NCIS: Los Angeles Rewatch:  Day  117, “Windfall”

The basics:  Kensi’s return to the field is on hold as Callen, Sam, Deeks and Nell search for a former Marine who has al Qaeda chasing him.

Written by: Gil Grant (“Search and Destroy”, “Brimstone”, “Missing”, “Burned”, “Special Delivery”, “Disorder”, “Deadline”, “Partners”, “San Voir” Part One, “Skin Deep”, “The Chosen One”, “Resurrection” and “Recovery”).
Directed by:  Eric A. Pot (“Resurrection”).

Guest stars of note:  Rick Peters (Swingtown, Veronica Mars) as Adrian Davis, Tom Schanley as Gabe Stanfill, Ray Santiago (Touch, Raising Hope) as Little Dip, Miguel Perez as Harold Wells, Kevin Will as Corey Simms, Jay Cramer as Brian Foster, Nicholas Massouh as Mazhar Tarik and Yvonne Huff as Bethany.

Tom Schanley completed the JAG/NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles trifecta, appearing in two JAG episodes as two character – a Petty Officer in season four’s “Dungaree Justice” and as a Commander in season nine’s “Good Intentions” – while playing a Lieutenant also in season nine’s “Sins of the Father” on NCIS.

Our heroes:  Are at full staff for the first time in a while.

What important things did we learn about:

Callen:  Money guy.
Sam:  Sommelier.
Kensi:  Bored.
Deeks:  Wants his partner back.
Eric:  Can’t handle a bored Kensi.
Nell:  Doesn’t want to get ahead unless everyone approves.
Granger:  Worried about partners with history.
Hetty:  Always her call.

What not so important things did we learn about:

Callen:  Brings up Sam’s fear of clowns again.
Sam:  Not somnambulist
Kensi:  Back.
Deeks:  Hair styled by pillow.
Eric:  Has a knot in his shoulder.
Nell:  Learns her place.
Granger:  Also back.
Hetty:   Human lie detector.

Who’s down with OTP:  They’re happy she’s back

Who’s down with BrOTP:  Not a lot of banter in this episode.

Fashion review:  Callen is wearing a blue plaid button down shirt.  Sam is in his mixed reds long-sleeve henley.  Deeks has on his grey tee-shirt.   Kensi is wearing sort of a salmon v-neck tee.  Eric is wearing a long-sleeve off-white shirt with a small design unbuttoned over a white tee.  Nell is in a dark blue sweater. Hetty is in a teal suit that is quite nice. Later in the episode, Callens a tight medium blue suit jacket with a light blue and white stripes dress shirt to the wine distribution center.  Sam is an a black suit with a black silk shirt.  No ties.  Deeks for some reason returns from the field wearing the grey hoodie he so likes.

Music:   Lots of wine, no music.

Any notable cut scene:  After they find the scrap of the $100 bill in the jukebox, Calllen and Sam talk to the bartender about his “jukebox guy”.  The owner is sketchy, saying there is nothing much about the “jukebox guy” to remember except there was a break in about a month ago. The “jukebox guy” was nervous when the police took the report.

Callen asks Sam what if what happened to Foster happened to him.  Foster’s medical care is expensive.  Sam thinks it is about more than Foster.  First you start stealing to help with medical bills, then you need some cash and then you need some cash to start a business and then there are expenses and a divorce.  Suddenly, it is a slippery slope. 

Quote:  Nell (returning to Ops):   “Hey.”
Kensi:  “Hey, Nell.  How’s it going out there?”
Nell:  “Uh it’s good.  It’s interesting.  It’s kind of challenging.  How’s it going in here?”
Kensi:  “Oh, you know, it’s my reward for being beaten and chained in a cave with my ex-fiancé.”
Nell: “Yeah.  Kens, you know when you really want something, and you get it, but somehow, it’s not the way that you wanted it at all? I want to be an agent.  I do. But not like this.”
Kensi: “I get it.”

