Broken Statues

This is the view from the Measles Wards in the Ellis Island Hospital Complex out to the Statue of Liberty.  I find it deeply ironic that this was the view of tens of thousands of hopeful immigrants - right before they were deported back to their home country.  Imagine getting so close to the “promised land” of America, and seeing this symbol of freedom every day - whilst waiting for the boat to take you back to your country of origin.

we came as romans

We Came as Romans - Add your own!
  • Intentions:Stand with me and see what my eyes have seen. Take my hand and let me show you what it is to love. For you cannot love one until you have learned to love all.
  • Views that never cease, to keep me from myself:I am not and will not be defeated, I've given everything in my life for this.
  • Hope:Stand up, you have a voice to be heard! You're worth more than words, so let you fire burn.
  • An ever-growing wonder:My imperfections compose my composure, and you can live with them, you will live by me so let us restore each other, not with haste, but gently for an empty cup cannot fill another.
  • Understanding what we've grown to be:Tonight when I look into the sky, I know this is why I am alive.
  • Beliefs:I believe in me, I believe in you, and I believe that we are not meaningless.
  • Broken Statues:Show me your hands. Let me wash them clean. We all need this to be renewed. After time and wear we're broken statues.
  • To move on is to grow:To move on is to grow, yet we can barely accomplish either on our own. We know the way to go, yet we follow those with their eyes closed.
  • What I wished I never had:I need to rid myself of resentment and every last bit of it if I'm going to live up to the things I've written. I need to clear my mind of this anger and all the rage that I've held near if I'm going to live up to the words I've spoken.
  • Dreams:Love will endure all things.