Trip to Barcelona II - Part 13


“Here we go” you said to yourself as you left your apartment.

Today, you were joining your boyfriend in Barcelona so you both go on vacation together, like he promised you. Exams had taken all your time, you didn’t even have time to follow your Neymar’s games. But this is over now, you’ll be devoting all your free time to him; these holidays can only be a positive for you.

The taxi dropped right in front of the airport. You grabbed your bag, and walked to the check-in desk. You stood in the line until your turn came:

“Hello ! Where are you flying today ?” the young girl asked


“Alright,  may I have your passport, please?”

You took it from your purse and gave it to her. She took it, and weirdly glanced at you.

“Hum.. Don’t pay attention to this photo.. I was 14″ you informed

She nodded, and tapped on her computer. You really had to change this pic.. Every time you showed it, the situation got awkward.

You checked your bag, and kept your hand bag:

“Here is your boarding pass: your flight leaves from gate 4A. It’ll begin boarding at 7:20, and your seat number is 19D. Have a good flight”


After having passed the customs, and all the legal stuff, you ran to the duty-free shops; this is one of the best part when you travel. You bought a perfume bottle and some chocolates.

                                                         * * *

The plane took off a while ago. You were sat next to the porthole, listening to your music whilst watching the clouds.. They look so comfy.. The feeling of a hand touching your shoulder made you jump ! You turned your head to the person next to you and removed an earphone.

“Disculpe, ¿puedo tomar este periódico?”

It was an old man, acting sweetly, he was giving a good feeling. You didn’t understand a word of what he just said. He didn’t seem spanish tho.. His accent sounded European.

“Uh… Sorry… No hablo español” you pronounced, hesitant

“Ahh, you speak english ! Thank god !” he said, relieved

So you were right, he wasn’t Spanish. You giggled:

“Yes, I do”

“I wanted to know if I can I take this newspaper or you’re going to read it ?”

“Of course, you can take it” you gave it to him, and put back your earphone.

He kept staring at you, you could feel his gaze on you even if you weren’t looking at him. Did he need something else ? He gave up, and opened the newspaper. He looked so lonely.. You switched off your Ipod, putting it apart:

“So.. You’re going to Barcelona ?” you questioned him

He glanced at you through his cute round glasses, smiling. Making old people smile by paying attention to them may sound basic… But it means so much to them.

You were discussing, getting acquainted. His name was George, he was going to Barcelona to visit his wife at the cemetery. She died of a Cancer 11 years ago, he travels every year at her birthday and their anniversary for her. She wanted to be buried in the city where they both met each other… How romantic..


*An hour later*

You just landed in Spain. You really enjoyed speaking with George, you didn’t want to get off the plane anymore. As you exited the tunnel, he caught your hand and spoke:

“I wish you great holidays with your boyfriend. Enjoy each instant, and each day with him as if it was your lasts… Everything can end tomorrow, the future is unpredictable.. I think your accident made you understand that..”

He brought tears to your eyes.. One day, someone said to you that old people are the ones who teaches us most about life, that we should respect them, because now they can help us avoid bad things that they’ve been through.. And it’s true.

“Thank you so much..” you stammered, whining

He smiled, and took you in his arms; you could feel all the love that he needed to share over all this time… It warmed your heart.

After having said goodbye to each other, you walked to the baggage reclaim, but something made you suddenly stop:

“Rafaella ?!” you shouted

Not far from you, Rafaella, Julia and a blond girl appeared ! They were also coming back from a trip.

“Oh my God ! Y/N !!” they all screamed

You were so excited that you didn’t even notice that the blond girl knew you too.

“How was London ?” you questioned Rafaella

“Amazing, and tiring ! But now, we’re going to relax in Ibizaaaa”        

Your eyes widened. They were coming too ? Neymar didn’t tell you about that. You hid your shock by a big smile:

“Yay ! Cool… Who else is coming ?”

