

(also, included in the picture is a butterbeer cupcake, which you can find the recipe for here)

I find it curious when people speak of Rachel Duncan as if she needs to be entirely psychotic or entirely misunderstood. I actually find her considerably more terrifying when it’s revealed that she isn’t a total robot—because this means she has the capacity for moral judgment, and chooses to disregard it in favor of power. It isn’t, Oh, how sad, she just needs to be loved and taught the error of her ways—if anything, that’s more a Helena-type storyline. Rachel did know love. She was raised (at least for a while) in love, and still chooses aggression first. She feels pain and loss and possibly even guilt—and this does not change her tendencies, or, more importantly, her pride. I find that fascinating. And utterly, utterly horrifying, because here is a woman with the capacity for kindness—who chooses, instead, to crush everyone she meets underfoot.