By Jove

Athena Prayer

Only-Begotten, noble race of Jove, 
Blessed and fierce, who joy’st in caves to rove: 
O, warlike Pallas, whose illustrious kind, 
Ineffable and effable we find: 
Magnanimous and fam’d, the rocky height, 
And groves, and shady mountains thee delight: 
In arms rejoicing, who with Furies dire 
And wild, the souls of mortals dost inspire. 
Gymnastic virgin of terrific mind, 
Dire Gorgons bane, unmarried, blessed, kind: 
Mother of arts, imperious; understood, 
Rage to the wicked., wisdom to the good: 
Female and male, the arts of war are thine, 
Fanatic, much-form’d dragoness, divine: 
O’er the Phlegrean giants rous’d to ire, 
Thy coursers driving, with destruction dire. 
Sprung from the head of Jove, of splendid mien, 
Purger of evils, all-victorious queen. 
Hear me, O Goddess, when to thee I pray, 
With supplicating voice both night and day, 
And in my latest hour, peace and health, 
Propitious times, and necessary wealth, 
And, ever present, be thy vot’ries aid, 
O, much implor’d, art’s parent, blue eyed maid.

The Holy Yaoi, The Book of Jove, Scriptures of the Grand Seme

many names for the book of the one true yaoi who unites us all

Caryatids in front of the Austrian Parliament (1874–1883), Vienna

A caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head. The Greek term karyatides literally means “maidens of Karyai”, an ancient town of Peloponnese. Karyai had a famous temple dedicated to the goddess Artemis in her aspect of Artemis Karyatis: “As Karyatis she rejoiced in the dances of the nut-tree village of Karyai, those Karyatides, who in their ecstatic round-dance carried on their heads baskets of live reeds, as if they were dancing plants”

newtmann; physical contact in deleted scenes

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Why Does my Music always Sound stuck-up and depressing? Anyway, here is another piece i Wrote, currently under the Name Cardboard Mansion, due to it being originally a piece for askcr33p3rnepeta. But it is too sad and depressing for the Cardboard Mansion Nepeta lives in. So for now, I have to figure out how to write Happier music.


Artist: Jove-bluh
Commission Info

Oh my god. How to words. *Flail* Jove, you friggin spoil us with your amazing art. The sketches of these pages were already beautiful and are absolutely stunning in colour. AHHHH. So much love, I can’t even. I opened these at work and tried not to squeal over how perfect. I failed. I squealed at that 6th page and the senior designer at work was like, what was that? I could not contain my feels, that’s what that was.

So anyways, Sgt and I saw that Jove was doing commissions to help pay for school and decided to ask for this! (hint hint: check her out and maybe get a commission while her commissions are open. It is so worth it). She did all of these pages in no time at all. I don’t even understand how she whipped through these. So good ; 3 ;


The Yaoi Commandments
  1. You shall worship no other yaois before Me.
  2. You shall not make for yourself a rounded character, nor any likeness of anything that resembles the personality within the realm of canon.
  3. You shall not take the name of the yaoi in vain.
  4. Remember the Fanworks, to keep it holy.
  5. Honor thy seme and your uke.
  6. You shall not ship-shame.
  7. You shall not ship het.
  8. You shall not have two semes.
  9. You shall not bear false yaoi against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s ship, nor the popularity of your neighbor’s ship.

And so spoke Jove, High Lord of Yaoi to Johkat at the peak of Mount Seme.

a tribute to panic (i’m gonna miss her..) BUT i’m really excited at the same time, looking forward to the new artiest! congratulation jove! 

design credit of terezi and vriska both by bananaramses 

Terezi —>

Vriska —>