“Everyone ! Julia, Thayse, Me, Gil, Jota, Alvaro, Gustavo…”

“It’s gonna be unreal !” Julia exclaimed

Unreal was the word yeah. Why didn’t Neymar inform you that his friends were coming too ? The way he announced you the travel made you think that it’d be a romantic trip… Only you and him.

The girls were leaping, super excited ! You were completely stunned.. Wait, you’re not even there and you’re already complaining. It could go well ! We’ll see.

                                                            * * *

It was exactly like the first time you came; beautiful, hot with a refreshing wind. These kids playing on the street with Barça jerseys on. All these Gothic monuments and Modern architecture…  You had missed this city. You could live here, honestly, this city fits you perfectly.

When you arrived, Neymar’s big house arose in front of you; you had forgotten how big this house was. Your apartment may have been really uncomfortable for him when you have a house like this one. A small grin slipped your lips as your remembered the incredible moments in there.

You stepped out the car, and followed Rafaella to the front door with the girls. Gil was the one who opened:

“Oiiii girls !!” he shouted spreading his arms for a hug

You all laughed, and hugged him. Crazy guy.. He made you enter, helping you with your bags. There was a lot of people in the house: you recognized Gustavo, one of Neymar’s closest friend; Jota of course; there was a new guy, Alvaro; but in all this world, you didn’t perceive your boyfriend.

“Where’s Ney guys ?” you asked

“He’s sleeping upstairs” Jota replied

“If you want you can go wake him up” Rafaella proposed

He may be tired of training, you decided to let him sleep.


*Few minutes later*

You were all sat in the kitchen, listening to the girls talking about their London trip. The boys shared some anecdotes about what they lived this year; Gil also spoke about the split with his girlfriend.

“By the way, how are you feeling Y/N ? I mean… After what happened” Jota asked, timidly

The accident. What could you answer ? Physically, you felt better, and you were pretty happy about your quick recover. But how about your mental health ? How are you supposed to be when half of your memories disappeared ?

“I’m fine, thank you” you responded, showing a weak smile

“Neymar told us that it got better between you too, we’re really happy for you” the blond girl (Thayse) announced

You got confused: “Better ? We never had problems.. Why are you saying that ?”

“Oh.. I don’t know, it looked like this story with Camila in Brazil froze your relation..” she added, constrained

What the hell was she talking about ? The name “Camila” rang in your head. Who was this Camila? Why don’t you remember her, and Thayse ? According to Rafaella, you met them both in Brazil.. Why don’t you remember this trip to Brazil ?! And why don’t you remember this guy from your school ?! WHY ?!

“Ahhh ! As minhas meninas are back..” a voice sounded

It was Neymar, he finally woke up ! He joined you in the kitchen, greeting his sister and the others. When came your turn, you put your arms around his waist, hugging him tight.

“Outch..” he complained

You moved back, frowning: “What ?”

“Sorry.. My back hurts a little… I’m kind of.. Injured” he declared showing a sort of medical girdle around torso.

“Oh my god.. When did it happen ?! Are you ok ?! Why didn’t you tell me ?!” you questioned, completely alarmed

“For that..” he said smirking

He was talking about your reaction. This is a natural reaction, he is injured ! He put his hands on your shoulders, reassuring you:

“I’m ok, it’s not important Amor.. I didn’t want to disturb you with this during your exams”

He lain your head on his chest, putting a kiss on your forehead.

“We are a doomed couple..” you muttered

He burst of laughter: “Yes, we are… But I like it”

“Well, since he’s injured, he’ll stop acting like a jerk” Rafaella joked

“Oyeah ?!” Neymar responded jumping on her, making themselves both fall on the floor.

Objects used in a study to see whether people intentionally ran over animals. (Beckmann and Shine 2012)

“In one Canadian study, scientists put a fake snake, a fake turtle, or a piece of garbage (say, a Styrofoam cup) on a highway, and found the fake animals got hit a disproportionate amount of the time — leading the scientists to calculate that 2.7 percent of drivers were intentionally hitting them. This same trend has also been seen in Brazil and Australia.”

6 things scientists have learned from studying roadkill