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Patreon Request: Bowser’s Birthday

“Heya! It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’ve thought of a request in relation to that. In the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s Bowser’s birthday, so Mario and company celebrate it with him - what happens is up to you! Something about Bowser’s age, about what he wishes for, or a present he gets… anything that sounds fun!“

Happy birthday, Big B.

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SuperMisurino’s Neko Studio is going to partecipate to this year Kemoket, a kemono only event in Japan! ^w^?

I am guest of their Kemono artbook, which is full of fan- and original artworks….like this! ;)

Neko Studio will bring its artbook and a lot of original gadgets to this year’s Kemoket, a kemono only event that is going to be held on the 4th of May in Yokohama, Japan!

Your should go and check Neko Studio tumblr blog for more info about this special artbook!


And, if you can, go to Japan’s Kemoket event and meet Neko Studio’s circle! ^-^