Just did an interview at @ryotnews for the @rubinreport RYOT got it figured out, they are making shit happen in this world… not just reporting, but calling people to action. @sleasca is doing an extremely intelligent and powerful piece on my @extraordinarybeliefs Investigative Film Series… that highlights some of the main topics. I ask that you all check out @brynmooser and his company RYOT… and what they are initiating in this world. I’m highly impressed… you were right @ryangall 👾👀


Hey all,

It’s been a while for those who know me. For those who don’t (!) I’m Michaela & I graduated just last year & am now working in the Alumni Relations Office on campus. Lucky me I get to stick around and learn what others have done after transitioning out of Bennington. Anyway, I wanted to pop in & share RYOT an online news source co-founded by one of our very own, Bryn Mooser ‘01!

The site connects non-profit organization with news stories featured on the site. Following every article there is a link to an organization that does work related to the issues presented in the piece. This is RYOT’s way of allowing the reader to “Become the News” and get involved in the topics we read about in the paper and online EVERYDAY.

Thought I would share it with you all because it’s so Bennington in spirit and just plain fascinating. Take a peek! I apologize in advance because you’ll get lost in RYOT for hours upon hours……