Anything else: An SUV pulls up to the valet parking at a upscale restaurant.  The owner tips the valet as he gets into his vehicle.  There is a gunman in the back seat of the SUV and the valet is in on it.  The owner pulls away with both uninvited passengers.  Driving in street traffic in LA during a light rainstorm, the gunmen want to know where the money is.  The owner claims ignorance and gets punched in the face for his trouble.  The gunman in the back seat orders the owner to drive on more residential street.  The owner is given one last chance by the back seat gunman.  Instead, the owner drives the car into a telephone pole on the passenger’s side.  The owner and the valet struggle over the valet’s gun.  The owner shoots the valet, takes the gun and leaves.

In the bull pen, everyone is excited for Kensi’s return.  Deeks is redecorating Kensi’s desk - including a brief slightly dirty positioning of some her knickknacks (in a brotherly way, I’m sure).  Callen notes Kensi is late.  Sam wants to know if Deeks spoke to her.  He did.  Kensi walks in, a bit uncomfortable about being the center of attention.  Deeks bought her coffee but she brought her own.  Eric arrives, making things more uncomfortable with a wolf-whistle to greet Kensi.  Really out of character for Eric.  He has a case.  As everyone passes Kensi on the way to Ops, they offer a welcome back and she is a little uncomfortable about it.  This wasn’t Deeks returning in episode three.

Taking a deep breath, Kensi walks into Ops with the men all looking at her.  She gives Nell a small greeting - no low five - and Nell acknowledges Kensi before almost running away from Kensi to start the briefing.  Eric introduces the case as Kensi’s "welcome home prize."

The SUV owner according to Nell is an Adrian Davis, former military contractor and Marine in Iraq.  With partner Gabriel Stanfill, they started a security company, Monarca Securities and have a number of big contracts with the DoD.  Monarca was caught embezzling for the government’s Iraqi rebuilding funds - Davis himself did seven years for smuggling $1 million in cash from Iraq and was released from jail a week ago.

The men who attacked Davis are known al Qaeda sympathizers Areeb Sahar (the fake valet) and Mazhar Tarik (the gunman in the back seat).  NCIS believes Sahar and Tarik were after the rest of the money Davis stole.  Sam thought all the funds would have been confiscated when he was arrested.  The $1 million was confiscated but al Qaeda thinks there is more and wouldn’t put together an assault like this if they didn’t think there was a lot more.  Kensi thinks this is the perfect storm of a vendetta and a cash windfall.

Deeks asks about Davis’s partner but there were no charges against Stanfill, who folded Monarca Securities after Davis’s arrest.  Got into the wine business, has a “squeaky clean” record and a house in the Valley.  Callen and Sam announce they are checking out Davis’s home while Deeks wants ‘me and my, uhm, partner over here” to check out the wine distribution center owned by Stanfill.  Nell stops them.  Hetty wants to talk to Kensi and Deeks first.  Nell looks uncomfortable.

In her office, Hetty would “like to join everyone here in welcoming you home.”  No mention that Hetty’s actions were the reason Kensi was being welcomed back.  Instead, Hetty wants Kensi to stay back, “get your bearings.  You’ve been through a lot.” (again, not mentioning why she was through a lot).  Deeks looks unhappy, Kensi even more.  Hetty sends Kensi to work up in Ops.  When Kensi mentions that “partner, I guess you’re on your own again” Hetty corrects her.  Since Nell “presented herself admirably” in Kensi’s absence, she’ll be going out with Deeks.  Nell is on the landing of the stairs waiting for Deeks.  She passes a pissed Kensi and joins an equally annoyed Deeks.  As they leave, and Hetty notices the tension, Owen Granger appears at the top of the stairs on the other side of the office.ell is apologizing to Deeks for being out in the field.  “This isn’t what I wanted, not like this” because good girls (intentional use of “girls”) don’t have career plans, they just let things happen to them. Callen, Sam, Deeks - they never replaced anyone in the field.  Their jobs just happened to them – nobody tried to achieve anything.  Deeks understands and he’s good with Nell.  I wish it was because he figured out he and Kensi and Nell are all being used but hey, they’re good.

