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Top 10 Splices as of Jan 19, 2013

Zach was bored, and he dug through the archives of all the splices the 5 of us have done, and found the top ten Pokemon splices made by the five of them! And, after much sorting out and using third person narrative, Zach presents the Top 10 Splices!

#1: Bidoof God (37,782 notes)


#2: Luginub (18,118 notes)


#3: Kuromonsu (4114 notes)


4: Bram just named this Senpai. (3269 notes)


#5: Bravinine (1153 notes)


#6: Buff Shuckle (1141 notes)


#7: Waisprout (1089 notes)


#8: The Pink Terror (868 notes)


#9: Legendary Splice Trio (727 notes)


#10: Arceuskern (664 notes)


Honorable mention to Sam’s femtag splices and also her 4th of July Braviary, which technically aren’t Pokemon splices, but would actually knock The Pink Terror, Legendary Trio, and Arceuskern off the list and send anything below Senpai down at least one notch.

anonymous said:

Do you think they'll bring Zach back?

Ugh God. I want them to..

I want to say no, because hope kind of crushes my dreams. Whenever I say to myself “this could happen” I start to get really emotional when I realize it won’t happen.

The only reason I thought they would bring back a second juror is because they HAVE to if they want to do a second double eviction. I haven’t done the math in my head with the weeks and stuff but my friend who’s a super fan and has watched every season told me he worked it out and the only way they could do another double evict is if they bring back another juror.

If they were to rig it for Zach, the best way they could do it is to ask for America’s vote on who to send back in and out of the three jury members right now, Zach would absolutely win that. Unless they do it after Donny is evicted this week, then he might have some serious competition. 

However, I really don’t think they’re going to do it. Part of me does because this is supposed to be “the most twisted summer ever” but the double HoH twist has been the only one, and the juror buy back was pretty much the same thing so it’s not interesting. So why wouldn’t they add a second juror going along with the double theme? But they haven’t mentioned anything about another twist and we knew about the first jury buy back for a long time so why wouldn’t they talk about a second jury buy back ahead of time? There’s not much time left to hint at that sort of thing.

Also, I think CBS is tired of getting accused of rigging things. They were accused of rigging the competitions to be mental so Donny could win them (which is ridiculous because the veto he won on double eviction night was insanely physical), they were accused of rigging the detonators last minute flip to save Zach the week he was supposed to go against Jocasta and they were accused of rigging the Battle of the Block that Frankie won by himself. So I think if Zach was brought back into the house via a competition, it would be another excuse for people to say it was rigged.

I think the best thing that we can hope for is that they bring him back to host a competition, or as a part of a pandora’s box or some kind of special twist that has him back in the house but not playing for the money (just like Rachel in season 12 coming back for a day).

And of course let’s all hold out hope for Zach coming back for All Stars 2. I genuinely believe he has a great shot at being brought back just because he was such a fan favorite. And hopefully he will pull a Rachel and win!

Also another thing I want to add to this, is that we can always hope he’ll come back and do interviews for the show and stuff like that. You don’t have to win BB to do that. Jeff Schroeder played twice and didn’t win and he is still very popular and works for CBS. He does the live interviews with the evictees every week. Even Evel Dick did backyard interviews after BB11 ended. Zach has a great personality for that.

He Pushed The Damn Button!

Frankie had JUST won HoH when he decided that they “HAD” to push the button…

He seemed very eager and kept repeating that "Maybe someone will come back into the house."

This leads me to believe he was hoping that pushing the button would bring ZACH back. 

Unfortunately for Frankie, this is not the case. It means his week as HoH would be void and during next week’s eviction episode, the Big Brother Rewind will be activated. 

Personally, I think pushing the button immediately after winning HoH this week will bite Frankie in the ass later. He’ll show all his cards only for the tables to turn and he could possibly end up evicted himself. His lack of self control worries me and leads me to believe that he may be too impulsive to make it to the Final Two. Especially with Cody itching to get him out.

I hope I’m wrong.

What if the twist is a houseguest swap!  Switch one houseguest in the house with someone from the jury!  What if America has to vote on which houseguest gets to use it.  I guarantee to you the haters will forget how much they hate Frankie and would be voting for him non stop because he’s the only one that would bring back Zach.  I know this is a stretch but let me have this dammit!

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Bringing this back for ZACH’S BIRTHDAY!!!! 

I hope that he is having a blast in Jury celebrating!