The worst kind of good bye is the kind that you don’t expect.

The worst is when you don’t even consider it an option, because four months ago he was telling you that you were the love of his life and now the word forever isn’t even uttered from his lips. Four months ago he was looking at you like you put the sun in the sky and now he looks at you like he cant wait for the sun to set and leave the skies over his head.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that you dread. You feel it leaking into every crevice of your heart and you’ll try not to talk because you can hardly take a breath in, let alone beg him to stay while he’s stabbing wounds like “it’s over” and “I can’t do this anymore”. You’re holding in your tears and replacing them with anger and words with a lot more bite than bark like “fine okay leave Jesus Christ I don’t even want you anymore”. And he’ll look at you all sad because you both know you’re lying but God fuck if he’s going to leave then just rip off the fucking band aid don’t wait around to see if the wound will heal.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that echoes through your body months later because he left his fingerprints on parts of your body that you couldn’t expect like the back of your eyelids or the spaces between your fingertips. The worst kind of good bye is the kind that enters like a bullet but crawls it’s way out like blood from a cut. You feel it everywhere and you let it haunt you because you’d rather picture him saying “good bye” a million times than not be able to see him at all.

The worst kind of good bye is the kind that he left you, because no matter what you do you can’t seem to press the right buttons to rewind or close your fists hard enough to shove the words back into his mouth and replace it with the love you could’ve sworn he once felt.

—  You could’ve sworn that good bye wasn’t even a line in your story, but suddenly it’s filled up every page you were supposed to leave for the future.

We are about to relive that one time that Niall was prince charming. 

So there was that one time that Niall went to Rochelle’s birthday party dressed up as prince charming and we all pretty much lost our shit.

x  I mean who gave you permission to leave the house looking like this. Gah!

x And then to take pictures like this and make us all fucking melt forever?

x I mean. ugh. look at him! I want to kiss his stupid face.

x his freaking adorable face!

x I just can’t with him dressed like this.

x I’m just getting angry now. gah.

x *sigh*

Let’s look at the fucking dip once more…

yes…..okay…I’m done now. *sighs for eternity*


Hellatus Rewatch 2015: Season 1 Episode 5 - Wildfire

Daryl had barely spent time in the camp, preferring to hunt, fetch water, scout the area, and perform any other task that would take him out of the company of the people who looked at him and Merle with disdain and disgust on their faces. Now that Merle was gone, well…he didn’t have anywhere else to go, though he felt antsy and churlish about following the sherriffs and gang.
Not much of a choice now. Walkers had invaded the camp, and even with their numbers they’d lost too many people. He stalked around the camp, driving the pickaxe into the skulls of all the dead, ensuring they wouldn’t reanimate. It was a disgusting job, but someone had to do it. The sheriffs and their shared family and most of the others were sitting around, discussing what everyone knew was the inevitable: Amy needed a lobotomy and Jim, alive or not, had to go. Keeping him alive only prolonged the unavoidable tragedy.
He picked the pickaxe lying at his feet and swung it at the head of the body in front of him, pulling it free with a sickening slush sound and a grunt. He moved to the next body but paused as the woman neared him. He looked at her curiously, wondering what she wanted. She couldn’t possibly want to say goodbye to the bloody skeleton in front of them.
“I’ll do it. He’s my husband,” she stated plainly, though he noticed several emotions simmering in her eyes.
He’d seen her around, in her frumpy clothes and with her sheared hair, gentle, helpful, supportive, kind. Her quiet, unassuming nature, so different than Lori, Andrea, and Amy, was a comfort, though he guessed it had more to do with the heavy hand of the corpse in front of them than anything else. He’d never seen the man raise his fist to her or her little girl, but he knew it probably happened, recognized the type; he was just like his old man. Ed - or Dread, as he liked to think of him, though now he could just be Dead - was a good-for-nothing sumbitch, watching everyone else cook, clean, hunt, fish, and provide protection while keeping dagger-eyes on his wife and daughter, both of whom were too afraid to speak louder than a mutter.
But there she was, wife of Dead, illustrating more backbone than any other member of the camp and offering to slam an axe into her oppressor’s head.
He kept his awe in check, handing the axe to her and stepping back. He saw the finality of it cross her face as she stared at the mutilated body before her. Then, with a slight wimper, she heaved the axe up and swung it once, twice, then more, releasing pent-up anger, frustration, and humiliation with sobs and grunts, expelling her emotions in ways she’d probably saved for quiet, hidden moments locked in a bathroom Before. He doubted she’d had a moment to herself since the whole thing started.
With her final swing, she let out a few sobs and took some deep breaths before staring a final time at the unrecognizable man she’d married. Then her face turned resolute, she handed the axe to him, and walked away.
He stared after her, eyes fixed on the squared shoulders, the straight spine, the sure gait. She’d never moved like that before.
Damn, he thought, impressed. I'mma keep my eye on that one. [x]


