Unsolicited pet headcanons:

  1. Generally speaking, Aric has never had a shortage of guard dogs. He tends to keep three of them, though while anticipating new battles and prolonged leaves from his own estate he’ll raise a literal pack to leave behind and guard his estate and servants.
  2. But he always seems to default back to the same three breeds as his favorites: Bullenbeissers (which went extinct  after the empire’s collapse), Rottweilers and Neapolitan Mastiffs.
  3. He keeps one of each and always gives each breed the same name a) so as to not confuse himself, b) because having to put them down (as he often does) breaks his heart and he pretends the replacement is just the same dog. The Mastiff is Lucius , the Rottie is Mallory (and usually the only female) and the Bullenbeisser is Hamlin. From the mid 1600s onwards until his own death, the Bullenbeisser would have been swapped out for a Giant Schnauzer named Emory.
  4. Aric will sometimes affectionately refers to his three main dogs collectively as Cerberus from time to time.