Hey, victims from UK(+Europe) and US(+Canada). 

When you whine about Brandon not coming to your village(so you have to drive 10 hours to see him - how terrible), or doing only two shows in your state, or playing only festival concert in your country, remember that there are so many places in the world where Brandon never came and never will come. Not only Brandon. The Killers never came to so many countries. And most certainly won’t come. Never. So shut up and try appreciate your life for once.

Hey, victims from South America.

Yes, you guys. The Killers have been visiting your country with every fucking tour since fucking 2007 so stop acting like you’re so miserable and everyone needs to pity you. There are tons of countries where The Killers/Brandon have never been. Not with one particular tour but like EVER. And I don’t see them crying about it all over Brandon’s and The Killers tag. So yeah, have some self-respect and shut up.

- Q:Why don’t you think you’re cool? B: My name is Brandon Flowers, I’m a Mormon and - I like to playgolf. I’ve always been self-conscious. I know it’s strange, considering this is what I do, but I still feel self-conscious. If I’m in line at the bank, or I’m out walking — whenever I’m exposed in any way and there’s someone that can see me, I feel so strange.