Stanfill arrives but has nothing to say about Davis.  He cut off all communications after Davis’s arrest.  When Nell points out they served together, were partners and friends, Stanfill explains that Davis betrayed him.  Monarca was taking off - Davis’s greed cost Stanfill their company.  He felt fortunate to have a second chance with the wine distribution center.  Deeks talks about how nice the place is - and how much capital it took to start the business.  Stanfill thinks Deeks is insinuating something (oh, he’s doing more than that) but assures both Deeks and Nell that “they” confiscated every penny at the time of the Davis arrest.  After Nell questions that “every penny” statement, Stanfill is done.  Deeks wants to look around but Stanfill says no.  He cooperated seven years ago and is now running a business.  When Deeks threatens to get a warrant, Stanfill bets he can’t.

Pulling up in front of Davis’s house, Callen and Sam talk about Kensi and Eric working together.  Sam thinks they get along.  Seems the only ones who didn’t know Kensi and Deeks wouldn’t be partnered today were Kensi and Deeks.  Davis’s front door is opened and there are two men in the house.  When they see Callen and Sam, the men start shooting.  The men run out the back and get in a cleaning service van.  The back doors of the van are opened and a man with an automatic rifle shoots up Davis’s lawn, side of the house and nearly Callen and Sam.  They get away.

A bored Kensi is playing with a tablet (no Microsoft credit) in Ops.  She starts watching over Eric’s shoulder as he looks at security camera feeds from Davis’s house.  Kensi is fascinated as Eric runs facial rec on one of the men in the house.  Kensi asks what would Eric like her to do but he has nothing except a knot in his shoulder.  Kensi calls Eric on this - Nell wouldn’t be giving him a massage.  No, but she’d be doing other work that Kensi can’t - different training.  Kensi agrees to the massage which doesn’t happen because they have a hit on the gunman - Alberto Jimenez.

This scene is so dumb.  Once it was obvious that the character of Dom wasn’t working in season one - like in episode six of season one - Kensi was living in Ops until Dom was kidnapped or made an occasional trip in the field with both Callen and Sam or if Renko was around. She partnered with Nate after Dome was gone, once with Deeks and once with Renko or was out in the field on her own.  She’s also spent time in Ops doing research, translating and studying files for five seasons.  It is foolish to sell the idea that there isn’t a single thing for her to do but pester then massage Eric.

Callen is briefing Sam and an arriving Deeks and Nell.  Jimenez is Cotolo cartel muscle and the Cotolo cartel has ties to al Qaeda.  Shouldn’t they use Molina cartel since they’re the drug cartel of choice when it comes to al Qaeda on this show.  Deeks has some informants in the Cotolo cartel so he was going to check with them.  Nell recaps their time with Stanfill and Deeks says Nell’s pixie spider sense got tingly.  Eric checked Monarca’s financials (couldn’t Kensi do that?).  They weren’t taking off - they were nearly broke.  Three months after Monarca closed, the wine distribution center was in the black.  Callen agrees with Stanfill - they don’t have enough for a warrant but Deeks explains to Nell that Sam was a “somnambulist” for a year.  Sam corrects him - “sommelier” - somnambulist is a sleep walker.

Outside the wine distribution center there is a giant bottle of Stanfill Wine.  Callen mentions a liquor store that has a giant clown on the roof, offending Sam by comparing a wine distribution center with a large bottle to a liquor store with a big clown.  Callen brings up Sam’s clown issues.  Sam tells Callen he’s not afraid of clowns, just afraid of Callen coming off as one.  Sam wants to go in as a wine guy, Callen as a money guy who doesn’t talk a lot.

Sam and Stanfill talk wines.  He can distribute Sam’s wines, showing him the heart of the Stanfill warehouse.  Stanfill leaves them to look around.  Since a million dollars is about the size of a case of wine when the government was transporting it to Iraq, the warehouse is a great place to hide cash.