I hope it isnt to late for the Narusaku selfie i coundt do it early.

Narusaku selfie:

I love Narusaku since chapter 3 when Naruto said he finally realized why he likes sakura and sakura because of sasuke started to understand Naruto a bit , and later we have one the most beautiful moments in the manga i mean look at sakura’s face when she sees naruto dying she completely losses her mind!! she tries with all her heart to save him!! and then she Kisses (RCP) him , she never wanted naruto’s dream to be crushed like she had said before in chunin exam , so who can i not love narusaku? if they are the best couple ever , i wont stop ship it and i never take my word back , actually i kind of have a love story like them but the exception was that i never gave up on the love of my life and now he is with me , but it doesn’t matter that naruto gave up on her because
i know that the real naruto never stop fighting for his Sakura-Chan and that Naruto is in every Narusakufan heart.

Note: Sorry but my english i know it sucks - a Mexican Narusaku fan.

anonymous asked:

im gonna keep sending you utake stuff till ur sick of me: another take surprise thing : take wants uta to react to shit too so he always wants to watch movies with him that are extremely sad or discusting but its just straight face all over the place so when they watch a really discusting movie with idk a lot of sick gore or 50 shades of grey take just grabs uta and makes out hard with him then goes home and leaves uta sitting there thirsty as fuck

Uta chases after Take and takes him by the arm, tugging so hard Take is sure it’s dislocated. He gets dragged into the restroom and slammed into a stall, where Uta kisses him even harder than just now and proceeds to fuck him into oblivion.

They’re loud as heck but they just don’t care.

Later they emerge looking disheveled as shit and everyone is staring but their pokerface game is high man they feel nothing what even are emotions.

Hey there babies.  You two better behave, you know? It’s good that you’re kicking but you can’t hurt mommy.”  He stopped to kiss the belly and then continued.  “I have to go now but I look forward to feel your kicking when I get back.”

The babies kicked in response right where Ulene had kissed the belly.

Don’t take too long, ok?” She said to him as he got up.

I wouldn’t dare. Otherwise you might have to entertain my parents by yourself.“

“Oh that’s right! They’re coming over today.”

“Mhm.”  He kissed her one last time. “Love you. See you in a while.”

“I’m the last of 7. My Dad taught me many things. Reading. Basketball. Cooking.
It seems to me, the things you don’t want to remember, you can’t forget.
On a Monday, I arrive Home to take my Dad to the gym… like always.
He seems surprised to see me, I’m not shocked anymore, he had just been to the Research Center.
They told him there was nothing they could do. His eyesight would fade, memories are harder to catch. Words harder to recall. We share a locker at the gym. Locks are too hard to figure out now.
It’s beautiful out—we decide to swim laps.
After 7 laps, he leans on a lane divider, blinks, looks sad… I wait patiently while he asks me…
“How did I get here?”
I ask… “Where, Dad?”
He squints and says “Like… how did I get to this point?”
I look at him, holding back tears…
“Not sure Dad… But I love you.”
We hold hands in the pool.
We decide, the slide is where we will go next.”

