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Requested by Anon: Can you do a Grant Ward x Reader?

Sure, I really love Grant! Hope you’ll like it and I get more request of him. :)


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In your House:

You wanted to make yourself something to eat, now where you found safe place to stay. Where no one would find you, you could start live a normal life. If you could live like a normal person.. was another question. You were an Agent as long as you remembered since your parents got murdered, when you were twelve.

Steve Rogers himself took care of you, as he stopped you from stealing food in a Supermarket. Steve made sure you became a good Person, a good Agent and you were. You trained together with him and the Avengers until you wanted to join Shield. Mostly you wanted to do your missions alone. You didn't wanted to get a partner, to get closer to someone and risk losing them. Some day you got one, his Name was Grant Douglas Ward. Besides Steve and the Avengers he became the closest family you ever had, he became you best friend and more. You two were something like a Legend in Shield because since you both did every job together, you did every single one perfect.

You looked at an old picture of Ward and you, on your phone, as you waited to get your food ready in the microwave. Then someone knocked at your door and suddenly you rouse from your memories.


You were confused who would knock at your door at this time and mostly why would someone knock on your door? No one knows you here.
Your instinct told you to get your gun out of your safe but to live like a normal person would mean not to use your gun when someone knock at your door.

“Who’s there?” You shouted a bit as you got near your door.

“Here is Phil Coulson, Director of Shield.” He shouted back.

You opened your door and looked really confused as the Director himself stood in front of you and how the hell he found you.

You closed your door as Coulson walked in,“I’m honored Sir, but what are you doing here?” You asked curious.

“I think you know why I’m here, I want you to come back to Shield and join my Team.” Coulson smiled.

You chuckled, “Yeah well, that’s not gonna happen. If that was all, I wanted to sleep.”


Coulson looked over into your kitchen as he heard that your food was ready to eat, “Yeah, I can see that. Look Y/N, I know that you didn’t want to be a part of Shield since you heard that Ward is Hydra but-”

“-This is not just about him. You wanted Grant and me falling apart because you were afraid of both of us, of the perfect Soldiers. You know what I had asking myself the whole time?” You chuckled. “If I could have saved Shield from all of this, if I would’ve been with him.” 

“Ward was with Hydra all the time Y/N, there would’ve been no difference.” Coulson replied with a calm voice.

“Yeah maybe but are you sure, that Grant wouldn’t give up Hydra for me?” You questioned Phil and raised an eyebrow. 

Phil knew about Grant and your deep relationship, the true love that everyone could see when Grant and you came into a room, Fury and he agreed both to kept you apart. They were afraid that you and Ward would someday maybe turn against them and rip Shield apart. 

You chuckled again as Phil didn’t say a word, “And now it’s too late. Hydra  infiltrated Shield and that’s on you too. You’re an Agent of nothing.” You said sharply.

“Maybe you’re right Y/N. At the moment I am an Agent of Nothing so help me to rebuild it. You’re a good person, Captain America made sure of that and I know that you don’t want to live here. You’re an Agent.”

You shook your head soft, “I can’t there is nothing to fight for.”

“There is always something to fight for even when it hasn’t the name Grant Ward.” He smiled. “Y/N, I need you in my Team. Please think about it a few days.”

You nodded and walked over to your door to open it. Coulson noticed that you were hurt, you still had feelings for Ward. You knew what he has done but after all you understood that he had no choice, he had nothing to fight for after you both had to break up. Your Ex told you about a man who took care of him an got him out of prison, he never told you were the man was or much about him but after Shield fell.. it was clear. Grant only had Garrett who he trusted. You blamed yourself for what happened in the world, so much that you couldn't even talk to Steve and disappeared here, in the middle of nowhere.

Coulson came next to you,“A guy told me you would always make the right choices so do it now.” Coulson said and walked out of your door.


You walked over to a widow and wanted to make sure that Coulson was gone before you eat. As Coulson was gone and you had your food, you sat on the Couch but you weren’t so hungry anymore. You thought about your past, about Steve and Shield, about Grant. 

>> Rrring- Riing <<

Your phone beeped and you got rouse from your memories again, it was an unknown number and you thought it would be Coulson again, “Coulson, you said a few days so-”

“He talked to you, good.” A familiar man voice said,“And are you gonna join the team? They really good and nice, they could become family to you. There is a girl, Skye, she would totally freak out when she would hear about that Captain America took care of you.” The man chuckled.

Your heart nearly stopped as you recognized the voice, “Gr-Grant where are you?” you asked and turned on the big light.

Grant looked up as he saw your light and smiled, “Still loving the highest places huh?”

You were walking to your window as you thought that he might stand outside and looking at your widow, “I can’t see you.”

“I know but I can see you and you look beautiful like always.”

His words hurt you even more, “What do you want?” you said with a sad voice. “I won’t kill anyone for you, Grant.”

Grant laughed, “You know me, I would never want something like this from you.”

“I’m not sure that I know you anymore. Hydra Agent.” You replied still looking out of you window.

It was quiet for a few seconds, “Listen Y/N, I didn’t want that all of this happened and especially that you to think the worst of me. Garrett is gone and I am not Hydra anymore-”

“Than why are you standing outside an not here? Why can’t you show me your face?” You asked mad and felt tears rolling down at your face.

“The same reason why you disappeared and not even talked to Steve.” Grant replied. “I don’t know if it would’ve happen differently but what I do know is that you deserve something better than living alone in this quarter. Y/N you deserve a family-”

“You were my family and promised you wouldn’t leave me.” You said upset.

Grant chuckled and got out of the shadows so that you could see him, “And I never did.” he smiled.

As you saw him you smiled too, “Still handsome as hell. Cannot believe that you were mine once.”

“I’ll always be your’s, it doesn’t matter where we live or what we became no one will ever tear us apart. I’ll always watching over you and make sure you’re safe but you’ve to promise me to join Coulson’s team and get your life back. They’ll care for you and this team needs someone like you.” Ward replied.

You nodded smiling, “I promise that I’ll think about it,” you were still looking down at him. “Will we ever be together again?”

“Someday.” He replied soft. “I know you’ll do the right thing, you always do. I love you.” Grant hang up and you couldn’t see him anymore.


For those who love Grant as much as I do, I made a Vine of him. :) 



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