Deeks is bringing Nell to meet a confidential informant named Little Dip.  Deeks is playing experience street cop to Nell’s still somewhat new to the field agent.  Deeks walks up to Little Dip as he watches a basketball game.  Little Dip runs and Nell stops him by pulling her weapon.  Little Dip tries to out street Nell but Nell knows his gang tattoos and can answer him in Spanish.  Little Dip is impressed.  Deeks and Little Dip share hair tips - Deeks is styled by pillow, Dip uses curlers but his volume is all natural.  Nell isn’t looking for grooming advice.  Little Dip tells them that he doesn’t get involved with the terrorist end of the cartel business.  Nell mocks him for being afraid and Deeks joins in.  He agrees to help.

n Hetty’s office, Granger wants to know if Hetty believes Kensi needs to be assessed before sending her back into the field.  Granger wants her to hit the ground running, not spend too much time thinking about what happened.  “My team, my call,” is Hetty’s response.  He brings up an Agent Mansfield and his involvement with his partner - an involvement that cost the partner their life. After discussing how much Hetty cares for her “charges” (enough to send one to a dangerous part of the world without the proper background or support to handle an emotionally difficult situation), Granger is worried about Kensi and Deeks’s history and more than work relationship.  Hetty tells him she so enjoys their conversations.

In Ops, Kensi is tapping on Nell’s computer because she’s bored.  She can’t be looking to the wine distribution center’s financials, checking out their records for a clue.  No, Kensi can only shoot people and she can’t do that now.  Kensi pesters Eric, telling him she’ll stop being annoying if he just tells Hetty that putting her in Ops was a bad idea.  Because of course it means so much more when it comes from a man and Kensi has no ability to stand up for herself.  Eric is actually working - because someone has to - and finds that Stanfill got a call from Davis a week before Davis was released from jail.  Stanfill is at home so Kensi is able to operate a phone - she calls Callen.

Callen and Sam arrive to find Stanfill’s home all shot up and Stanfill dead.  In the laundry room, Sam finds over $300,000 in a floor safe - all packed as they would be when they were shipped to Iraq.  Deeks jokes it gives a new meaning to the term money laundering.  Nell thinks the shell casing match the caliber used to shoot up Adrian Davis’s home.  While $300K is a nice take, Tarik and the cartel are looking for a much bigger payday. 

Callen, Sam, Deeks and Nell are at the wine distribution center.  Harold, his warehouse manager, can’t help on orders from Stanfill.  Callen explains Stanfill is dead and Harold can either help or be charged with obstruction of justice.  Harold take as second to think it out before telling Callen and Sam that Stanfill wouldn’t hide money on the warehouse floor.  The product in the warehouse moves and moves quickly.  Nothing is stored there. Sam asks if Stanfill was a collector - Sam wants to see his private stock.  Harold takes him to a locked section of the warehouse.

Eric is pouring himself a big cup of coffee when Hetty startles him.  Decaf - because he’s agitated.  He lies when asked how things are going up in Ops with Kensi.  After trying to sell the idea that things are going well, Eric tells Hetty that Kensi is a great field agent who’d have greater success in the field.  Hetty notes that Kensi’s "technical prowess" may be off - so send her for training today Hetty - but Eric’s deductive skills are sharp.  Eric is honest - Kensi is bored and restless but emotionally "solid as a rock as far as I can tell."  Hetty is grateful for his input.

Callen, Sam, Deeks and Nell are opening cases from Stanfill’s private collection.  Deeks lifts one box that his about half the weight of the others.  Sam thinks the money may be in there.  There is some money in the case but not millions.  There is a code on the box - F-81.  Sam is going to check with Harold.  The code is for pick up but he doesn’t know by who or where it is going.  Stanfill would give Harold a box from his private collection, Harold would text a number and a person would pick it up.  Callen wants to send another text.

Up in Ops, Eric tells Kensi that the phone is a burner.  She sighs since they’ll just have to keep looking that the GPS blip from a tracker in the wine crate.  Eric is sympathetic - it is part of the job, not so exciting all the time.  Kensi is OK with it since Eric is so much less irritating then spending time in a car with Deeks during a stakeout.  Eric thinks that’s a compliment.  The GPS tracker starts to move.

