In which the Triplets become the Stabbington Brothers

Deaton: It’ll also have an effect on the three of you.  You won’t be able to see it, but you’ll feel it every day for the rest of your lives. It’ll be like a kind of a darkness around your heart, and permanent - like a scar.

Deaton: *whispers really fast* darkness may include waking nightmares, hallucinations, seeing your dead relatives and friends, and a very real chance of loss of sanity that may or may not be permanent. Shit will get real ugly real fast.

Scott,Stiles & Alison:  What was that last bit?

Deaton: *Deadpan* Nothing.


Superheroes who should have their own fucking movie already

Batgirl/Oracle | Barbara Gordon

We love how you are indifferent to normalcy. We love how you give away free coffee to people and chat with them. We love the crinkles around your eyes when you smile. We love the way you love us. We love you, Misha.

RotG + GoC AU → zombie apocalypse

The outbreak turns the adage ‘things get strange after dark’ into a punch line.  Strange would have been welcome when death became relative.  Inside the quarantine zone MiM’s Guardians are spitfire forces against the undead and a comforting go between for the uninfected survivors and the reclusive man who keeps them as safe as the world allows.  A petty Russian criminal and a sharp-tongued Australian-  a withdrawn dream expert of a scientist and a woman who should have been made of fire and feathers.  At the end of the world it doesn’t pay to be too choosey about your lieutenants.  In a year’s time, with any luck, Katherine and Nightlight will join them.  They’re copper bright and snow blind white when they stand watch on the walls.  They’re the future.  They almost make it look shining.   

It’s in the Out Lands, the yawning mouth of the world outside the safe zone, where the nightmares fester and evolve.  Recon and supply teams bring back rumors of infected survivors who haven’t died.  They’ve changed.  The ghost stories bring whispers of phantoms inside the walls.  Pitch- a shade of a man who makes the dead part around him like a king and his serfs.  And his daughter… she’s alive- but terrifyingly so like a storm front in summer.  Some people say they walk side by side- others mutter that they only way they look at each other is down the barrel of a gun.

There are no shortcuts from point A to point B anymore.  The dogs are always at the door.  Jack knows most people would consider the boy at his side dead weight.  Even now though, he can’t bring himself to do anything less than what’s right. He only hopes he can get Jamie to MiM’s people before his own mutating infection catches up with him.  There’s an unshakeable chill at his core and each passing day makes it harder not to think of it as a clock counting down.  Counting down to an end he can’t see.

The dead don’t sleep so living learn how to forget what resting easy is.

screencap meme: that moment, leo fitz
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I walked into Gamestop today after classes,

to get a copy of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

I walked out of Gamestop.

with something entirely different.

notnights replied to your post:Haha we were doing SIM lab today over NG tubes,…

Wait what did you do

Okay so. A nasogastric installation is a procedure you do when you need to take stuff out of or put stuff into a person’s stomach. Basically, you thread a catheter that is roughly half a centimeter in diameter through a person’s nose to their throat and then down to the stomach (but whoh make sure your vector is down and not up or that bad boy could end up in the brain!).

You measure from the patient’s nose to their ear and then to their xyphoid and then just thread that baby on through the nose, using water to encourage gulping and not vomitting at you get it past the gag reflex. The procedure can be done with the patient awake or unconscious and is mildly uncomfortable but not really painful. On the other hand you are poking a tube around in a person’s nose and throat and esophagus, and it can lead to some soreness (like my throat right now). 

In my case, my nose is a little drippier and gosh I really opened up the canal between mouth and nose cuz drainage is top notch right now. My throat is a little sore where I think the tube got shoved past the sphincter, and I still feel like I have something in my stomach that I shouldn’t (prolly the air they pushed in there to affirm that the tube was safely in the stomach and not, say, in my lungs).

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Charlie Coyle

IDK what this was for, but i’m just now getting old anons popping up into my inbox… anything to do with brave boy chuck is good though.

All the colours shine through
  • All the colours shine through
  • SingingOfWinter
  • Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Jack Frost:

Never thought that this would be
Never thought ‘bout being seen
I wouldn’t change it for the world
Just look at the stars up above

So many years I wandered lost
I was alive – why? It had no cause
All I did was causing trouble
And in my sleep I always mumbled

Why am I alone?


Then you walked by
and all was fine
When I wanted to cry
you made me smile
When the sky fell down
and all was blue
You made the colours all shine through


Never thought about breaking free
never thought that anyone would get me
Yeah, all I need is the three of you near
then we will never again sense the fear

My mother won’t wake me up to another morning
where my duty is to find a prince and marry him
You all learned me how to soar in the sky
how to spread out my wings and fly

It’s not like before when I ran away
and whispered; 

Why am I alone?



Never though that I would get out
never thought that I would touch the ground
But now I can feel the grass beneath my feet
I’m a full awaken flower who once were a seed

Never will I get back in there
locked up in a tower, not going anywhere
I will stand here by your side
and sing my sweet songs, and lullabies

I won’t lay down at night
and wonder;

Why am I alone?



Never thought that things would ever change
never thought my father would look my way
And understand everything I’m going through
but that’s alright, I got you

Didn’t think I’d fit for anything
then you tell me I should find my own place
And now I have finally figured out
in which direction I should take my next step

And I don’t ask myself anymore:

Why am I alone?


We will never let go
we’ll always have control
of our beating hearts
nothing can keep us apart

We’re family now
nothing can get us down
The world can crumble under us
but it won’t matter

never will we ever loose our faith
in each other, in ourselves and we wish the very best for you all


For Jarida Week! The theme for today was Fire and Ice ~ I hope you like it, and I wish you all the best!

Long time ago
when still young at heart
fire and ice met

She, a princess of old
and he a frozen boy
was starting to melt

Like storms calming down
not making a sound
they had found peace

Although she spoke her mind
she remained kind
and he knew that he loved her

He could seem so cold
but also so warm
and she knew that she loved him

Jack Frost was his name
ice and snow his domain
but his heart was tamed

And princess Merida
knew that she had lost
in the war of love

Fire and ice
no reason to deny
it sounds wrong

But, you see, my friend
this is how love begins
and always have

Because fire and ice
they are known to unite
and make the world smile

Together, the two
made the world brand new
and remained side by side

Like day and night
fire and ice
they were one