Beyblade Fact:

*due to my experiance with the english anime, I frequently use english names. I try to specify in Japanese as well, but  I usually end up typing English name as a force of habit.

Takao Aoki originally gave Tala and Bryan (Yuriy and Boris) a back story in the manga. Tala’s mother was a beautiful and kind mother who was a fantastic cook. Tala’s father was discharged from the army and began to drink. At this point, his father hit Tala and his mother to the point where his mother left him.

At this time, Tala was forced to steal food in order to survive. This is when he met Bryan, who was in a similar situation. 

The two continued to steal to survive until the were caught at a butcher’s. Boris (Balkov, Volkov) saved them both, taking them into the abbey and training them as soldiers. 

This story was released in Japanese on Takao’s website, and translated throughout time. When the concept was brought up, the editors told Aoki to take it out due to the dark concept.


30 Day Beyblade Challenge - Day 15: Funniest moment.

Kinda already answered this question so I’ve changed it for this.

So good damn hard to chose but something that really made me laugh was this one.

Bryan: Kai, what’s this?
Kai: It’s a door… genius.

It may not be /that/ funny, but Kai barely ever makes jokes for the sake of it, and here he is, avoiding Bryan’s question with something that made me giggle everytime I saw a door the following week.