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Could you link to all your omega niall fics? :-)

There’s not that many but here! The second list are drabbles and considerably shorter than the other ones! 

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Hi. I love them all, but especially the Hopper. I thought about putting text on my postcards but I couldn't make it work. Anyway, I just made a Tumblr account and posted an unpublished poem from War of the Foxes, in case you want to read it. Thanks for making my words look so good.

Hello, Mr. Siken!! (Wowza! There’s a sentence I never thought I’d get to say!)

My apologies for the delayed reply, I read this message yesterday, but got too dang happy and riled up to type back.

If someone told me when I first made this account that you would see it and so kindly and interactively support it, I would’ve thought they were pulling my leg (just yanking it right out of its socket). Jeez, I feel like a busy mother accepting unexpected (but never unwelcomed) guests into her house; if I had known you were stopping by, I would’ve tried to make this account more presentable! (I at least would’ve rolled out the red carpet.)

Truth be told, the Hopper one is currently my favorite as well. I’m incredibly content and ecstatic to hear that you enjoy my stuff! That’s really why I’m here: to make Siken-y things for people to enjoy.

Mr. Siken please, I’m positive the postcards look perfect without text on them. :)

Hah, thank you for making such good words for me to make look good.

I was googling to see if sharpie markers were okay to use for decorating eggs (they are!) and in my searching I found a website that was comparing Easter eggs to the resurrection of Christ.

And I know that’s what Easter is all about. I’m religious. I respect that. But these eggs came out of a chicken vagina. So let’s just stop the similes right there. And if you think hard enough, you can relate anything to Jesus. For example:

“This table is like the bible because like our table holds up our things, the bible holds up our lives.”

“This calculator is like Satan because you could type 666 in there if you wanted to.”

“This dildo is like church because it is fun to go to church.”

“This oven is like hell because if you got in and I turned it all the way to high, you would likely burn to death. So don’t do anything bad or you will go to the ov- I mean Hell.”

Okay so maybe a church wouldn’t use those examples but you get my point.

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every time u post a selfie i gotta take a deep breath and calm down tbh

oh m ygod?? oh my g od? oh myg d

I don’t really have an explanation for this but it took me three days.

Buy it here.

tbh if i hated awakening i wouldn’t:

  1. be here cause it’s my first FE game that I finished and enjoyed (since I was like 8 or 10 when I tried SS and yeah that didn’t go too hot)
  2. have like $75 worth of FE:A rubber straps (with more ordered)
  3.  have the lucina figma preordered with EMS shipping (which i never ever use but I’m so excited for her)
  4. have like 100+ hours played (like that’s reserved for DA:O (250+ hours lAUGHS), KOTOR, the entirety of ME, and Saints Row - honestly my FEA files have almost as much time as I have in Skyrim)

but i’m honestly very sick of the mentality that It Did It’s Best and It Can’t Be Better and The Old Games Are Bad Because They’re Old and If You Criticize Something That Means You Hate It (and also It Saved The Franchise but that’s a different thing entirely), especially from people who have never even tried the older games.

Basically what I’m saying is that it’s hard for me to be nostalgic about games I never played when I was younger, so my opinions about the older games are coming right off Awakening. 

Don’t assume I hate something, please.


((Elsewhere, in another dimension…))

Please don’t hesitate, doyoing!

On a scale of 0-10, 0 being ‘such a terrible idea why would you even suggest it’ and 10 being ‘so amazing why haven’t you done it sooner’, how good of an idea is it for me to make a spriggan-ish Martyn/inthelittlewood rp blog?

people were Rude AF today some customers or something and when people get rude i lose 100% of my ability to pretend to be polite to them you shoulda heard the way this one person spoke to me and i just turned and gave them a Stare that expressed what i would be saying if i wasn’t being merciful and actually spoke back to them. Grown Adults. i am so rude back when ppl are rude b/c they dont realize i have nothing to lose and i have a Temper
our workplace is weird and not strictly following the law in terms of giving us breaks every 6 hrs, not recording audio, etc, but one thing is that the owners fully recognize that the kinds of customers who complain are full of shit and one of them told me “yeah i always assume they’re lying first” like honestly. you would not believe. I gave them such a Look you would not believe how rude they were being to me. and then its funny b/c these same ppl who are incapable of treating you with any fundamental respect are also requesting some kind of action from you so i always make them wait like 10 minutes for whatever. i swear to god


Fili is the older of the two, so [he] really is being groomed by Thorin to be the next-in-line, the warrior. — Richard Armitage