Post It Notes

Request from Anon: Yoongi fluffly ffluf when he has been really busy lately and now that he has a free day he wants to make really special to you cuz he’s not usually so romatic and he want to show u that he loves u?(i die with suga fluff)

“She probably hates your guts,” Jungkook said playfully. “This is what happens when you experience love.”
Suga pushed him away jokingly. “As if you know anything about love.” He continued to look at his phone, waiting for your reply. What’s taking her so long?
“It’s okay I understand… I guess we can see each other another time…fighting~~~^^”
He kept rereading the text, sensing the disappointment. You two haven’t had a real date in months. He felt so bad but didn’t really know what to say so he attempted to type it out.
“I’m sorr—*erases*—ughh Jagiya~—*Erases*—Maybe I can see you—*erases*” He locked his phone and put his head in between his hands, letting out a loud sigh.
“Is hyung having trouble expressing his feelings again?” Jungkook asked, putting his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder. With no reply, Jungkook took it as a sign to not mess with him right now. He quietly walked away and Yoongi looked up, trying to think of ways to make it up to you.
“Hyung, what’s our schedule tomorrow?” he asked the manager. “Music Core recording at 9AM, Inkigayo at noon until 2pm and then you’re free after that.”
“Do you think I can see Y/N-ah tomorrow then hyung?”
“I don’t see why not.”
Yoongi thanked him and realized that wasn’t even the hard part.
“What do I do….” He muttered, looking over at the maknae line.
“Oh no…” Jimin whispered.
“Does anyone have any post it notes?” Yoongi asked, taking out a pen.
Taehyung gave him a look and sighed. “And here we go again.”

