But this is not the last time I will take selfies

flashin’ gang signs


Merry Christmas and happy holidays! :3

from lowest tweet going up

"@nikgaturro with all the evil there is, why did you make a cartoon of a girl taking a selfie as the worst of this generation?"

"@nikgaturro it’s a little ridiculous to blame a generation of girls loving themselves for what rich men do all over the world, right?"

"@nikgaturro the last time i checked taking a selfie is not as selfish as a businessman laying off workers to make $"

defend teen girls from fucking grown-ass men to the death

I was tagged by the lovely globotheque for the six selfies meme so prepare yourselves for my face LOL. Behind a cut to save everyone! (I am plagued by dark circles under my eyes, so I promise I’m not really as exhausted as some of these pictures would have you believe, it’s just a quirky genetic thing. And I’ve still yet to learn much about applying makeup properly…)

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I’ve apparently took 800+ selfies this year


I was tagged by floraldead for the six selfies thing! (Thanks bae, u hella and u lookin hella) And LUCKILY, since I realized last time that I never fucking take selfies I actually started to so I CAME PREPARED, MOTHERFUCKERs.

I’ll tag, l-tyrell nonstickfryingpansexual blenderlee and dahliafemme this time around. And anyone else who wants to do it too (/゜u゜)/

BONUS: my current skype picture

b/c damn look at me I’m so purdy and lady-like.