A woman puts the wine case in the back of her minivan and takes it to a nice house on top of a hill with Callen and Sam in his car and Deeks and Nell in the SUV close behind.  After identifying themselves at the door, Callen, Sam, Deeks and Nell want to know who lives there.  The house belongs to a “Mr. Foster” - who is in a hospital bed in his dining room, attached to a ventilator.  The woman is his nurse.

Foster tries to lie about not knowing Stanfill and living on his VA benefits.  Sam tells him Stanfill is dead and Callen adds Davis is hiding.  Foster looks worried but has nothing to say.  Deeks and Nell question the nurse.  The house was inherited by Foster after his mother’s death.  The nurse moved in full-time.  She picks up a box from Stanfill’s warehouse once a month.  Callen wants the nurse brought in to interrogation when Sam spots a pair of worn sneakers by a chair.  Since Foster can’t use them, someone is in the house with them.  Davis runs out the back.  Sam and Deeks chase Davis while Nell stays with Foster and Callen secures the front of the house.  Deeks follows Davis down two hills while Sam drives to the bottom of the hill and Callen to the top.  Deeks tackles Davis.

In interrogation, Davis tells him contractors were stealing money by the wheelbarrow.  He didn’t want to do it but since everyone else was, he was being pushed.  Monarca started losing contracts - underbid by guys stealing who wanted to send a message.  Davis knew it was the wrong thing to do but the company was failing.  Davis and Stanfill were worried about Foster.  The three were in a truck without armor plates.  A kid with a remote control for what looked like a car set off an IED.  Foster was badly hurt, Stanfill and Davis weren’t.  Stanfill and Davis started stealing to take care of Foster.

Sam asks how much did Davis steal.  Davis lies, saying what he was caught with plus a few hundred thousand.  Sam doesn’t believe him - four years in Iraq and such a small amount.  Davis said he wasn’t comfortable stealing.

Nell sheepishly returns to Ops.  Kensi asks how it was in the field and Nell says interesting, challenging.  She asks Kensi about being in Ops and Kensi calls it “my reward for being beaten and chained in a cave with my ex-fiancé.”  Nell again apologizes for really wanting something and getting it (no Nell, earning it) but it wasn’t the way you wanted it.  She wants to be an agent but not like this.  “I get it,” Kensi says.  Nell returns to her station when Eric has a firewall issue because what Nell wants really doesn’t matter when she can help out a man.  Nell uncovers some of Foster’s financials - he bought a jukebox bar in the Valley after he was hurt.

Sipping tea with her laptop up, Hetty is watching Kensi, Eric and Nell work together when Deeks walks into her office after a shirt change.  She’s drinking the tea he bought her for her birthday.  She’s happy with the tea but knows Deeks isn’t there talk tea.  He wants Kensi back.  It’s been five months and he needs her back.  She’s right upstairs.  Hetty tells Deeks Kensi will return to the field when Hetty believes Kensi’s mind is right to make decisions that impact the national security of the country (how’s your mind Hetty?).  Deeks starts with “I don’t mean to questions your judgment” but Hetty quickly cuts him off by saying he is.  He asks if there is more to this than what Kensi went through in Afghanistan.  Hetty doesn’t know, is there?  Deeks walks away (RUN!).

At the jukebox bar, the bartender looks at a photo of Stanhill on Sam’s phone and says it is his jukebox guy - comes in once a month when they’re closed to make sure the jukeboxes work.  One jukebox has been retrofitted for MP3’s - no records but lots of empty room inside.  Callen opens it and finds a part of a $100 bill.  Stanfill moved the money.

Back in interrogation, Callen tells Davis he will be tailed every minute of every day until the money is returned.  Sam warns him if al Qaeda gets the money, it could be sent to Iraq to kill Americans.  Sam appeals to the Marine part of Davis.  Davis admits they stole $42 million but knew nothing about moving the money from the jukebox bar.  Watching the interrogation in Hetty’s office, Granger says to Hetty “You’ve always been a pretty good human lie detector” to which she answers “Thanks to my time with you, Owen.”  Who works for who again?  Who nearly got killed cleaning up the other’s mess?  Sigh.