-Next morning-

“Why are you up so early?” Jin asked, extremely shocked seeing Yoongi sitting at the table, writing on a post it note.
“Y/N-ah and I dated for 180 days so I’m writing 180 reasons why I love her, one on each post it.”
Jin gave him a blank look. “And where are you sticking 180 post it notes?”
“On the backseat of her car,” he replied matter-of-factly.
“And how are you getting her car keys?”
“Oh….” He didn’t think that far.
“Yeah. Good luck with that.” Jin went to the bathroom to wash up.
“UGHHHHHHH!” Yoongi yelled in frustration.
“YAH,” Taehyung yelled, waking up immediately. He realized who exactly was yelling and immediately apologized.
“Ah, sorry hyung, thought it was Jungkookie yelling…”
“Well, since you’re awake, let me tell you my…Taehyung?”
He looked over and he was already back to sleep. He sighed and began typing out his text, knowing you were probably already awake, getting dressed for work.
“Jagi~~~~ good morning! …this is embarrassing but is it okay if I barrow your car while you’re at work?”
He immediately got a text back.
“Good morning!! <3 Yes of course! I’ll leave the keys at the front. Don’t mention it to anyone though, sunbae-nim will be annoyed if he thinks I have visitors ”
He smiled at how easily it was and went back to writing out the notes, replying to your texts during the process.
-Later the day-
“Hyung, how many did you write out now?” Jimin asked curiously, quite impressed with this project.
“154…” he mumbled, shaking his hand to relieve it from the writer’s cramp.
“Wahhh….that’s impressive hyung.” He began to walk away to avoid being pulled into helping but Yoongi asked for a favor.
“Yah. Can you go bring Y/N’s car here? It’s only a ten minute drive. But first, get the outside and inside of her car cleaned, okay?” He handed over his credit card to Jimin and he accepted it, relieved to have such an easy task, taking Taetae along with him.
“DON’T CRASH HER CAR,” Yoongi yelled as they left.
He sat there, completely focused as to what to write for the final 26 notes.
Namjoon walked over and began to read out some of the notes. “I love the way you wink, I love the way you smile, I love the way you pick at your food when you’re nervous, I love that you’re the first and last person I text every night…wah hyung. Who knew you had such lovey dovey emotions.” Yoongi blushed and snatched the post its out of Namjoon’s hands, continuing to finish up the last few he had left.
30 minutes passed and he finally finished in time to hear the car beep outside. He grabbed the stack of post its and his wallet, anxiously walking downstairs. With the help of Jimin and Taehyung, he placed all 180 post its neatly around the backseat of her car.
“Wow hyung…” they mumbled, admiring his work.
He took the keys from Jimin.
“Okay, I’m leaving!”  
Yoongi drove off to the nearest bakery, picking up your favorite cake and placing it neatly in the middle of the backseat.
Beep, beep, beep.
The car gave its warning for low fuel and Yoongi drove to the nearest gas station to fill up your tank completely. His hands began to fumble as his emotions began to settle in.
Parked out front, he went inside to place the key back where you put it and waited patiently inside the passenger seat car.
15 minutes pass and he can see you walk out of work. His heart began to beat and he began to scramble for no reason. You walked over to the driver’s side and opened your door.
You screamed in shock until you realized who exactly was in your car. You jumped in and reached over to give him a hug, completely content with just having him next to you.
“Yah,” Yoongi mumbled against your neck. “Did you even notice what I did for you?”
You pulled away from the hug and turned around, looking at the bright yellow post it notes hanging thinly against the seat and windows.
I love the way you talk, I love the way you mutter when you get nervous, I love the way you play with children, I love the way you look at me when we talk, I love how understanding you are, I love how accepting you are, I love how passionate you are, I love your bright brown eyes, I love your pretty delicate hands, I love the little mole on your neck, I love how slightly red you turn when you’re mad, I love how naturally innocent you are…
Your eyes teared up. He looked at you, not really knowing how to react.
“There’s one phrase you can’t find on those post it notes that I really wanted to say to you personally…”
You looked at him and he smiled. “I love you.” The tears came down and he pulled you in for a hug, gently pushing your head against his chest. “I’m sorry for always being busy. Thank you for being so patient with me. I’m thankful for having such an understanding girlfriend.” He kissed your forehead and the tears would not stop falling. “Good thing is, we have all day together,” he said hugging you tightly one last time.
He pulled away and looked at you. “I don’t really know what to say right now…” he mumbled cutely. You giggled and turned on the car.
“I love you too,” you replied.

Dinner Date | Romana & Blaze

When he said he’d be taking her out, she was actually quite surprised, because it was far different than their usual time spent indoors. Of course she didn’t mind that, she loved the quiet times they spent together, but now that she had an excuse to dress up, she was definitely going to take advantage of that, even if it meant them being a few minutes late. It wasn’t often she had a chance to primp. 

Her time spent getting ready took far longer than it should have, even if she started early. As she walked downstairs, ready for their date, she looked at him sitting on the couch, frowning. “I took too long, didn’t I?”

Septiplier School Fic!

It was a normal day at school. Mark and Jack was walking hand-in-hand down the hallway. The most of the students minded their own business, but some of them stood and whispered about them. They just ignored them and enjoyed eachother. Words don’t hurt them, but if you punch or kick one of them, they protect eachother.

The schoolbell rang as Mark and Jack sat down. They were sitting in each part of the classroom, ‘cause the teachers always complained about them, talking about video games.

They had math now and Mark was looking over at Jack. Mark was good at math, but Jack had some problems with it. They usually always worked together, but now they couldn’t.

Mark looked at Jacks pencil and he wrote quiet fast. ‘That’s weird… It almost always take him forever to finish…’ He became a little suspicious about it, when he put something in his little desk, but then he forgot about it again.

~Later that day~

‘’Hey Jack, what were you doing in math?’’

‘’Math, of course!’’

