He finally kicked the can. Literally.

RIP Duck Hunt. 




The incredibly illustrious character designer Phil Rynda and I will be giving back-to-back lectures at RISD on Wednesday, February 4th, in the Main Auditorium. Both talks are free and open to the public, however seating is limited so get there early! Apparently at my last RISD talk in October of 2013 there were people turned away due to fire code regulations. Don’t let it happen to you!

7:30 pm – Bryan Konietzko

9:00 pm – Phil Rynda

Phil is a really cool guy who I just met and started getting to know last year when he joined Nickelodeon as the Vice President of Artist Development. He is generously coming out to RISD to help me as a guest critic in the final reviews for my class, and he is extra-generously giving a lecture that I can’t wait to see. We’ve been looking at his work a lot in my class.

My last RISD lecture was about my whole artistic journey from school to show-creating/-running, but this time I am planning to focus solely on the making of The Legend of Korra, and then outline some advice for getting into and thriving within the animation industry. If you saw my last talk in 10/13, there will undoubtedly be a bit of overlap but I’ll do my best to make it fresh!

Phil Rynda will talk about his career in animation as well as his character design process, showing his own work as well as other examples. Phil will hold a Q&A after his lecture (not me, though!).

I cleaned up, colored, and Raava-ized my poster image based on a Korra sketch by Lauren Montgomery. Michael Kolendowicz at RISD did a lovely job with the type and layout.

I hope to see you at the lectures!

Aren’t we all at the morning Kaneki?

Don’t feel like a special snowflake son.