Davis’s lawyer is trying to call.  Seems the valet died so there are murder charges possible for Davis plus he walked away from the accident - Granger says they have every right to hold him.  Hetty agrees but thinks that self-defense, seven years and jail and stealing to help Foster are reasons to release Davis.  “Your call” from Granger gets an “always is” from Hetty.

Davis goes right to the warehouse to get the money.  Two al Qaeda members with a cartel gunmen are right behind Davis.  When they see the money, and want it back since it will help their cause, Callen and Sam pop out from behind some crates of wine.  They take out everyone but Tarik, who Nell stops as he runs away.  Nell starts giving Deeks tips on how to stop a suspect, mimicking his advice to her with Little Dip.

The big pile of money was mostly fake.  Little Dip got word to the cartel and they found Davis quickly.  Callen thinks Davis’s cooperation will help him with any further charges.  Sam arrives with a quality bottle of wine.  There was a note on the bottle for Davis - “enjoy the Pinot” - which made no sense to Sam since the bottle of wine was a merlot - the same bottle as the one outside the warehouse.  But that bottle is a Pinot.  The money was hiding in plain sight.

Hetty is on the phone with Granger talking about the DoJ while Kensi is waiting to speak with her.  Once off the phone, Hetty tells Kensi that since Davis cooperated, it is considered time served.  Kensi is happy to hear that but wants to know if she can get the same deal - time served.  Hetty says that keeping her in the office wasn’t a punishment.  Kensi knows.  Hetty isn’t sure she’s ready but won’t know if she’s ready until she’s in the field.  “Your friends have missed you dearly,” the person who sent Kensi away tells Kensi.  She’s back.

Kensi is greeted by Deeks.  They haven’t had a chance to talk.  Kensi knows but that’s going to change.  Deeks wants to know if she’s back. She is.  He calls it good news since Nell was falling in love with him.  She gives him a playful punch.  “And there she is.”  They’re both happy she’s back.

And wow, what did we learn today?  Women with aspirations outside their current position are bad since only one female can have a job with the three guys.  Know your place.  And your place is supporting another man who can barely tolerate a bored woman in his presence.

Feelings for coworkers get you sent away, killed or separated.  A close relationship is bad unless you are Callen and Sam.

It is always hard to be the episode after a big, important episode - the letdown can be tremendous but this was awful.  Just awful.  And “Three Hearts” is next.

What head canon can be formed from here:  Career hopes bad, knowing your place good.

Episode number:  20 for the season, 116 overall.

invisiblerobber said:

(meme, Mirage to Brim): "Hey there" ((sorry it's so late! D8 ))

((*pets* it’s cool~ =) ))

“Raj-!!!” Welp he totally wasn’t expecting that. He knew Mirage was strong but… Slag it was kinda hot when he took control.

BrimStone mewled quietly into the kiss, melting a little and pressing into purring.

lavendernebula said:

have you also seen The Prophesy because my old-world Catholic, fire-and brimstone loving, book of revelations obsessed grandpa got me a dvd set of all 5 movies and I saw the first one and it was a wild ride

loved The Prophecy. Look, it has all my favorite things.

  • Angels that should scare the shit out of you:


(Yes, that is Walken as the angel Gabriel.)

  • Heavy catholic imagery.
  • Elias Koteas, who everyone thinks is Bill Pullman at first.
  • Great visuals:

  • Lucifer being a little shit:

  • And also being scary as hell:

(what you don’t hear is that guttural fucking roar he gives)

  • And yet still being a bastard because Viggo Mortensen:

I rank my top favorite visual Lucifers this way:

1. Peter Stormare, Constantine:

2. Viggo Mortensen, The Prophecy:

3. Mark Pellegrino, Supernatural:


Begins day: We should speak in charity.



Books I’ve Read / July 2013 / Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

A fantasy novel filled with chimeras and seraphs and the rather sinister yet beautiful city of Prague. This one was slow going for me at first, but once I hit the second half I devoured it. Emptyness and Allness, all of it. Very unique, both gritty and ethereal. I loved the writing as well. 4/5 stars.