‘’But you wrote much faster than you usually do? It usually takes you some time to figure out the answers!’’

‘’I’ve practiced a little!’’

‘’Wait Jack! I think I forgot something in class!’’

Oh, okay. Shall I go with you in Mark?’’

‘’No no! It’s fine! I’ll be right back!’’

He opened the door and closed it after himself. He went directly over to Jacks little desk and opened it and looked inside. There were colors and new pencils. ‘What have you been doing, Jack..?’ Mark thought to himself, when he suddenly spotted something. It looked like him and he was hugging Jack tight.

‘’Awww, that’s so adorkable!’’

He ran out to Jack with the drawing in his hand, hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He jumped a bit, ‘cause he got surprised.

‘’How didn’t I know you had talent?! Why didn’t you tell me?!’’

‘’ ’Cause I wanted to surprise you with a lot of drawings!’’

He blushed a bit.

‘’Awww, you little cutie Jack!’’

‘’Well, shall we walk home?!’’

‘’Just one more thing…’’

He kissed Jack on the lips, until he looked like a tomato.

‘’God dammit Mark!’’

They laughed and then they walked home, both smiling and blushing! <3


allisaurrex, this is for you! UuU

AH11 - Michael/Ryan/Burnie (part 2)

Burnie makes sure that Michael doesn’t get up from presenting position. He lays his face low to the covers, hands working between his thighs to try and get him ready for the older Alpha. 

Burnie and Ryan had bitten each other’s lips until they were a raw red, lips tracing over each other’s until Burnie let loose of the other Alpha. They both take a look at Michael who is squirming on his knees, fingers faltering from jitteriness just from how hard he was getting. 

“Look at him, he’s excited for us,” Burnie hums with a little lick on Ryan’s nose.

“D-Daddy,” the youngest Alpha whimpers, daring to drive his hardness into the mattress like a teenage pup, just to have relief. 

“If you were Omega, I’m sure you would have had these covers soaked by now,” Burnie grins, splitting from Ryan. He grabs at Michael’s hips with greedy fingers, making the Alpha give a high whine. “My, you sound like Gavin when his heat hits him.”

Ryan bites his bottom lip harsh, watching close as Michael props himself strong on his knees. His thighs spread wide to give the older Alpha more access. “Daddy,” he coos again, face resting down on his arms whenever he lays them down.

Burnie finds a small bottle handy on the bed, possibly for Ryan from earlier, and squirts a nice amount on his hand, working it into Michael with steady, precisioned fingers. 

Michael gasps sharply, cock visibly twitching under him until it began to drool thick with precum. He rocks back slightly, making both older Alphas groan in appreciation at the sight. 

“So cute, our little kitten,” Burnie praises, slipping out his fingers before pressing in his cock. He slides in with ease, making Michael give a girlish moan. Burnie purrs as he finds a good place to lay his hands, pressing until he felt the kitten Alpha squeeze around tight and content. “God, no wonder Ryan pulls you aside for himself.”

Ryan gives a guilty whine, trying to move close subtly. If only to himself, he had to admit that his kitten looked amazing around a nice Alpha cock, even if it wasn’t his. The way Michael sang his moans and whimpers with each thrust that Burnie gavin him, along with just looking damn lovely with his legs opened and allowing himself to be taken like this.

Burnie slides his hand under the younger Alpha, purring contely when he feels Michael’s kitten knot already trying to fill his hand. “Lovely boy with a cute cock like this. This is what you were going to knot your daddy with?”

Michael juts into Burnies hands as he gives a right squeeze around his knot. He let out a loud, low moan when he feels the hot shock of his climax roll over him with spurts of cum striping the covers. 

Ryan shuddered, eyes screwing shut as he palms at his own cock, hard and leaking. Seeing his kitten like that, it makes him moan for Burnie. 

