actual conversation I had with a guy tonight
  • guy:women are bitches
  • me:all women? every single one of them?
  • guy:yeah, believe me. I know women
  • me:are you sure you don't just hate them?
  • guy:whoa, I don't hate women. I just know how women are
  • me:...
  • guy:yeah, now do you get it?
  • me:so if I said that men are terrible? every single one of them?
  • guy:I'd say there's no way you've met every guy in the world
  • me:...
  • guy:I mean you'd have to meet every guy before you could say that... otherwise you wouldn't know... so it doesn't even make sense. I think you mean "some men"

anonymous said:

do you know of any other blogs like yours that deal with healing after rape?

I vaguely know of plenty- I’m only willing to boost a few because a lot of them make me vastly uncomfortable for at least 8 different reasons. some of them did some racist stuff, some of them are really gross about trans stuff- and either way- a great majority of the folks who follow SCaR are of one marginalized identity or another, and I won’t boost blogs that have been gross and never apologized. There’s a couple that I just.. can’t get past to see if their content is any good because they do the way overly familiar thing and it creeps me out to the point I can’t read past the first page. 


webelieveyou is a go to favorite.

abuseaid isn’t rape specific but…. yea. doesn’t answer many qs though.

if you’re looking content and not questions …

morereasonsyoushouldn’tfuckkids is actually the blog you can thank for the fact that SCaR exists. 

Like i said- I stand behind religioussurvivors. it was done by a SCaR follower because there were some people who asked some stuff and I was like ‘I ??????’ and they were like ‘I can handle that!’ and yeaaaa. I would love to see them get more traffic. they could be a pretty cool resource. 

I think everyone else I used to boost is defunct at this point.

and as always- followers can comment with their favorites, I know y’all are more in tune that I am.

Top 10 TV shows

Write down your top 10 TV shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same.

Tah for the tag timroth1992

  1. The Sopranos (obviously and forever and always)
  2. Skins (assume I mean UK/original versions for all my answers unless otherwise stated)
  3. My Mad Fat Diary
  4. Gavin And Stacey
  5. Breaking Bad
  6. Orange Is The New Black
  7. Bob’s Burgers
  8. Adventure Time
  9. Shameless/ The Wire (cheating but can’t bump any off)
  10. Whitechapel 

I tag; boogey-men-with-italian-names, civilised-my-syphilised-yarbles, christophermoltisantis, tealandsympathy, audaray, canyouplaythisyet, allthesedamnbees, doucerevenge, kathleenbanana & xtremeprejudice…if you wanna, that is…it’s cool

anonymous said:

Hello I love your blog, could you possibly link/explain an accurate description/explanation of the historical context and current situation in Hong Kong? I know virtually nothing about the situation, and hearing liberals spout shit is annoying and I want to understand what is actually happening. Thank you, whatever you decide.

im working on something rn!!!!!!!

If you ask me...

No one country or countries “won” the Second World War.

Just one man came out of that blast furnace of a conflict in a stronger position than they’d been in before the 1930s.

Maybe you’ve heard of him? He called himself Stalin.

I would like to take a moment to appreciate Rin's expressions in these three scenes

(this is just my take on the scenes, though!)





The topic of the conversation was Rin taking Haru to Australia. The focus is on Haru. But Rei, Nagisa and Makoto are included for a reason; because by helping Haru, Rin helped the team.

"Is there something different about Nanase-kun? Until just recently, things were kind of strained between all of them."



Last season, it was due to what happened with Rin that Haru lost sight of himself and managed to open his eyes to his team. And this time? By helping Haru find himself and his dream, Rin helped Haru be able to respond to Makoto’s, Nagisa’s and Rei’s feelings at last. He helped them be in sync with each other again. 

That trip to Australia wasn’t only pivotal for Haru’s character; but for the team, too. It was Rin’s contribution to the sight Iwatobi was able to see. 

So I find this scene very moving, because those smiles on their faces? Rin helped put them there, and so I feel it’s not only knowing that Haru is finally okay, but seeing them all this way that makes Rin smile in turn. They are the nakama who “saved him”, after all. And it just makes me swell with love for Rin.

Another expression I really liked was this: 


Rin who notices the look Haru is giving the stadium. And Rin who smiles to himself because he knows that Haru is going to be okay now; that what is he feeling now as he thinks about Nationals is far from being apprehension. 

And then of course, the changes Rin’s expression goes through after Haru thanks him.

The surprise at hearing Haru actually say his appreciation aloud for once. You can see that Rin had not been expecting it at all.


Just like in that final scene of episode 12, Haru is doing what Rin has been wanting him to do all along and actually voicing what he is thinking. And you can see how guessing that Haru is thankful versus actually getting to hear it means the world to Rin.



He did not take Haru to Australia expecting any thank yous in return; he took Haru there with the honest desire to help him. Knowing that he succeeded and that Haru did find it is all Rin needed and more.

So hearing this from Haru is so meaningful - you can see how touched he is; imo he looks close to tearing up before he finally breaks into that smile. And even that grin is softer than his usual one; the tenderness of his expression even slips into his voice.

And lastly, of course, is this. Which to me is born out of a lot of things packed into one.


To me, Rin looks satisfied. Content. What he hoped for? That "One day I hope that we can fly together, then the light would…” 

It’s happening


And Rin here doesn’t only look excited to me. He looks overjoyed. Because Haru is in the same world as him. Because he is one step closer to fulfilling his dream with the person he has wanted to fulfill it with since the day they first met. Because swimming together makes him feel this way.

And because they are about to blown everyone out of the water, aren’t they?

So the fact that Haru matches his expression? That he smirks back with the same amount of self-satisfaction and determination?


I am willing to bet they are both feeling it. The thrill. And they are planning to win that race, because this is only the beginning and losing is only worth it if it’s to each other and even then none is planning to go down without a fight.

Dear musicians and marchers,

If you do not audition, there is zero percent chance that you will make it in. 

If no one has told you that you are good enough to go for it, here is your motivation. After all, part of succeeding is ability, but most of it depends on your drive to make it. 

So go for it. Give it a shot. Here is your sign to go out and do it.