Ten little roosters, all gathered to dine One chocked on his rage, and then there were nine

Nine little roosters, now running from fate One tripped over themselves, and then there were eight

Eight little roosters, two others in heaven One was martyred, and then there were seven

Seven little roosters, one liked to draw dicks Life imitated art, and then there were six

Six little roosters, often streamed live One died to scale, and then there were five

Five little roosters, one trapped in the floor One ran out of air, and then there were four

Four little roosters, still trying to flee One got what they wanted, and then there were three

Three little roosters, one died of a pun The killer was killed

And then there was one 

so yesterday i deiced to do an art project before i left on Monday for missouri and could n longer draw

so here is the fruit of my labor!

im completely digging ten little roosters so far, though only one of my fucking guess have been right, but im nearly 100 percent sure that my guess of barabra as murder since episode one is going to be fucking right. in your face kids at school.

i hope everyone is having a goodtime. love you


favorite rt quote (as voted by my followers) → burnie from rt podcast #231

↳ Houses come and go but home is where you make your life. You can sell your house but home is where people love you.
                 d o n ’ t  f o r g e t  t h a t