The oldest Alpha rocks his thrusts to a stop, hand bracing on Michael’s shoulders as he pins him deep, growling low when he feel the clench of Michael around his growing knot. The Lad mews, hands tight around the covers as he feels the burning, large stretch of Burnie’s knot.


Burnie grins. “Our little kitten. You feel so nice hanging on my knot like this.”

Michael nods, lips still giving off slight whimpers, toes curling when he feels the rush of warmth filling him.

“Jesus Christ,” Ryan groans, hands covering himself as he finally comes close enough to the two. “B-Burnie, I…”

“Apology accepted,” Burnie sneared. “Just know that he doesn’t belong to only you. You aren’t the only Alpha that can please him.”

After a minute or two, Michael finally is able to slide off from Burnie, body still jittering from the rush of adrenaline and excitement. Before he goes to the shower, Burnie and Ryan both give him a quick kiss.

“T-that was really,” Ryan clears his throat, soon nodding his head. “That was actually very satisfying to see.” He begins to slide off the bed to go fix himself when he suddenly feels Burnie snagging on his hair.

“Wait a second, dear,” Burnie sneers. “Your punishment isn’t through yet.”

lunar-angelwings asked:

Hi! I really enjoyed reading your "sharing is caring" story very much, and I saw your were taking prompts. Would you be willing to do an Mpreg hide/kaneki one? Maybe hide is looking at his body which is swollen with a baby in a mirror, thinking about all the stuff he and kaneki went through and talking to his belly and kaneki hugging him from behind? Thanks! ^_^

Here ya Go! Hope you enjoy it! 

Title: Growing Up

He supposes the life of being a secret detective, or some cool spy ends now, when he’s looking in his body length mirror, as his shirt falls over his abdomen like silk, molding each and every contour of his body. There’s one thing  that the fabric catches that hadn’t been there last week. Bulging in his abdomen, and though there, just slightly, the bulge is there.

Keep reading

Baby You Can Drive My Car

“I don’t need to do this Dean.” Sam said looking like he was going to throw up.

Are you kidding?” Dean said standing next to his brother “Everyone needs to do this.”

Sam tried to take a step back but found Dean’s arm stopping him “But it can wait…”

“No” Dean said pushing him back towards the Impala “Now.”

Sam looked at the car and then back to Dean, he actually felt like he was going to throw up “But dad…”

“Isn’t here.” Dean said tossing the keys up in the air. Sam’s eyes grew wide as they sailed upwards in slow motion. He took three swipes at them in vain as they fell to the ground between them. Dean looked at the keys and then back to Sam “Wow you suck.”

“Screw you.” Sam said turning around back towards where the motel laid several miles away. Dean had taken him out in the middle of nowhere to do this, which Sam thought was a horrible idea. He didn’t need to drive. Why? He had his dad and Dean and when he got older he would…he’d learn to fly or something. Driving? No thank you.

Dean scooped the keys and ran in front of Sam “Hold it short round.” Sam paused, glaring at his brother. Dean held up both hands as he said “Do you EVER want to score with a girl.” when Sam said nothing Dean added “Ever?”

Sam looked like he was ready to spit as he stood there shaking. Finally he grabbed the keys and turned around “Fine!”

Dean smirked as he jogged to the passenger side “Atta boy Sammy.”

Sam got into the driver’s seat, slamming the door behind him. Dean closed his looking over “Hey…first lesson. The car’s a woman, treat her like one.”

Sam looked over at him “What?”

“The car” he said passing a hand over the dashboard “She’s a lady, treat her like one.”

“Are you serious?” Sam asked, thinking this was just another of his brother’s legendary bouts of teasing. But he saw the seriousness in Dean’s eyes so he just nodded “Ok…lady.”

“You have to treat her with respect, caring…and above all else..” he said gesturing to the keys “…you have to show her who’s boss.”

Sam put the keys in the ignition “Dean, have you ever been with a real girl?”

Dean glared for a moment “Ok. This is an automatic, which means we won’t have to go into teaching you how to use a clutch. Which is good because you look like you’re about to ralph from just sitting there.”

