Mama's Boy

Note: I don’t know how to describe a hair tie even though I’ve been using them my whole life. And bolt and hinamom together is my aesthetic. HES A MOMMA’S BOY OK. I also just transitioned from Japanese and English a lot with the simple words lol whoops. Idk where this went to it’s pretty random tbh. Haha whoops didn’t proofread. 

Prompt: “Bolt hates Hinata’s hair ties because it holds up her hair and he likes to see it flowing through the wind so he hides them” by @skyvolve 


He glared at his long time sworn enemy. But this wasn’t the time to just be glaring. He had to take action now. He was sweating… A lot. Man this mission was hard. 

“Bolt, tadaima, sweetheart!" 

‘Oh no. Damnit she’s home -ttebasa!’ He quickly hid what was in his hands into his, black and lined with fuchsia, jacket pocket. 

"Bolt, where are you?" 

He heard her light footfalls as she came up the stairs. A sweat drop ran down his face, starting from his temple to his chin. How was he going to explain why he was in her bedroom? 

"Oh, there you are. I was looking for you." 

He quickly turned around to see his, beautiful, mother at the door frame. He smiled nervously at her hoping she wouldn’t notice or ask why he was in her room. 

"Bolt what did you need that you needed to be in my room, hmm?" 

…damn it. 'Think of something baka!' 

"Ah… Well I was looking for you and I couldn’t find you so I came here, to see if your here kaa-chan." 

"But I remember telling you that I’m going out for a while." 


"Er, well looks like I forgot hehehe,” he said while scratching his whisker marked cheek. 

Hinata narrowed her eyes. He was obviously lying and hiding something. But she would have to find out later since she was a bit busy with having to make dinner now. 

“Well whatever you needed me for, can you tell me later? I have to go make dinner." 

"Ah. I will." 

She left and he heard her light footsteps quickly disappear as she went back downstairs. He let out a quick "Phew that was close,” and left her room. He felt around in his jacket pocket to make sure the item was still there. Or he should say, to make sure that all of them were still there. He felt the loops of rubber covered with cloth in his jacket. He quickly walked to his room across the hallway and shut and lock the door. His body against the door, with his back to it, he slid down in relief that the mission was accomplished. 

You see he has a secret that no one knows. 

He hates his mother’s hair ties. They constricted his mother’s hair. He wanted to see her beautiful, long, silky, and indigo hair blow in the wind. So he hides as much as he can. And today he took all of them. He smiled gleefully now hoping that she would wear her hair down for once. 

“Oh!” He heard her silky and soft voice, and he couldn’t help but close his eyes and think of the times when he would still get to be on her lap as her hand brushed through his hair. He was pretty sure that she would still do that, but he was grown up now, he would be too embarrassed for her to coddle him at this age. Then he quickly remembered how distressed her voice sounded and he opened his eyes, opened the door, and worriedly ran down the stairs, to check if she’s ok. 

“Kaa-chan! Daijabou?!" 

Her lavender luminous eyes looked up in surprise. 

"Bolt I’m ok, my hair tie just broke, that’s all. I have to go get more from my room. … Hehe… Your ears have always been sensitive, or else I wasn’t that loud." 

'Oh yea they are. They’re sensitive to hear if you’re ok or if you’re ever in trouble kaa-chan.’ Well that didn’t sound weird. Thank God he didn’t say it out loud. He couldn’t help it though. He’s always been protective of her. 

He didn’t even notice that her hair was now down, the full length falling down her back, until he felt a breeze and noticed her hair moved, following the direction that the wind went to. His eyes widened, now noticing the window open, as he noticed the wind move through her hair. This is why he hid the hair ties. His mother just looked more beautiful that way, with her hair free as the wind blew the silky and soft strands. 

As she went by, to go back upstairs, a few strands of the indigo hair tickled his nose. He sniffed, and inhaled her shampoo’s scent. But it all ended soon as she was already climbing up the stairs in no time and he didn’t even notice that he was in a dream like state, as if his feet were glued to the floor. 


He panicked remembering that he hid all of her hair ties. Now she’ll be really suspicious. His feet immediately started moving but he didn’t notice that there was a stray book on the floor. The rest all happened in slow motion. He slowly fell down, gravity getting him closer and closer to the ground. And closer…

A swish sound was the only thing that alerted him that someone was close by.

Instead of the hard wooden floor, he was still upright, his face squished against a soft and warm body as lean arms wrapped themselves around his head and back, keeping him upright. He looked up to see his mother staring down at him as she slowly stroked his hair. 'Just like old times…' 

"That was close, neh? I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, even if it was just a trip,” she lovingly said, her opalescent eyes shining with a mother’s love, towards him. 

 "Mom?“ He shyly said as he buried his face into his mothers bosom, hiding his face.


"Can you keep on doing that?” He again timidly asked, embarrassed that he was still acting like a mama’s boy even though he’s older now. 

He heard her melodious giggle as she quickly answered with a,“Yes.”

He inhaled her scent and smiled gently as her fingers continued to comb through his thick hair… Wait… She doesn’t smell like smoke or something burning. 

“Um, mom, is something burning?" 

She gasped remembering what she put on the stove. She let go of him, in which Bolt became disappointed because of that, and uncovered the lid of the pot and quickly stirred it with the wooden spoon. 

"Thanks for reminding me Bolt. I was able to save it in time,” she said as she chuckled at her thoughtlessness. 

“Er yea mom. I’m just gonna go back up dattebasa. If you need anything call me!" 

He quickly went back up the stairs. Right as he finally reached the top, he remembered that she still wasn’t wearing any hair tie. This was his chance, he could see her hair down. He went down a few steps, keeping sure to still hide himself hidden from her view, and sat down on the stairs. Another breeze came through the window and he couldn’t help the gentle and loving smile that came upon his face as he watched her hair move around with the breeze. 

She suddenly turned around and said to him,"Oh and Bolt maybe next time you can tell me why you want to hide my hair ties, ne?” And just like that she turned back around, humming as she cooked dinner. 

'Well shit…’