We had a great turnout at the Marvel Costume Contest at C2E2 this past weekend in Chicago. Make sure to check out the winners above, including Female Loki as Best Female, Frog Thor as Best Male and X-Men as Best Group! Plus honorable mentions to Iron Man, The Thing and Rocket & Groot!

Want even more C2E2 photos? Swing over to the Marvel.com C2E2 2014 Gallery here!

Here’s a pretty clear pic of my Fem!Gambit, taken on Saturday of C2E2! Costume by me, BelleChere, contact lenses by Samhain Contact Lenses, photo by @Strannik45 on Flickr.

I didn’t have the time to make my own trench coat, and the one I ordered online didn’t arrive in time, so I had to borrow one. I felt like I was swimming in it, as it wasn’t tailored to me, and felt like it was covering up all my hard work. So I just slung it over my shoulder.

I do have a bo-staff, it’s just leaning against the wall behind me.

I’m looking forward to making a trench coat, and making a couple other small fixes, before getting a good photoshoot in this number!

The Best of the Dorkly Fan Art Expo

The Dorkly Fan Art Expo (which took place at C2E2 at the end of April) was a huge success - we had a lot of fun and showed off A LOT of unbelievably great fan art (check out all the pieces here). And now we can show you the best of the best - we gathered a panel of judges from across the ‘net (and real world), including:

…and they voted for their favorites of the bunch! Now, without further ado, here they are.