Sam held on to the steering wheel with all his might, he did indeed look like he was about to lose what little lunch he had in his stomach “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Dean shook his head “Look Sam, you need to learn to drive. I know how to drive. We have an afternoon to blow…so stop worrying about dad and pay attention.”

“This is a mistake.” Sam muttered under his breath.

“You were a mistake.” Dean muttered back as he leaned over “Ok look. You want to make sure it’s in park. That’s what the P here stands for.”

Sam looked over at him “I know what the letters mean.”

Dean stopped “Really? Ok hotshot, what’s the 2 stand for?”

Sam paused and looked a the gearshift and then back to Dean “It’s what you do second?”

Dean sighed “No retard, it’s second gear.”

“And that is?”

Dean paused “A gear you never use.” he said quickly “Now first, step on the brake.”

“We’re not moving.”

Dean paused “Do you want to do this or not?”

“I don’t.” Sam said leveling his gaze at Dean.

“Tough” Dean said “You always step on the brake when you start it.”

“Why?” Sam asked.

Dean gave him a withering stare “So the car won’t take off.”

“But it’s in park.” Sam countered.

“Parking brakes can fail.” Dean asked.

“Then wouldn’t we be moving?”

Dean growled “SHUT UP!” Sam actually jerked back in surprise. “You press down on the brake cause I fucking said to.” Sam looked at him for a long few seconds and then pressed down on the brake.

Dean let out a breath “Good. Now turn the car over.”

“With what?” Sam asked.

Dean blinked “The key.”

Sam looked at the key for a second “Oh you meant turn it on.”

Dean slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand “You. Are such a girl.” he said shaking his head slowly.

Sam made a face as he turned the key, and the car revved to life like a thing possessed.

Sam turned the key back.

Dean looked up at his brother “Why did you do that?”

Sam looked a little sheepishly “It made a sound.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed “It makes sounds Sam. It does that. It’s a car, not a mime.”

“But it’s loud.” Sam countered.

“Turn the key.” Dean said in a low voice.

Sam tried not to whine “I don’t want to.”

Dean looked now like he was ready to spit “Turn. The. Fucking. Key.”

Sam turned the key.

He tried not to wince as the power of the car vibrated around him. It reminded him of what a mother saberetooth tiger would sound like up close. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he looked at every single indicator on the dashboard. Once he had examined all of them, he started over again.

“It’s not a space shuttle bitch.” he said sighing “Now you have the brake down?”

Sam nodded, looking forward like someone had a gun to his back.

“Ok, now pull the shift in some and bring it down.”

Sam tried moving the gear shift but it wouldn’t budge. He tried again but still, it remained put. He looked over to Dean “It’s broke.”

Dean tried to keep his expression the same “Pull harder.”

“But I might break it.” Sam said.

“It isn’t made out of glass.”

Sam stopped “But you said it was a lady.”

Dean sighed and grabbed the gear shift “It’s a lady, not a little bitch.” and pulled the gear shift down into neutral.

Sam gasped as he felt the pressure on the brake increase and the car inched infinitesimally forward “Uh…Dean…”

“Ok” Dean said, hand still on the gear shift “The key is keep your foot on the brake.”

Sam nodded furiously.

“And you slip her into drive.” Dean said, clicking the gear downward. Sam felt the car strain against the brake, his foot dug down even harder.

Dean smirked “Calm down there tiger….she’s just ready to go. Now take your foot off of the brake…”

Sam shook his head no.

“Sam” Dean said “You have to take your foot off the brake.”

Sam’s head shook even more.

“Sammy” Dean growled and Sam now closed his eyes. Dean moved one leg over the center divider and began to kick at Sam’s leg.

Sammy’s eyes shot open “DEAN!” he screamed.

“Move your damn leg.” Dean said still kicking but his brother seemed cemented to the spot.

