"이 전망대가 예전에 부산 국정원이 있던 곳입니다. 그렇게 사람들이 고문 받던 곳이 이제는 이렇게 바뀌었어요. 위쪽에는 민주공원이 있구요."

"저 멀리 중턱은 개발이 되서 아파트가 섰는데 이 앞 아파트는 문이 나무로 되어 있는데도 개발을 못하고 있습니다. 지반이 약해서죠."

"여기는 지형 덕분에 자기집 지붕을 유료 주차장으로 쓰기도 합니다. 어르신들이 ‘여가 내 용돈 자리다’ 라고 하신다고 ㅎㅎ"

동창 녀석이 익숙한 톤으로 가이드를 해주었다.

부산! 부산!
이렇게 나에게 관광지가 되었군!

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US-ROK-Japan Trilateral Naval Exercises

The USS George Washington is an American nuclear-powered supercarrier with the capacity to accommodate up to 80 aircraft. Its flight deck is 4.5 acres, its anchors weigh 3 tonnes each, and it’s generally considered to be a floating military base.

The ship moored at South Korea’s largest port, Liberty Port in Busan, on 2013-10-04 to participate in naval exercises with the ROK and Japan between 10-8 and 10-10. Accompanying it were guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam and guided-missile destroyer USS Preble.

The KNCA denounced the arrival of the warship: “This clearly indicates that they are the very criminals escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula and wrecking peace there.”

US naval presence in Busan is expected to grow, as the USFK broke groundfor a new HQ on South Korean naval base last August. The current HQ is in Seoul, while ROK naval HQ is in Busan.

In a separate exercise, the South Korean Navy and Marines and US Marine Corps are engaging in a 10-day training exercise to practice sea-to-land manoeuvres on the Eastern coast. They will mobilize some 10 warships, 3000 marines, 30 armored vehicles, and 20 aircraft.

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