After few years of marriage my husband was taken by the sea. He left me alone with our little boy whom I had to feed. I didn’t know a lot about fishing, but I took the boat and the net and went to the sea. I asked St. Barbara for help, and she decided to help me. My net was filled with fish. So, without great effort, I managed to have a good yield. In that way I was able to collect enough money to open a fish shop at the town market.

  • Senior Business Major #1:Why would anyone agree with welfare? It's just for people too lazy to get jobs that pay enough, instead of just becoming a graphic design major, haha?
  • Senior Business Major #2:No dude, look at it this way: You and I we're well off, we like being comfortable, right?
  • Senior Business Major #1:I guess, but I worked hard for it.
  • Senior Business Major #2:Yeah I know, but the poor don't just starve out. They come after people like you and I and take everything we have.
  • Senior Business Major #1:How would they: we have armies? We can just kill them all?
  • Senior Business Major #2:I'm telling you, if you take away welfare they'll come at you like a swarm of goddamn bees. And it's not like we can kill them all yet, we need to replace them with technology first, use your head bro.