“DEAN STOP!” Sam cried, his hands gripping the wheel even tighter.

Finally Dean got a good shot at his knee and Sam’s foot came off the brake with a good shove.

And the car began to coast forward.

“FUCK!” Sam screamed as he brought his foot down hard on the brake.

Except it wasn’t the brake.

The car lept forward like it was a horse, Dean was thrown back against the seat as the car moved from 0 to fast in nothing flat. Sam’s eyes were like saucers as his scream got higher the faster they went. In the instinct to brake Sam’s foot had jammed down with all its might, and though if he had a conscious thought he might figure out he was hitting the gas instead of the brake…he might have let up. But all he knew was that the pedal made them stop, so he jammed down on the pedal as hard as he could.

The car began to pick up real speed now.

“SAM STOP!” Dean cried as he tried to sit up.

“I’M TRYING!!” Sam screamed as the world came rushing up at him in a blur.

“THAT’S THE GAS!!” Dean hollered, his voice becoming unnaturally high.

“DEAN!!” Sam screamed as he saw the end of the road coming up fast.

Dean finally made it over the dashboard and saw the end of the road and the fence proclaiming it as The End coming up fast. His eyes bugged out for a moment and then without thought he grabbed the gear shift and moved it up one. The engine sound went from a growl to a whine that made both boys wince. The speed began to slow as Dean pulled Sam out of the driver’s seat, halfway putting him in the back seat, half trading places with him. Sam’s foot came off the gas as Dean moved under his little brother’s body and slammed a foot down on the brake. He jerked the wheel to the right as the car skidded to a stop, smoke and squealing filling the cab of the car.

Sam might have been screaming like a girl, it was hard to tell for Dean since his mouth was wide open, a sound coming from it that sounded a lot more like wounded cat than a sound made by a human being. Both boys screamed as the car whipped around into a circle, finally coming to a halt, facing the other direction. Sam had one leg over the back of the seat, the other behind Dean’s back as he clutched the seat like a howler monkey.

Several seconds passed where the only noise was the hum of the engine and the labored breathing of the two terrified Winchesters. Finally Dean said in a controlled voice “Sam, get off the seat.”

Sam climbed down and poured himself into the passenger seat, he refused to look at Dean.

Dean shifted the car into park and sat there for several minutes.

“Well” Dean said adjusting the mirror “That proves that.”

Sam looked over “That I can’t drive?”

Dean looked over at him “No. That you will NEVER score with a girl.” He shifted in to drive and began to drive them home.

Sam looked out the window and mumbled “Jerk”

We Are Faking It - Chapter 9 - Dating

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Pairing: Harry x Eggsy

Summary: For Eggsy it was a thing - he was taking from Harry enough, now was the time he should give something back. Even if it meant playing his lover to get the mission going and catch the culprit. Who would it be if not him, right? Right.

Warnings: fake dating, M x M

Can be found on Ao3.

Masterpost for the whole thing is HERE.

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Notes: Ugh, I’m so sorry. Final Fantasy XIV is ruining my life. And my writing. And my muse. My everythiiiing.
Anyway! New chapter, so sorry for delay, I suck :(

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Ok, about cultwo show

Is it me or Jongin looks like he knows things when there is part about Jo Insung? He takes a look at Kyungsoo now and then, he scoffs when MC asks if Kyungie was unable to contact Insung after drama ended, he nods when rest say that Kyungie meets with Insung more than members, he like… waits for Kyungie’s reaction when he was asked if he can tell Insung to appear in the show. And with all that he wears that interesting smile on his face, like the one that appeared in Sunny’s radio, when noona from his primary schoold called and he admitted that’s the call is about him. And then his smile widens when exo cooed how cute it is Kyungie calls Insung ‘hyung’. For me it’s like a mix of jealousy and smugness and admiration for Kyungie because aww hyung is so cute. It seems like it, dunno.

What game you two play???