anonymous said:

Can you make imagine i'm pregnant and brad being protective :D

Here you go :)

Brad imagine, he’s protective of you being pregnant; 

You and the boys are having a nice Sunday evening dinner at yours and Brad’s house. As you stir some rice in the frying pan, Brad shouts your name from the kitchen doorway. You jump, looking over at him. “Yes Brad…?” You inquire. “What are you doing??” He asks, quickly going over to you and pulling you away from the stove. “Cooking dinner….?” You answer, looking at him confused. “You can’t stand that close to the hot stove! Your bump might touch it and then the baby could die!” He exclaims. You give him a weird look and laugh. “Brad, honey calm down… I’ve cooked many times, and not once have I burnt myself” You assure him, but he blocks your path to the stove. “No, go hang out with the boys and I’ll finish dinner” He tells you sternly. You roll your eyes and go out to the living room. “Brad kick ya out?” Connor asks, a smirk on his face. You nod. “Yeah, he thinks I might kill the baby somehow or some bullshit like that” You tell him as you plop down on the couch. “James! Make sure you don’t hug Y/N too tightly if you hug her!! Your muscles might crush the baby!” Brad frets from the kitchen. James bursts into laughter at Brad’s comment. “Don’t worry mate…” James says in between laughs. “Oh! And Con, make sure Rex stays away from her. I don’t want him giving her any germs” Brad says, popping his head out of the kitchen. Connor freezes and looks at Brad with pure amusement. “Brad.. Rex is at home.. He’s nowhere hear here” He says, chuckling. “Oh… Right..” Brad replies sheepishly. You all laugh at him. “Don’t I get any rules?” Tristan asks, pouting. Brad cracks a smile. “Just be nice to her. She’s very sensitive when she’s hormonal” He tells him. Tristan smirks and nods. “Oh shut up Brad… Go finish your cooking” You tease. He sticks his tongue out at you. “Love youuu” He blows you a kiss. You smirk and pretend to catch it. “Love you too. Now finish the dinner. I’m hungry”

~Sorry, this it pretty short, hope you guys liked it anyway :)